Sai Baba: Ocean In a Drop


I have returned to earth to assist humanity in its struggle for freedom and unity.

A struggle that takes place in the people themselves, that concerns the people themselves and is not directed against anything. A struggle that transforms you, that centers you and completes you in the end. A struggle in which you wake up, in which you strengthen your confidence and find your way back to true faith.

Deep faith in yourself and in the meaning of your life will bring you realizations and happiness today.

God created man, God breathed you into life. It is foolish to believe that God has turned away from man right now, in the crucial period of change. It is naïve to assume that God has forgotten about people – the people who sprang from HIS love and were created from HIS spirit.

Turn to God more today – directly and without detours. This is the best way not to lose the way in this time and to keep the orientation.


I have returned to the people – as a man among men, as an ocean in a drop. And you are like me! Embodied divine consciousness – boundless, all-embracing and omnipresent.

What still distinguishes us is self-perception and self-awareness. This changes radically now!

The light transfer from the CENTRAL SUN makes you humans blossom, makes your spirit awake and your heart receptive for what is and for what you actually are.

Together we have descended into this time and together we are lifting this world to a new level – past and future fade away in the eternal now.

Self-love and God-love are what matters now. So put your life into the hand of God! Spread your worries and fears before God! Look for the divine in you and see the divine guidance in your life!

Believe, trust and let yourself fall into God! If you are full with God, then everyday life has no more power over you.

I am the returned one and I remain until what is to be done is done. What is assigned to me happens, what is assigned to us is fulfilled.

We are one big spiritual family – in this world and in the next. We have descended so that people can ascend, we serve here until God calls us. For verily:

God’s grace has chosen people to return home.

In perfect love


**Channel: Jahn Kassl

**Translation by


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