Alex Collier Webcast: QFS Should Be Up by December’s End

So, a few days ago, Elon Musk said the new quantum internet would be up by the end of the month, by the end of December. Also regulation would be in place as well by that time. Now the quantum internet going up means that they can now put in action the quantum financial system. So they said by mid-December we would know where we were going.

The Three Gorges Dam and Big Pharma labs will start the black swan event. (1) The black swan event begins to trigger everything. Not only the RV (the revaluation of global currencies), but a transfer of 6000 cures will be shared. Some of that would be med beds, obviously we have an update on that, and the expression and expansion of freedom throughout the planet.

These events will change the world forever and we’re talking about between now and the end of December.

It’s been brought to my attention, what’s currently going on now is not a war against Russia. It is not a war against China. Specifically, what we’re seeing are white hats around the world at war with the Rothschild family. That’s what we’re dealing with. That’s where it is all now.

All right, and the Rothschilds’ minions. And they’re paying them with the funny money, which is why they’re freaking the hell out because the new system is coming in like gangbusters and that’s the next piece of Intel.

Okay. The Government of Iraq was supposed to release their international rate last Monday. The IMF told them not to. Well, yesterday the Government of Iraq [released them] in the nation, their international rates and the International rate for the new dinar is $11.90. For us. That’s what I said.

Now, I don’t know what it’s going to be in each one of your countries. But we were expecting to see it on the Forex this morning. It will probably show up Sunday morning. (2) But this is going live. Now it’s also interesting; it’s being called the Golden dinar, in part because it’s being backed by gold.

The Kuwaiti government is sharing the gold dinar. So they’re going to share this, which is a remarkable thing. Because, one, it’ll give a great deal of stability to the Middle East. Iraq paid Kuwait back for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and they did not pay them with the worthless dinar they paid them with the new gold-backed currency. So everybody’s best friends again.

Okay, everything’s been just forgiven, and everybody’s ready to move on. We understand that Iran is supposed to be very close behind this.

Now as you all know if you’ve been following the currencies and the basket of currencies for the Global Currency Reset, not the Rothschild nonsense, Iraq was always going to be the first country to go and then all the others would go and they all have their own timeline.

So it could very well be that, when you go to exchange your dinar, when the time is is when they start taking appointments. Or it goes live in your individual countries [and] you might have to make several trips if you have multiple currencies. (3)

Do not know about the Zim. Do not know about the Dong. Do not know about the rest of the currencies in the in the bunch just yet. But this is happening. (4)

This is very much happening. And everyone should be very, very excited because this will end poverty and this will greatly shift how the world operates from this point on.

In Country the rate in Iraq is $4.81, outside it’s $11.90. It could be higher in some other countries. It all depends now when you go to exchange your dinar and you ask for cash here in the U.S. It’s my understanding that they’re going to be giving you the new currency. The United States Note and not a Federal Reserve Note. So a lot of change, a lot, a lot of change. All good stuff.

Okay. The United States military is withdrawing our remaining troops out of Iraq, that 3600 or so troops. They began pulling them out last night so that Iraq at some point, either today or over the weekend can announce that they are a totally sovereign nation. They said that they did that.

Okay, so that’s it. I wanted to give you that, if possible, that’s positive. Before you go to bed at night, listen to good music before you go to bed at night. Listen to some comedy, anything to make you laugh, to put you in a good state of mind. Do not go to bed all stressed out and worried because there’s so much to look forward to.

We’re going to leave all this crap behind. The reason we’re seeing it now is because we need to know that it was real and it’s been around us all this time. And now that we’re coming out of our box, we’re going to be seeing all this and there’s still some ugly to say there is but the future’s bright.

We’re not going into slavery. We’re not being invaded. Alright, we’re becoming free. So the only boogeyman we have are those which we are carrying in ourselves.

It’s time to let it go. I love you. Thank you for supporting our little webinar.

This 14 minute clip sounds like it was released on Friday – You will NOT be sorry you listened – RV/GCR and our new world sovereignty are here now!


10 Replies to “Alex Collier Webcast: QFS Should Be Up by December’s End”

  1. Douglas A James

    I have followed Judy Byington updates from her sources stating GCR was happening for several years now dates provided. Then she said events wld determine it and Trump wld be in office. When I heard Alex Collier make these statements it did get my attention as he is someone I follow and respect his Intel and version of our history and enslavement.
    I do wonder how a dinar worth 0.00069 USD today wld exchange for $11.90?
    I bought some dinar some zim .. I hold silver rounds and shouldve been in the market but kept hearing crash coming.

    Ok Q military intelligence all points to now right now action being taken military is the only way.. but no EBS no media taken down.. I know timing is key.. we need the tide to turn now. Stay strong all I agree with all of you.. until we see actual results we must consider all of this is a psy op …we shall see

  2. Ghost

    I would agree with the “next week” theories.
    I followed another site for at least the last five years, almost everything they said that would happen “next week” did not happen when they said it would.
    Just one recent example is when Trump was supposed to be in Dallas to unveil JFK, Jr. Did that happen? I never saw anything about it.
    Another is the supposed ten days of darkness and the shutdown/lockdown associated with it. Nobody so far has ever explained what it entails, or when it was supposed to happen. Just read today it was only for ten countries, not the whole world.
    As much as I would love to see the Quantum and all mentioned in place and happening, and based on the track record thus far, I am almost betting come New Year’s Eve, not a thing will happen.
    I hope, and actually look forward, to be proven dead wrong.

  3. Daedalus

    I would want nothing more than for this to finally occur …


    The same old story of Global Currency Reset and “exchanges” goes now for ages. Even decades. Every single time its “right around the corner, next week, next day, tommorow”, etc , etc …

    QFS is somewhat newer story, but same pattern.

    Stop with peddling hopium to people. Especially those who are in desperate situations – and there are more of such people now than two years ago. It has capability easily to backfire if nothing happens – just like it backfired every single time when promises were made and nothing occured so far.

    Its disgusting. Its abusing people’s desperation and situations – and some even abuse it further financially. Those who do this, are lowlifes in my opinion.

    The second element of this is that people dont understand that mentality of people is key to any kind of massive financial restructuring. Someone with parasitic mentality will never fit into any kind of fair game or fair trade. They will always abuse the system for their selfish reasons. There are still billions of people with such mentality or close to it, completely “enthralled” with futile chase for money. Until they change themselves, more abundance in their cases will only mean more parasitic behaviour and more abuse.

    And they dont need much to change – just stopping to have money as their “god” and focal point in their lives, nothing else.

  4. Gordon Jackson

    Ah yes, the currency exchanges, that old chestnut again, it’s been a few months since anyone dragged that up. It’s a real pity it hasn’t happened already, since over the last 11 years it has supposed to have been happening “next week”.

  5. Gem Ascending

    ✨I woke up happy and celebrating humanities ascension [shift] on 12/12/21. This is the perfect ending to this transformational day. With
    infinite Love, Light and Gratitude I 💜Thankh💜you💜 for sharing!!! ✨

  6. crlreb

    I love Alex and all his updated webinars, everything he said 30 years ago at his conferences has come true on Earth!