Activation of Ancient Codes that Assist with the Grand Return

As many of you know, I was called to go to Cozumel Mexico in July to do work activating the underwater pyramids. Many around the globe were called to the water at that same time and were helping to activate in their areas even if they weren’t aware.

Without a doubt, Cozumel has my heart. I have never felt so at home as I did on that island. When I returned home I kept feeling the urge to get back to the warm blue water. Yet I knew it wasn’t to return to Cozumel at this time, so I was quite confused. I kept sitting with it and trying to figure out if it was my longing for the water as I am in landlocked Colorado or if I was being led to additional work.

I began dreaming of ancient civilizations, particularly civilizations that still honored the Divine Feminine, putting codes into the earth to be gathered when the time was ready.

Then I had a dream of being on an island, it was not Cozumel, and seeing under the water groups of stones begin moving towards the shore. It was like piles of stone that were once part of buildings from long ago, started moving forward. They were covered in seaweed and sea life. It was evident that they had been stationary for a very very long time. When I questioned in the dream what was moving forward, I was told it’s the Mayan warrior protector energy. I didn’t understand that but knew I was being called back to the water.

Originally I thought it was Belize, but then it came in that it was Honduras where I will be doing my work. I dreamed three more times of the rock formations of Mayan warrior protectors from deep in the ocean moving towards the land. I still didn’t have real clarity though.

Yet, as so many of us do, we simply follow the urgings and knowings even when we can’t formulate a logical reason why. I booked a trip to Honduras during my daughter’s Christmas break. I will be there for the Solstice right on the water.

I asked my team for clarity, for some sort of understanding of why I am going there. Why I am willing to travel during this chaos and take on the financial outlay. I’ve been asking this since September, and I just recently received the answer. It felt to me as if there was a waiting period to see if other things would click into place first before this work could be done. I had booked everything as refundable and told my family that we needed to be prepared to not go at the last minute in case something had changed. It is a different way of being when you are listening to the Soul, flexibility is required.

Recently, I was awoken at 3:30 in the morning and given this message.

“You and others around the world will be activating the codes that were laid long ago. These codes are now ready to be integrated. Many of these codes are underwater due to the changing landscape of your world. This is why it’s so important for those feeling the call to return to the water, do so.

It Signifies a reversal, a change, a return

It is an Activation, a signal, to the universe that there are those ready to return to the Mother.

There have been energies sleeping within and on the earth that will receive this signal and begin to shift and awaken. Your world will then sleep no more.

Those on your planet that hold within them the Divine coding will begin to receive the activations that will awaken the information within their DNA of the sacred knowledge of healing the earth and healing with the earth. As the earth heals so too will the human. (The image I received on this was of people having a lock within their field and this activation is a key that turns on or opens what has been hidden within.)

Reconnection of the biorhythms of the human to the planet and healing the distortions held within will become paramount. So much in your world goes against these rhythms and it has caused great detriment to systems within the body and earth. The healers that know how to tend to both will begin to remember.

This activation will begin the return of the ancient, hidden, and inherited knowledge of the true connection between all on your planet. With this awakening, many will return to having a reverence for the earth, themselves, and each other.

We ask that each person looks around them with new eyes. Look at the healing modalities and allow them to shift and change. Even your understanding of a plant’s particular medicine will begin to shift. Curiosity and being humble to the realization that there is so much more to be learned is essential.

The signal will be sent galactically as well. Ask you know, as above, so below, so below as above. This signal will show that it is time for more awakening and truth codes about humanity’s existence beyond Earth’s closed system. It signifies the time for earth and her people to return to the knowledge of their place and impact within the galaxy.

The timing of this activation with the Solstice is not by accident, but rather a grand design. There is much excitement in the kingdoms of earth and within the galaxy. It is the beginning of the Grand Return.”

This message brought in greater clarity, and I do understand that I need to be on the water during the solstice. It also helped me to understand the Mayan warriors/protectors. As the ancient purer knowledge returns, so do the energies that help to safeguard those receiving it. The healers, the wisdom keepers, the wise people, the priestesses, and the sages will be kept safe.

I will be connecting with the codes under the water, the universe, and all that are also doing this work from their location in the world. Even if you are unable to get to the water, please feel free to connect to what is being activated. We are activating the information that was stored within the earth long ago. This is information directly related to a time when the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine lived in ease together, when they co-created, and were fully connected within and without.

Have a beautiful 12:12 and Solstice.

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