Aya: Reality Is A Mirror

Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

In These Sacred Moments Of Communication, I Ask That We Move Closely Together.

Imagine That We Are Sitting Comfortably On Soft Cushions Of Light! Imagine That You Can Feel The Heart Of The One Who Sits Next To You.

There Will Be A Real Moment When You See And Feel Them As Family.

Know This Now And Let It Be.

Reality Is A Mirror Of Your Being.

You Are Creation Exploring Itself In Timelessness.

In Your Light Journey You Will Discover Aspects Of Your Soul That Will Be Very Different From Who You Believed Yourself To Be In Your Last Identity.

For In Each Dream, You Begin With Believing The Identity Is You!

As You Awaken, You Discover New Aspects Of The One Soul Of Your Creation.

There Are Many Aspects To The One Soul That Merge And Integrate As Each Dream Ends.

Precious Ones, Perception Is Not Passive, But An Act Of Creation.

For What You Perceive As Truth Will Create That Very Scenario For You.

Awakening To The Understanding That You Are Creating Your Experience Will Cause You To Hopefully Pause And Make Wise Choices As To The Ever Changing Path That Opens As You React And Start Again.

Fearing Perception Will Cause You To Judge And Withdraw From Interactions And Love Will Become The Lens That Colors Your Perception When You Choose.

Conscious Creation Of Your Life Is The Birthing Of The Unknown Into The Known.

It Will Give You Strength And Character As You Play Out Desires That Will Benefit All Beings And The Sacred Planet.

You Do Have This Power.

You Use This Power Consciously And Unconsciously.

Making The Higher Choices Will Heal In All Situations.

Beloved Ones, All Of Your Experience Is Natural And Requires Only That You Follow Your Heart And The Deep Intuition Of Your Soul.

This Is Your Freedom.

The Peace And Joy That Results From Soul Alignment Is Your True State Of Being.

There Are No Limits To What You Can Create For The Remainder Of This Waking Dream.

You Are Infinite And So Loved By The Multiverses.

You Are Surrounded By Light!

In A Moment Of Great Power, We Will Join As One Tribe.

One Love That Will Infinitely Live In Harmony With All Beings.

I Touch Your Face Softly And Whisper That You Live In The Center Of My Love!

I Am Forever Grateful To Serve You!

I Am AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith