Akatu: Soul Tribe

Friends Of Light! As You Have Found Many Of Your Soul Tribe, Know This Is A Planned Appointment!  There Are More Souls Waiting For You To Recognize And Remember Their Light!  No One Loses Light By Giving It Away!

Light Magnifies And Expands As It Raises The Vibrational Frequency Of The Earth And All Beings! Light Shines Through The Chakras And Activates Each To The Perfect Intended Function. Light Brings The Aura Into A Glowing Rainbow Of Energy Around Each Being.

So Indeed, Shine On! Bring Your Tribe Together As You Know Within You Are The Family Of Light! As You Have Moved Through The Dream, You Have Overcome Many Perceived Obstacles That You Believed Would Take You Out!

But Now You Realize You Have Been Getting Stronger Through It All! Like Stepping Stones That Were Difficult At One Juncture, Now You Climb Mountains! You Have Learned Compassion By Seeing Another Struggle And Remembering What You Felt In Similar Circumstances.

Had You Not Stumbled And Learned To Get Up, You Could Not Relate And Resonate As You Do Now. The Perceived Obstacles Were Gifts To Allow You To Live As The Light Warrior Within.

You Are Emerging From The Illusion Of Separation From Others And This Allows Expansion Of Consciousness And The Knowing That You Are Connected To All Life. Being Holographic In Nature, You Exist In The Quantum Field Of All Possibilities.

This Field Of Infinite Intelligence And Love, Holds You And Reacts To Your Vibration With More Of The Same. What Does This Mean For You? This Is The Moment You Realize Your Power. The Creation Of Your Story Begins With Your Thoughts, Feelings And Perceptions.

The Field Matches And Enhances Your Vibration. You Speak Words Of Gratitude And The Universe Gives You More To Be Grateful For And This Vibration Inspires You To Express Love And Joy. More Of The Same Comes To Your Being And Story. Light Brings More Light!

In Truth, You Have The Power To Change Your Story To One Of Peace And Clarity. With Intention, Speak And Meditate What You Desire In Truth. Believe This And Feel It Is Yours Now. As Your Perception Changes, You Receive Your Answer And So Much More!

You Have Tasted The Bitter And The Sweet. You Are Learning That One Is Needed To Understand The Other Fully. This Is Because You Chose Duality For The Final Dream. You Will Emerge Into Oneness As This Is Your True State Of Being.

Having An Individual Consciousness And Soul, You Will Return To Multidimensional Reality With Seeing Others As The Love You Hold Inside. This Was Your Beginning. Your Origin Of Existence. The Sacred Point Where Your Soul Played In The Ethers Of Divinity.

There Are Many Galactic Races On Earth Now. Choosing To Incarnate To Participate In The Grand Shift, All Blend Seamlessly With You! Many Of You Are Pleiadian That Are Finding Family, Friends And Soul Tribes.

Arcturians And Many More Are Your Infinite Friends That Have Gathered In These Moments! Life Is Sacred And YOU, Beloved Ones, Are Life! We Remain With You And Carry You In Great Power And Light! EN EEKE MAI EA! I Love You So! AKATU

**Telepathically received by Judith