Aya: The Place You Began

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Have Many Wonderful Truths To Share In These Moments.

Take What Resonates In Love To Your Heart, And Leave The Rest.

For I Am Here To Comfort And Assist In Guiding You To The Place You Began, To Realize The Sacred Essence Of Life And To Know Most Of All That We Are Infinitely Connected In Light!

Come Closer Until I See Your Heart Beating As Mine.

Close Enough That I Can Feel Your Breath, So That I Might Touch Your Face And Wipe Away Any Tears.

Close Enough To Touch Your Being And Make You Feel Like Smiling.

I Do Love You So!

The First Aspect Of Pleiadian Life That I Wish To Share, Is Our Physiology.

As Human, You Are Accustomed To Hearing Of Blood Circulating Through Your Body Form From Your Beating Heart.

You Are Perfectly Designed By The Projection Of Sacred Consciousness With Many Organs, Neurotransmitters, Hormones, Brain Mechanisms And Intake And Output Of Nutrients And Waste.

You Are Perfect As You Are!

You Are Not Designed To Remain On Earth, But To Explore And Expand In Consciousness.

As Pleiadians, We Are Designed Much Like You In Body Form.

The Major Difference Is That We Have No Blood Circulating!

We Circulate Light!

We Are Beings Of Light!

Our Body Form Does Not Die But We Have Power And Technology To Change Our Look.

We Have A Beating Heart Of Light!

We Live As Light And Our System Within Is Intricate In Light.

We Can Choose To Be Bi-Local Or Incarnate As Human.

When Incarnating, We Live With A Totally Human Body And Our Life Span Is As Yours.

We Return Home And Travel The Multiverses.

Many Pleiadians Have Been In All Waking Dreams! Many Of You Are Pleiadian In These Moments!

You Believe You Are Human Now.

You Are Having A Brief Human Experience!

Many Of You Are From Other Star Systems!

All Will Become Crystal Clear At The Moment Of The Grand Shift Of Humanity!

You Will Know As You Are Known!

Now, I Speak To You Of Angels.

Follow Me As I Lead You Into The Ethers Of Higher Realms.

In Many Teaching Moments We Have Shared That Archangels Have Incarnated To Earth For Specific Missions.

They Also Travel With The Galactic Federation.

Archangel Michael Is With Elder IKAI As Well As A Frequent Visiting Friend On Taygeta.

We Love Him So!

Other Angels Do Not Incarnate, But Are Able To Manifest As Human To Assist Briefly.

They Also Can Appear As They Look In High Frequencies.

They Are Messengers And Will Guide Many From Danger.

They Live And Exist In All Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) And Dimensions (Locations).

Their Frequency Is Very High So They Remain Unseen To Human Eyes Unless They Choose To Change Frequencies For A Purpose.

Now, I Share A Wonderful Truth That Is Unknown To Humans Until This Moment.

My Greatest Intention Is To Bring You Goodness And Joy In Knowing This!

Every Human That Is Born Into All Waking Dreams, Will See And Interact With An Angel At Least One Time Before Leaving The Dream.

This Is True Of Infants As Well As Those Of Great Age.

This Is True Of All Those That Follow Religions And Those That Have No Beliefs.

It Is True Of Those That Have Turned To Darkness Or Have Done Great Harm.

All Of These Encounters Have A Frequency Exchange And A Specific Reason.

As We Remain With Our Energies Close, I Will Slowly And Softly Leave.

I Am Never Far And I Whisper Love To You Always!

Be Brave And Strong In The Moments To Come! Remember That Light Prevails Over Darkness! Remember Your Power!

Until We Meet Again,
Be At Great Peace!


I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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  1. Malissa

    No Word can fortify the Superior Brilliance

    Of ALL that Is

    A Waking Dream State in a Nutshell