As An Empath, If It’s Not True For Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

It is an interesting question, isn’t it? If It’s Not True for Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

If I experience something as an Empath, but you don’t, does that mean that you’re not an Empath?

If you have strong intuition, but I don’t, does that mean I’m a weak Empath?

If I can see your aura, but you can’t see mine, does that make me a more powerful Empath?

If you know the meaning of the emotions you feel in another, but another Empath doesn’t, does that mean they are unskilled or inauthentic?

Or what if I get incredibly fatigued when around a certain person, but another Empath doesn’t, does that mean I’m just bored of paying attention to that person, and the other Empath has got a greater attention span? Or is it they’re vibrational frequency or negativity is ‘sucking out my sunshine?’

I have said it before and I will say it again, as Empaths we are all diverse. Just like everyone else, we have different personalities, we have had different upbringings, we have different DNA, we have differing physical ailments, we have different beliefs and different abilities.

What works for one Empath won’t necessarily work for another.

Some Empaths are introvert. Some Empaths are extrovert. Some Empaths will be highly vocal in their beliefs, others will keep their opinions to themselves (often from learning that when someone is not ready for the information, they cannot hear).

However, we are so pushed into herd thinking, that it becomes difficult for us to accept that, even as Empaths, someone can have different abilities, outlooks or issues to deal with.

I have even seen written, within the Empath community, that an Empath having to ground or protect, from the emotional energy of others, is a ridiculous idea. The writer stated we simply need to learn to navigate the various energetic frequencies instead of ‘protecting’ from them.

Which could be classed as a very valid concept. Learning to navigate the energetic frequencies that surround people and our environment is an excellent idea. But it really isn’t that cut and dry.

Just because one Empath doesn’t need to take measures of protection/grounding, before spending time in public, or within certain energetic frequencies, does not mean that another won’t need to. Their energy sensitivity may be higher.


There are some who need to take extra vitamin C and zinc, in the winter months, to protect from winter viruses. Others take no supplements and are fine. Some people need to use extra high factors of sun cream, to protect from sunburn, others don’t. One person may need to use earplugs to protect from sound frequencies, or music, another might not. And yes, some Empaths need to take protective measures, before going in public places, and some don’t. It really is that simple!

I have said before on this blog that the more I learn about life, the less I know. But something I do know, is that the human experience is supposed to be unique for each of us, as is the Empath experience.

It is just society that tries to convince us that we should all be the same box-tickers, living like robots, with no acceptance for anyone who has opposite beliefs or indeed ‘unusual abilities.’


Now, although this post may sound like I’m having a good old rant, I really wanted to point out the importance of acceptance, and how it can really change our outlook on life.

We see it all around us. People expect others to accept them, for their beliefs, feelings or ways of living, but they refuse to accept anyone who chooses not to adopt their views…

It is human nature to want to be accepted, but if someone is not willing to understand or accept that others experience life from a different perspective than themselves, how can it happen?


Why do you think we are encouraged to attack each other constantly, instead of accepting each other?

We cannot stop hate with hate, we cannot stop racism with racism, we cannot stop discrimination with discrimination, and we cannot stop unacceptance with unacceptance. But that is so often the narrative pushed.

One thing is for sure, if the world can simply learn to accept others, and all their differences, then there would be no reason to fight. But I doubt that would ever be encouraged by the ‘mainstream’, because, let’s face it, acceptance of self and each other is bad for business.


When I advocate for acceptance of others, I am not saying we get to live happily ever after with someone we have no right to be with, or that we should put up with bad behaviour. But if we accept the fact that we are all supposed to be unique, it goes a long way towards a happier life.

I am also not trying to encourage anyone not to make changes in life or just to accept their lot. More that we should ‘change what we can change, and accept what we can’t’.

When we truly accept that we are all meant to be different, in our appearance, health, thoughts, beliefs and abilities, it is incredibly liberating.

Even by accepting that some people can be completely disagreeable and we will never get along with them, it frees up so much of our time wasted in frustration by them or their ways.


So, going back to the title of this post: As Empaths, if It’s Not True for Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

We can say that my life and your life or my truth and your truth may be poles apart, but if we can come to accept that, then the world will be a much brighter place to live.

Until next time,

**By Diane Kathrine

One Reply to “As An Empath, If It’s Not True For Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?”

  1. david k gates

    a few years back I stumbled over my own thoughts on this subject and got the epiphany!
    Just because it is not right for me, does not mean it isnt right for you. It means it is almost none of my business what you do, other than striving together as TEAM LIGHT!
    I do not like most cooked veggies but that doesnt mean they are great for others. Its a path each has taken on their own.