A Major Comet This Way Comes

“Comet Leonard”, which is being heralded as the brightest comet of the year, is approaching Earth/Gaia with expected arrival on December 12, 2021. It will be visible to the naked eye.

It is currently traveling through the constellation known as “Canes Venatici” which translates as “Hunting Dogs” and is seemingly becoming brighter and brighter as it continues to travel.

It will approach the Sun of our solar system in early January of 2022.

The tails of comets primarily consist of ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, and water; however, they also contain other chemical substances.

When a comet comes close enough to the Sun, it usually seems to explode which is actually a melting process as it receives the potent heat energetics of the Sun.

Like other cosmic phenomena, comets can also affect our planet’s inner core and outer field as it transmits vibrational frequencies when it comes close enough.

Thus, it adds to the plethora of “tunes” that are all a part of the entire “Cosmic Symphony of LIGHT”.

Earth/Gaia is already experiencing the “music” of a plasma-filled magnetosphere (the magnetic field surrounding the planet which has an attraction frequency), and an approaching coronal mass ejection (CME) which is expected to arrive by the afternoon of Wednesday, December 2nd or Thursday, December 3rd that is being driven by strong solar winds which are currently traveling at over 500 kp/s (kilometers per second) when “normal” wind speeds tend to be between 300 and 400 kp/s.

“Comet Leonard” is coming just prior to the arrival of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon of Saturday, December 4th in Tropical Sagittarius (Higher Knowledge, Philosophy, Expansion of Ideals, Beneficence, Long-Distance Travel) and Sidereal Scorpio (Transformation and Transcendence).

Its extreme brightness seems to be a sign of the greater LIGHT that is steadily pulsating into the galaxy, solar system, and our planet, and its metaphorical message is like a wise teaching from a sage or a scriptural verse which encourages faith in the revelatory truths that are surfacing daily which will be boons to human welfare and all of creation.

All of the frequencies of LIGHT that are arriving in various ways with their evolutionary energetics are causing more people to awaken into their HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS which is the SOUL—the DIVINE POWER.

This awakening, as most now know, is not without its often uncomfortable physical, mental, and emotional symptoms which are intensifying as increased LIGHT is moving throughout the galaxy and solar system and into Earth/Gaia and “Her” human, animal, insect, birds, trees, and plant life inhabitants.

Our planet and the entire galaxy and solar system is being heightened in vibrational frequency and being literally lifted to a higher placement in the cosmos.

The human nervous system and all muscles, joints, tissues, as well as each cell, molecule, atom, subatomic particle, and more—are all being worked on by LIGHT like an accomplished artist works upon a canvas to create a beautiful painting worthy of grand praise or a musician diligently works to create a lovely song or a writer creates a great book or any other artist employs his or her talents. SOURCE, of course, is the ultimate artist of DIVINE DESIGN, and the artwork in creation is formed from the LIGHT.

“Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) have been presented several times, but often there is a need to reiterate them so that they are understood as crystalline “re-birth”.

The most common symptoms which can escalate with heightened cosmic events are: headaches, dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, heart palpitations, back and neck pain, and anxiety.

There are many more.

What is happening is that there is first a pulsation of LIGHT into the planet, then reception of the LIGHT into the physical vessel, then an acclimation to it physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Because cellular records are filled with much ancestral and personal debris, a clearing-out must occur, then new cells created and DNA re-wired and made multi-stranded.

The entire process makes us eventually multi-dimensional and enveloped with LIGHT.

This is why it is best to acquire comfort via spiritual and natural modalities rather than through chemical medical procedures which interfere with the reception of the LIGHT.

LIGHT does not interfere with free will.

When a person ingests chemical medications for most of his or her earthly life, then the cells only recognize the chemicals as if the person is merely a machine and not a DIVINE BEING. The chemicals harm the physical vessel by weakening it over time.

Miracles do indeed occur whereby such a lifestyle of chemicals can be altered if deep prayer is engaged in for the person and if the person him or herself recognizes their unwise decisions and fervently prays for guidance and elevation. SOURCE is merciful and compassionate.

There is always a chance for change, but it must be desired, and faith must be strong.

As the Solar Eclipse and New Moon plays its “song” and as the Full Moon joins the orchestra later in the month, and as the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere also sound their “instrumentation”, and as the furtherance of solar flares, winds, and a filled magnetosphere join-in too, and as “Comet Leonard” soars onto the “stage”, let us delve deeply into our spiritual rituals and gain access to our HIGHER SELF.

Collectively, we can be a new “Symphony of LIGHT”, each of us playing our individual instruments.


**By Dr Schavi M Ali


3 Replies to “A Major Comet This Way Comes”

    1. ecnijssen

      yes I wonder about that too. Many spiritual messages appear to have similar elements to the dark agenda, crystalline bodies and financial reset amongst other things. Would be great if one of the channellers would respond to that

  1. J

    I read that China is going to spray the skies way more with chemicals for weather manipulation, Hmmm the U.S. is doing that all the time, we see it in the skies constantly. How is that affecting whats supposed to be happening naturally with the planet and the universe?? Thats what I’d like to know. Why keep screwing with mother nature and the natural process the earth and humanity will go through. They keep messing with the earth, its atmosphere and now its people.Leave everything alone and let it happen the way God intended for it. This needs to stop! We cannot be saved when they are ruining our atmosphere with chemicals of all kinds and our bodies with chemicals of all kinds now that they claim are safe…says who? . Its sickening.