Tala Nee of the Pleiades: The Gift That is Upon You

Greetings, I am Tala Nee, emissary from the Pleiadian star system, and member of the Pleiadian high council. I step forward to provide to you a message for humanity ~ a message of hope. In this great time of turmoil upon your planet, many things are coming to light; many things which have been hidden for a very long time; many things that those of you who are on the path of awakening have been desiring to be revealed, and these things are now beginning to be revealed.

The reaction of your world to the revealing of this information, on various topics such as disclosure; such as blatant abuse of power, the lies and manipulations occurring on a grand scale ~ many of you are not really even affected, because this information you already knew. And those on your world who did not know this information, who could benefit from it being revealed, are lost in the quagmire of the fabricated false flag events and turmoil being artificially stirred within your collective in order to distract from the revealing of this information.

It is quite the paradox, and paradoxes you know so well, for they are becoming ever more apparent and present as you move further into the awakening of your human collective consciousness. And so, we would say to you that this information would not be revealed if the collective human consciousness were not at a place where it could come to light.

Those who need to see or hear it will receive it, and it will begin to change them in whatever way needed for their own personal awakening. For those who are not ready for the information, it will fly by their waking consciousness, as all other things do, since they are still deeply asleep within the matrix of your 3rd dimensional illusion.

And so dear ones, you must find your own pathways to anchoring the light and becoming the neutral point, for this will help to dispel the various polarities and dualities that are keeping many of those upon your planet asleep within the illusion.

We would say this to all who are in the midst of their awakening, to keep doing the inner work and to keep going within, for what is happening in your outer world, while it is very troubling and disturbing…much of it is a smoke screen to keep you distracted from the true work that is upon you, for the true blessings are at hand: the true gifts that are being offered and received at this moment in your planetary journey through the cosmos and into light of awakening and ascension.

Allowing yourself to be distracted by external events will throw you off of your center.  It keeps you from doing the work that needs to be done within in order to experience the awakened civilization that you are working so diligently towards.

And yes, there are those of you who need or desire to actively take part in the shifting of external events.  This is where the challenge comes: there are those who are here to participate in those external events, and there are those that are here to anchor the light and to do the work within in order to shift the external. There are also many variations in between these two poles. It is the journey of self-awakening to know what is yours to do and what is not.

If you are one who is moved within to take part in the positive shifting of these events, or if it’s an inherent knowingness that it is your work to do, then we say, do the work. take your part in the shifting of external events, but always know that the work within also needs to be done so that you are not adding more polarity to what is occurring in the external.

If you are one who keeps looking at the external but not taking any positive action, and if you are one who just talks and complains about what is occurring, then you are wasting your energy and consciousness.  We would say to look within, because if what is occurring in the external is upsetting you so much, then it is activating something within you that needs to be looked at.

If this internal conflict is not going to be expressed in a manner that is positively and constructively shifting the external events, then your work is to go within to heal and address that part of you that is being activated by what is occurring in the external.

You will come to see that if you are utilizing your consciousness to do the internal work, these things that are upsetting you in the external will begin to shift. They will begin to disappear from your waking reality. And here is the nature of the illusion, for although they are disappearing or shifting from your personal experience within this reality and within this world, these things may still exist in the external, but it is not your work to do.

This is, indeed, the separating of the two realities that is occurring on earth: the 3rd density reality still stuck within the illusion and the 4th density awakening reality that is shifting into unity consciousness. Both of these co-existing on the same planet, in the same world, at the same time.

This is how a collective species shifts out of a 3rd dimensional matrix of illusion and into a 4th density consciousness rooted in unity and interconnectedness.

It is not about ignoring the trials and tribulations occurring within the world. If it is not your work to take an active and dedicated role in looking at these external events, it does not serve your consciousness to keep doing so.  That energy, that time, that consciousness would be better utilized in your own personal awakening so that your relationship to these external events changes and you are no longer triggered and polarized by them.

In so doing, you will find greater, higher and more balanced ways of working to shift these external events and your relationship to them. This is the pathway of awakening, of self-awareness, of growth and transformation.

It is up to each individual to find what their own unique pathway is, and to know that at all times, the nature of this unfolding reality holds the potential that your pathway can shift from one moment to the next. Perhaps one day, it is your job to take an active part in the shifting of the external, and perhaps the next day you will grow and shift in a way that this is no longer your work to do.  One must be open and present enough to recognize when these things have shifted, and your pathway and trajectory has changed.

This is the great work of your time, dear ones.  This is the great joy of awakening and being in the midst of a shifting reality. To experience the true beauty and expansiveness of self-awareness, of awakening and blossoming into your true potential, this is the gift that is open to all of you at this time. This is why so many are upon your planet now, to experience this very thing. Do not take it lightly, dear ones, for it is a great gift that you have been working towards.

We wish to say to you, dear ones, that we are so proud of you, for you are doing the work and you are doing it well. Though you may feel disheartened at times for you are not where you feel you should be, you are exactly where you are at because this is where you need to be. You are well on your way to experiencing the things you so greatly desire to experience, and achieving all that which you desire to achieve.

Keep doing the work, and take joy and pleasure in this work, for it is not work at all, but it is a gift…a gift that you are continually unwrapping day after day. If you do this work with joy and with presence, and not with haste, you will find a much easier pathway to that which you desire to experience and achieve.

With that, we will take our leave, dear ones. We wish to say unto you that you are loved, and we are but a thought away.

Namasté, and so it is.

**Channel: Ben Rafael Guevara


2 Replies to “Tala Nee of the Pleiades: The Gift That is Upon You”

  1. Gordon Jackson

    Wonderful! a new emissary from the Pleadies that has a message for humanity that is, erm, exactly the same as all the other messages.

    Never mind, let’s read it again and pretend it isn’t 10 years old.