Yeshua: The Path of Wisdom


Perceive every event in your nearest environment and in the world by deriving lessons for yourself! This is the way of wisdom.


Everything happens so that you can grow. Your spiritual growth is the only reason of your existence on this earth.

Slowly you unfold and life by life you go up the steps of knowledge. Now it is a matter of you gaining the meaning from this unreal world.

The meaning is to take your place, to swim against the current and in the end, against all trends, opinions and beliefs of the collective, to arrive at the source.

The vast majority of people tend to choose seemingly easy and simple paths.

Although all screws are now being turned to raise people’s vibration, many people do not want to leave their familiar cave and they remain stuck in their tar boots.


Do not condemn these inexperienced souls, for they do not know what they are doing and if they did, they would not be willing to change it.

What wants to be experienced, should be experienced. A young soul has thereby completely different requirements than an older soul. A young soul has chosen quite different adventures than an older soul. While you long for the light, someone else wants to experience the darkness.

While you choose freedom, peace and love, some fellow soul is drawn in the opposite direction.

Understanding the incomprehensible behavior of many is of great importance today.

Why is something the way it is, why are people the way they are? Because everything obeys its own rhythm and each person follows his soul plan.

For the older souls, today is the time to fully align the inner compass with the light and with the high vibration that is now reaching the Earth. It is time to love yourself.

If your neighbor continues to live his old life, if your old friends keep their habits, yes, if even your family does not want to know about the ascension and change, then stay with yourself and firmly oriented in yourself.

God is your guide, your guiding thought and your light in the darkness.

God is always with you, is support and refuge – and it is God who sends you people whose souls are just as ready for change as you are.

Old friends are leaving, new ones are coming. It is the time of transformation and every event offers you the opportunity for it. There are favorable conditions for your unfoldment. While the pressure on the outside is increasing, you can grow on the inside.

You are meant you, you who have not chosen an easy or simple life, but a challenging life.

This adventure requires all your effort. Your talents must be wisely managed and increased. Your inner light wants to shine and your love wants to reach the hearts of people.


You play the game of life on another level – a dimension that still eludes many people.

You act out of understanding, you respond with compassion, and love is the leaven that rises today. You want to complete your circle of life and lose yourself completely in God.

You swim against the current and you speak another language. Man does not understand you, but you are recognized by God.

JJK: “I live my life in growing rings,
that stretch over things.
I may not accomplish the last one,
but I will try.

I circle around God, around the ancient tower,
and I circle for millennia;
and I do not yet know: am I a hawk, a storm, or a great song.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, 20.9.1899, Berlin-Schmargendorf

These wonderful verses come to mind now ….

JESUS CHRIST: Try with all your heart and the attempt will succeed. Be completely with it and be ready to give up everything. Friends, opinions and beliefs will now be subjected to a thorough examination. You will be confronted with new ideas, sensations and realizations every day and will be equipped with new impulses.

Implement what you realize and never look back.

It is the time of the big changes! The whole earth is reshaping itself. But the greatest revolution is happening in you: It is the completion of your soul!


Beloved human being,

go your way undauntedly until you arrive.

For this you have seen the light of this world and therefore you know the value of each day.

An older soul grows with each day and knows how to interpret the reflections.

An older soul derives lessons for itself from every event and spiritual growth happens.

An older soul knows the way of wisdom.

Blessed is the one who looks at people full of love before he passes through the gate of light and becomes one in glory with God.


**Channel: Jahn Kassl

**Translation to English by


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  1. Alexander

    God is my everything he has healed me, given me love, and even someone to share that with to grow in new ways. I am so grateful and have nothing but faith and love to share with the world. To bring forth the possible within the impossible. Much love to all!

  2. Lara

    Thank you for including the lovely Rilke poem. This whole message…beautiful…balm for a broken heart. Praise be to Jesus, King of kings. Soli deo gloria.


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