Archangel Michael: Donate With Heart

Dear Ones! I am Archangel Michael!

I come here today to bring you our perception about the present moment. This past weekend many of you were involved in actions to help others. I must say that for many of you it was a new and unique experience, and the beginning of a great journey on this path. It is what we have been saying here, the world needs equality, the world needs love, and this is a way for you to make that love count. To explain it better than Sananda has already explained it, impossible. I only have to add to you, just a few aspects.

As we have always said here, everything that is done from the heart brings results. Not only for the receiver, but also for the giver. Because when the heart is involved, when love is involved, this energy has the power to spread and manifest itself more and more. So it is exactly what Sananda has already said, nothing happens on a single date. Problems happen every minute, every hour, every day, not on a specific date. So if each one of you does your part, small as it may be, you will be doing a lot. Don’t ever think, “Who am I? I’m small. I can’t do much!” And then you decide that you will do nothing; and I tell you don’t do that, donate as little as your heart tells you to; because that little, from the heart is a lot to the one who receives, because that donation comes coupled with a lot of energy, and the one who receives, receives that energy, not just the physical part of what he received.

So never think that your donations, your deliveries, are small, are unimportant. But I say it again, let it be done with a lot of love involved, because this love is passed on to the food, to the clothes, to the energy of the money, it doesn’t matter, to a hug, and that person who receives, receives with, as you say, with interest and much more besides. Now, let it be very clear, never do it expecting a reward. “Oh, I’m going to do it so that the universe will bring me a return!” Just by having this thought, you are already losing, not gaining.

The donation always has to be done from the heart and mainly, without judgment. The one who donates and keeps asking himself, “But will what I donated be well used, will it be well put to good use?” It has broken the energy of that action. The action will happen, yes, but that energy of love that you would pass on by not having judgment, it is gone, it doesn’t happen. Because you judged that brother, as to what he was going to do with that precious good that you donated. Giving in this way is not good, because the one who receives, realizes your judgment; and I would tell you that he is revolted, even more, than he is already revolted. And that energy of love that he could receive to placate this revolt, will not come. And that will all come back to you who donated with judgment.

So don’t judge, just give. Everyone needs to do his or her part. And I insist again: but do it from the heart, don’t do it just to do it, don’t do it to look good before the universe, because nothing will be given in return, on the contrary, the donation must always be from the heart and have a lot of love involved. So I am here today congratulating everyone who, on the day of the meeting, did their part, and I congratulate those who always do it, not only on specific days. Hunger, misery, is daily; they don’t exist only on dates.

So you can, each one of you, do your part, change someone’s life a little. But change from the heart, change without judgment, without asking what that person will do with what you donate. Just give. I tell you, this teaching of giving with love is not easy to achieve. You have always been told to give, and have done so for a long time, but always judging how it will get there on the other side. So there was never a dissemination of the energy of love, which is the primordial energy that has to be in this act, the act of giving.

Now I would like to make one thing very clear here: we have always talked about respect, the respect of sending things to another without him wanting it. Then we have to give a little more detailed explanation. Whoever needs it, whoever is hungry, always asks, because it is a basic reason for your living. You need to eat to stand up, to be healthy. So in this case, you don’t need the other to ask, his mere existence already shows you the request; the hungry look, a request for a loaf of bread, a request for help, is already his authorization for you to help him. Those who are willing to gather everything and pass it on are also doing a job, because there are those who ask.

So yes you can, donate to those who gather and pass on, and again without judgment. “Will he pass it on?” No, no. If you send something with the energy, “Oh, this is not going to get to the people who need it, because the people in the middle are going to (I don’t want to use a strong word), will use what was sent for their own benefit. You sent this energy to him, and if he is a person of impure heart, he will receive this energy and may even do what you are afraid of, what you sent to him. Now if you send to him… “May you use all this that I am sending you, really to give to those who need it!”, sending there your love, not your judgment. When you say that sentence, you are not telling him to do the right thing, you are just guiding him to do the right thing; and he will receive it with so much love, that he will want to pass it on with so much love.

So be careful what energy you are passing on. You are passing it on with love and with trust. “I trust that this will get to those who need it,” then the energy has been illuminated, and everyone who receives it will be illuminated. Now if you send it with mistrust, when it hits someone’s hand who doesn’t have a pure heart, it will happen. Do you understand that the emanated energy is what drives the process? So you have to send it to whoever it is, believing that it will reach exactly who needs it. So just take what you are going to donate and say:

“I’m donating it to those who need it. Let this get to those who really need it.” No judgment on where it’s going to go. Put in love, put in feeling, put in the vision of a family receiving it.

Thought has power, you know that. Words have power too, but thought has power too. So see what you’re giving getting into the hands of the people who need it, making a family happy, or a person happy, it doesn’t matter, see the end that you want; emanate it. “I want this to get to someone’s table, someone’s life, and help them in any way I can!”. There, that will go with this energy and get where it needs to go.

So learn to give, give with feeling, with love, think about what you want to happen. So at this moment, the respect we talked about, not sending anything to anyone who has not asked for it, is valid because you are sending it knowing that someone needs it, knowing that someone is asking for it and that it will get to where they need it. What would be the ideal? Ideally, you should get to the end of the line, to the person who is actually there, at the other end. But we are fully aware that this is often complicated in the society you live in.

So when doing it, always think about where you want it to go. And I guarantee you that it will, because the universe itself, seeing your action, your heart, will make it reach those who need it. So know well what you vibrate, think well what you vibrate in a donation. Whatever is vibrated reverberates, for better or for worse. So be careful that your donations don’t get in the way, just because of a thought that you had. Be very careful what you think at the moment of the donation, be careful.

And whenever possible, look for the end of the line; when it is possible, look for it. Then you will be doing a close work of exchange of love, not with a representation that is not the person to whom you will donate. But everything is valid, any donation is valid, as long as it is made with love, and as long as it is thought about, said, forwarded, with much love, with much light to those who really need it.

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