Anchoring in the Heart

Dearest Holy Beloveds,

The armoring that has surrounded the hearts of many people is beginning to become more visible, as the holy light of the One streams forth from the heart of God to assist in awakening all beings.

This armoring is created from old habits, wounds, traumas and aspects of the self in need of healing that have not yet received that which is needed for completion.

Dearest Beloveds, as the planetary situation continues to shift, transform and change, you can help greatly in this process by holding all that is happening in the heart of love.

This is very difficult when you are witnessing behaviors actions and shocking events that are significant departures from love. This dearest Beloveds is where are you can help through your own consciousness.

If you meet these experiences from your smaller self, from the aspects of your own self that have not yet been able to heal, you amplify the pain and in some cases give power to the oppositional forces that seek to disrupt the awakening of love.

The strength of light and love now present and embodied on the holy Earth is sufficient now to strengthen, open and heal your own heart, regardless of what you may have lived through or experienced in your past.

Knowing this, and making the choice to focus on love, and to hold your own purification process with tenderness and love, will allow the transformation process to happen in your own heart, that will transmit to others.

You can also help this process in your consciousness, by becoming aware of when you are departing from love throughout your day. This must be done gently and with love, free from judgment.

Dearest Beloveds, the new energies of light are now capable of awakening hearts in new ways. Trust this light, even as you witness and experience the purification process for yourself and others.

Humanity is created in love and made of love and will find its way home to that love. This is written into the very cells and DNA of your holy bodies, and your spiritual heritage. We bless you and send deepest gratitude.

**By Mashubi