Ashtar: Open the Door for Us to Enter

Dear brothers of the planet Earth! I am Ashtar!

In fact, the moment is very delicate. Not delicate in the sense of worrying, but delicate in the sense of trying to do things as smoothly as possible for the entire planet. Challenges appear and will appear at every moment, not only for humanity, but personal challenges for each one of you. The time is for observation, the time is for treatment. You still have very important points to be dealt with.

I can tell you: No one is ready. I can say that some are better prepared. It is like a big race, where there are those who have prepared themselves during the whole year, are better prepared physically; so for sure that race will be easier for them. But those who run only once in a while will find it more difficult to complete the whole course. Making a parallel, that’s how you are: Some are better prepared, others are still getting ready. But no one will complete the whole race without difficulty, no one will complete the race walking, because this is not the purpose of running. As the name says, the race is for running. It would be easy if it were walking, stopping, resting, but this is not the goal.

Bring this to your walk, it is a strenuous, exhausting walk. Where every minute, every moment, every step you take, you may have a surprise, you may have a barrier, you may have an obstacle, you may have a test to complete. So this is the moment of preparation, the moment for you to be aware of your weak points, those points that could hinder you at the moment of the final race. I would say that the concern of each one of you should not be with your neighbor, should not be with the planet, should not be with what is going to happen tomorrow.

Understand well what I am saying; of course you have to have love for your neighbor, love for the planet, but don’t worry about their walk. It’s your journey alone, so that’s what you have to worry about, that’s what you have to be aware of. We have been saying here for a long time: the time is for internalization, but many don’t understand. You are still worried about the All, you are still worried about what happens outside, and worse, you let yourself be carried away by what happens outside.

So I would say to you, turn your attention inward, turn your attention to how ready you are. Have you accomplished all the tasks, accomplished all the steps? I will answer no, that you still have a lot to learn. You still get carried away by what happens out there, by what others think. And I would say that at this moment there can be no outside opinion. The moment is for each one of you to be with yourself. You have not yet learned not to ask for help from the other.

If there is a problem, if there is a doubt, who do you turn to? I answer: to the one who can really help you, which is God the Father/Mother or any other Being of Light that you trust. I would say, they will surely give you the answer, and better yet, they will give you a correct answer. But you insist on believing that we don’t answer you, you insist on believing that you are not capable of receiving our answers, and that it is easier to ask the other one. And what do you get back? The other’s opinion.

When you ask someone a question, how does that someone answer? Within his consciousness, within his understanding, within his knowledge, that is, any answer given is based on his journey, on everything he has been through, on everything he has learned. How will it serve you if it is all based on what he thinks? You need to learn this. This is a teaching that we have repeated here many times and you don’t learn, you keep asking for help from the other, you keep asking for wisdom from the other, you keep asking for the other’s opinion.

As the word itself says, the other is the other, not you; but you insist on asking the other for help.

So I can say, that you will never receive our answers, because you believe more in the other than in us. And with that you close that door, which could be open for our answers. It’s as if you said, “Look, I’m going to close the door here for you, I’d rather listen to someone I can see, someone who is alive, someone who is as human as I am!

So, each time you go away and close this door and don’t communicate with us, the path for you becomes more difficult, more doubtful, more incomprehensible, and extremely complicated, because more and more, you will have more doubts. But you think you are ready to live the whole process, you think you are all ready for the big race, where I guarantee that 90% of you will stop after a few steps, because you will not be able to run.

We have said here, over and over again: the time is for interiorization, the time is for preparation. And what is preparation? It is that open door for us to enter your life, for all of us to guide you, for all of us to help you overcome the obstacles. Now, who will open this door? We are all on this side. The free will to open and keep the door open is yours. We don’t open the door, because you have to want it open, you have to want our help, you have to believe in our help. But you think you are ready, you think you are very prepared, you are all perfectly profiled and ready for the big moment.

So I ask each one of you to review if you are really ready. To be ready is not to be in a nice outfit, all dressed up, ready for the race, because he who trains every day can wear a rag and have a better chance than you. So who is ready? Who is truly ready for the big moment? How will you have help from the Beings of Light to go through the whole process if the door is still closed? Ask yourself this question: Have you been able to open the door and make contact with us? I know that most of you will answer no.

Then, how can you open your mouth and say that you are ready and eager for everything to happen? Add to that, thousands and millions who are the same way you are. So the great way, the great truth is one: You need to open this door and leave it open. And believe with the depth of your being that we are there to answer you, to help you, to teach you to have courage, to have understanding, and to have wisdom. That is all. Is it too much to ask? I don’t think so. It is asking very little, but you think it is impossible.

So, as long as you imagine that you are not capable, that you don’t deserve it, that you can’t do it, everything stays as it is. Now, there may come a time when the trigger for the start of the race will come, whether you are ready or not. And then we will really know who is going to get there and who is not.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez


13 Replies to “Ashtar: Open the Door for Us to Enter”

  1. Rob Wright

    It would be great if this website would refrain from sourcing and posting known hoaxers and fakes. At least 90% of channeled sources are fake in this time of turmoil. There is NO Lord Ashtar. There is the Ashtar Command.

  2. Christina

    Blessed is both the message and the messenger, even if it may not now resonate with you or me. Blessed are all creatures, too, I may add, including the beloved reptiles. This message needn’t resonate either, but it could.

    1. Hera

      Hehe your okay John, just venting, that’s how I was feeling at first too, l mean we’re doing the best we can, gee give us a break now and again, creator has our backs so we’re all doing just heta

  3. Jacques Vincent

    I really do not know what to make of this… I can not say that He is not right … He seem to shake us in a way that we need to wake up and upgrade our consciousness and realise that we have to do more in a certain way … The main thing is to do our very best every day and this is all we can do according to our knowledge and our desire…with love and appreciation …

  4. John

    Fuck u ashtar u fake condescending twat come near this planet I’ll fucking shoot your cocky know it all ugly face fuck god fuck all u light beings that left us to rot in this shithole life and planet. Adios

    1. Hera

      That ain’t the real Lord ashtar, he sounds fake as, l can feel it in my heart,probably.planted here and to think we can’t see through it, aye