Creating in Alignment

Everyone on earth is experiencing different components of the ALL. While your higher self knows it’s divinity through every experience and label it may be expressed through. The soul is learning and evolving with every experience.

Creativity is freedom and vital to a soul expressing itself. When the ego awakens and aligns to higher self and soul, overtime “it” discovers the unique talent it came here to express. Until the talent is utilized to create, it stays formless. Creating from soul gives form to expression.

Katie asks “are you saying there is only one way to express to be in alignment with your soul?” The answer is no. There are many expressions and is dependent upon what alignment and degree of expression a person is operating at. And we tell you this changes as a person evolves. Also, from day to day; moment to moment. A person is constantly fluctuating based on their emotional level.

We will give an example so you may begin to understand. Lets say Cathy discovers she loves to draw. Perhaps she decides to use the talent to express through being a conventional artist, an illustrator, designer of buildings or clothing.

However, the output of Cathy’s expression is altered by mood. How? If Cathy is feeling sad, she may draw an expression of sadness. If Cathy is feeling inspired, perhaps she creates from her imagination in an unfiltered way. There are many ways and it is by choice.

Katie asks “if Cathy draws something while aligned to the vibration of sadness, does this mean when shared it will emit the same frequency?”

This is a good question and the answer is yes and no. To understand this, we need to provide some context to create imagery.

In a simple example, let’s say Cathy is feeling sad, but instead of acknowledging her sadness, she ignores her internal feeling and continues on with her day creating works of art. Ultimately, anything created from this state of mind will be out of alignment and the results will not carry a vibration in truth. Form has been manifested, but the resonance of the manifested form is not aligned to source.

However, let’s say Cathy is feeling sad, but recognizes and acknowledges her internal emotions which triggered the feeling of sadness. She decides she is going to use that sadness and use it to create her art. The feeling has been acknowledged which aligns her in truth of her current experience. Anything created from this state of mind will be in alignment and be embedded in unconditional love.

How? Because unconditional love is truth (we use the term as convenience, but feel free to input your own which resonates: GOD, source, etc).

Everyone what is true is always true. This means when you peel back all the faces and layers the truth will still be.

As a human, where you fall on the scale changes often. You are not lowering your vibration when you experience what you might consider to be “bad” feelings. You lower your vibration and are out of alignment when you don’t acknowledge you feel these feelings. Usually, this is fear based.

Like many, Katie struggles with accepting any of what she considers to be “lower vibrational feelings” and makes them wrong. Having the belief system, acknowledging them made her a bad person. Part of what Katie needed to learn for her soul evolvement was hate and anger are valid emotions. Until recently, she rejected anything she considered to fall into those categories. Instead, she disregarded and harbored resentment, judging those who outwardly expressed them.

Katie interrupts… “I did?” Yes take the awareness and implement it. Had you been able to accept those feelings 6 months ago, you would be in a different spot. Instead, you resisted and tried to process the feelings logically which led to accepting them as valid. Notice since the realization, the ability to channel clearly. However, there is no time limit, you learn as you are ready. We will never force someone to accept something they are not wanting or ready to. Choice is a gift and we will not override nor would we want to. And for you, the belief system was firmly planted as truth and difficult to crack open for you to address.

Everyone the hate, anger, or any emotion you experience is not about another. While another may trigger those feelings, it is only a mirror. And always a reflection of the ego loving or hating expressing as it believes it should. You hate the people that show you part of yourself you have trouble accepting and like the people who reconfirms the attributes you accept in yourself.

However, ALL lower vibrational emotions are projected onto others from a place of accumulated unresolved and unacknowledged trauma.

This scenario exists in most humans. Why? Each of you have been conditioned from an early age to define certain emotions as bad and others as good. Unconsciously, based on which emotion is expressing, the ego attaches to these structures and labels itself as good or bad.

Everyone… nothing and no one is good or bad, but is only defined from a byproduct of belief systems. However, there is a higher and lower way to express feelings. Do you understand?

Only the ego labels itself as good or bad. This label distorts the lens which views their surroundings creating the individual perception of reality.

While fear is a valid emotion, it’s an illusion often misidentified as danger. Fear of expressing oneself will always be out of alignment with truth. Because truth always IS.

The conditioned environments you grew up in has trapped many in fear. Fear prevents you from knowing yourself beyond the known. The unknown is where ALL inspiration comes from. Except, the conscious acceptance of this is not acknowledged.

Do you understand? Everything known was once unknown. The only way to make anything known, is to venture out into the unknown. As long as you live in fear, you are unable to align to source. Although source is always aligned to you. If you understand this, you will have the knowledge you need.

Are you ready to uncover your creativity? If you answer yes, we say to you each.

We acknowledge and claim you each in your divinity.

Repeat the following…

On this day, I ask to bring to the surface to be seen all I am aligned to in fear. I acknowledge as each fear as shown and recognize this has not been in truth of my sovereignty. I am releasing myself in the amounts I may handle from all keeping me in fear. I am this intention.

We say to each reading to feel as the fear is shown, but not attach knowing the fear is not in truth. Over the next few days we will help each of you who answered yes as fear is released to the surface to be seen.

We will stop for the day here. Thank you katie for channeling. We appreciate you. Stop stop stop.

**Channel: Katie Marcucci


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