Arcturians: New Healing Project

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! We are the Arcturians!

Our coming here after a long time, is to bring good news. All the time we have been around your planet, we have been able to know all the diseases that afflict humanity. Genetically speaking, there is nothing that cannot be cured. We understand that each step taken by your souls is the fruit of something sown in the past and that reverberates in the present, in today, in the here and now. Many of the pains you suffer, the illnesses, come from the misuse of your physical bodies, from the total unbalance of your emotions, from mistaken beliefs and customs, that is, the reasons are countless and we would be here talking, talking, talking, but it would be useless.

To change a habit, to change a custom, we realize that it is not easy for you. Because you have been taught to use substances that are harmful to your bodies, exactly when there is no balance, so that you supposedly achieve inner peace through substances, through food, through habits, something that today proves not to have worked; on the contrary, you are getting sicker and sicker. We have been working since the dispensation of healing was made to this planet, to improve the energy of the food, of the air itself, of the water, so that when you consume it, it doesn’t bring you as much harm as before. It is not easy work, because we energize the water at its sources, but it gets contaminated along the way. But fortunately, the energy is not totally dissipated and manages to reach you minimally.

Those who today are trying to change their habits, their customs, are trying to eliminate all the ephemeral supports they supposedly had, with medicines, food, drugs; some are managing to change these supports and even eliminate them. At this time when your physical bodies are being changed to crystalline form, it is of the utmost importance, that you do the impossible to keep them balanced, to keep them clean. The change from Carbon base to crystalline is not an easy transmutation for your bodies, it takes a lot of energy. And this energy needs to be very high, frequentially speaking, for the reaction to occur.

So it is this energy that we have amplified in everything, so that your bodies can metabolize these reactions. Within your mind, it is still difficult for you to understand what it means to go from a Carbon base to crystalline. Some understand that they will become crystals. It is not that. Only the whole basis of the formation of your bodies will be different, so that you can live in the Fifth Dimension. You will not become spirits, but you will have the ability to maintain physicality or not, while you are alive. So it is in the Fifth Dimension. We have the ability to change our bodies at our command, so we remain invisible when we want to.

Soon you will be able to receive our energy, much more deeply. A process is being created, where you will be able to participate and receive our energy directly. No one will be taken to the ship, no one will be taken out of their homes, you will be treated in your environments. Because we will transmit our energy into your physical body, helping in this whole process. We do not promise here, the cure of all illnesses, because at this time, you still have lessons to learn. But within the journey of each one of you, you will receive the healing of whatever is possible to be healed, within the design of Father/Mother God.

And little by little, we will expand this healing process, until the time comes when you will be healed, physically speaking, by our healing beds. Until that time comes, we are doing this work of sending our healing energies to anyone who wants to receive them. You just have to be open to the treatment. Nothing is obligatory. Whoever wants to do it, and whoever believes, will do it. Whoever participates to test, will receive nothing. It is necessary that your heart is open to receive the healing, otherwise it will not work. This process has the blessing and permission of the beings who command the ascension of this planet, among them Sananda and Mary.

Our purpose is to minimize as far as possible the physical problems you are facing. At the same time, we will be cleansing your auras of all the dirt that is being produced by the transformation from Carbon base to crystalline. You should drink more water, you don’t drink much of it, and it is the water that carries out of your bodies all that is not good for them. Since you don’t do this, the product of the reactions accumulates in your bodies, causing more symptoms of imbalance. The water to be taken is whatever you want, not necessarily our water that we have already taught you. Just hydrate your bodies, put lots of healthy liquid in, so that all this dirt is put out.

This project, which we call the Arcturian Multidimensional Distance Healing Project, will soon be explained and you can begin. Be conscious of what you are doing. Believe in healing and you will have it. But we will always respect what is defined for your journey. Whatever we can do to alleviate your suffering and pain, we will do. Then to each one that is treated, your Higher Self will be the commander of the whole process, telling us exactly how far we can go and what we can do.

Once again I ask that participation in this project be from the heart and surrender, otherwise you will receive nothing. Don’t do it for the sake of testing, don’t do it for the sake of experimenting, do it because your heart is asking you to. We are acting directly on your planet, and as soon as we can arrive on your planet, all the technology we have today for healing will be made available to all humanity. We have had enough time to study every disease on your planet, and to find a cure for every one of them. And I can assure you: The vast majority of the diseases you have, come from your emotions. It is as if you are self-destructing.

So the first step is the healing of the emotional in all of you, because if we don’t heal the source, there is no use in healing the consequence, because everything will come back. It’s like if you take a medicine, that medicine will cure the result of the problem. But if you don’t extinguish the root of the problem, you will take that medicine all your life, because the source has not been healed. So the healing has to be first in the way you act towards life, and the first step in this whole process is to love yourself deeply, without judgments, without criticism, accepting yourself just the way you are; and accepting that your journey has given you everything you live for today. And that it’s no use crying about what was done in the past. We have to change from now on, eliminating the source of the problems.

So I suggest that you do a daily follow-up of your treatments. You can participate as many times as you like, on the same day, every day, from time to time. You will determine the intensity of your own treatments and track the results. Write down every little change you notice. This will begin to give you the assurance and certainty of what we are talking about.

We want to see humanity in a future totally free of medicines, of objects that help them to live; and everyone, effectively everyone, learning to live in balance, without provoking the same diseases again.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


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  1. Elizabeth

    In the 5th paragraph from the end the Arcturians mention drinking water the way they had taught us before.
    Where can I find that information?