Archangel Michael: Lightworker Locations

I am Archangel Michael with my weekly message for those of the Angelic Warrior Group.

The evil agenda has been rolled out, and continues to be rolled out. You are wondering what there is to do about it.

This is what you can do about it. Send your loving energies to the world, to places that you wish to see move out of darkness.

As you are determining, there are varied levels of evil enacting upon your planet now. Some areas have made more progress in repelling the dark agenda, others have not.

You are living in the area, be it a country or city that you are living in, for a reason. The reason is that your energy is best suited for repelling the dark agenda for this area. Strong lightworkers are in areas that are very dark, lightworkers who are of lower frequency live in areas that have more light.

Sometimes you feel the need to move, and this could be the reason why: You are being asked to reposition yourself in order to align with another area that best suits your energetic capacity.

Areas where there are many lightworkers tend to wake up faster than other areas, and one of these would be the United States.

Areas where there are fewer lightworkers would tend to wake up more slowly, and as Sharon notes with chagrin, this would be Canada.

This week’s task, and it will be included in your tasks for all weeks henceforth, is to send energies of Light to your own capitals, your own leaders of state, your own governors, prime ministers, political parties, etcetera.

This will be your task every week and we may or may not mention it, but this will always be part of our request of you from this time on.

It is something that perhaps you can do in your daily meditation or prayers. Think of your country and its leaders and send them white light.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your teacher, I am your leader and I am your servant. We are Legion.

Thank you, Sharon.

Me: You’re so welcome, Michael!

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


One Reply to “Archangel Michael: Lightworker Locations”

  1. bbbb A.I. is evil

    From RA of,Law of One,dark entities weaken with loving prayers and energies directed at them.This all about Power through Service to Self vs. Service to Others with highest intentions.They try to divide,distract,degrade.We must purify,upkift,forgive,laugh,project Love and Light and hope they flip!Heard about lifeling higher up human who served other side and he almost killed self.Yehoshua,Immanual Madter Chohan Sananda interceded,showed him Hell and the guy flipped to lightside.He flipped his family who were very dark and he has become a pastor and educatir about prayer power.Like Othello,we must try to flip the dark or surround with lovelight to Transmute the vibrations and intentions.Beware manipulations via frequency based weapons and hilu/netflic subliminal stuff,this is