Energies Buzzing

The energies are buzzing right now, and so much is coming up which still needs to be released.

It is the subconscious which is now stirred, thus very deep soul memory banks, whether from this lifetime in the 3D, or indeed from other lifetimes. All needs to be finally forgiven and released, so you can be freed and free the others as well.

We have the window of opportunity now to truly dislodge ourselves, free ourselves from teh 3D matrix. I have done that and indeed there were even wires which they removed. This matrix was connected to your cranium area, and as the Alta Major chakra has now been fully activated again, this can indeed ask that the old matrix programming, control boxes from Atlantis be released forever. These look like microchips, and are round. Tenticles tend to go down into the spine and clogging it, and into the throat area. Thus clear the Throat chakra as well.

It is bringing back the Power of Freedom of Speech, and indeed to stand fully in your own soul power and indeed to speak and live your highest truth with love.

When this is removed, you can move into Unity Consciousness, balance and wholeness much easier, for the separative programming of Atlantis is finally removed from your subconscious as well as whatever was created after Atlantis.

You have free will and choice.

You may choose to just continue in the Old Earth as before.

Or choose to finally allow all to be purified and indeed dissolve which now longer serves your highest soul good and indeed into the fullness of your soul mastery, unity and harmony within and without, and into the new Lightbody and fully reborn into the New Earth.

It is ultimately so freeing, to finally rise into the fullness of Being, and find that deep inner balance, and wholeness, unity, harmony and unconditional love, in ever greater degrees.

That more you rise into the New the more you realize what true freedom is. You find your wings and indeed you are now flying higher than you could dream of before.

**By Judith Kusel