Council of Overseers: Your Imminent Transfiguration to the New World

MULTIPLE worlds and versions of you EXIST NOW. What we are NOW ACTIVATING you through is the awareness that you already embody as the DIVINE COSMIC GOD SELF. WE know this also exists now as you. As we Knew you before time and presently through the HEART In the NOW.

We are TRANSMITTING to all consciousness BEINGS that ARE open to receive the downloads that are literally pervading the astronomical magnetic shifts through the frequency of the Central Sun.

The weakening magnetic field is no mistake, as many panic to gain answers and dates, we activate you to AWAKEN and acknowledge the solid ground you stand on THAT IS THE ETERNAL.

AS you literally awaken to what you ARE, and stand in the only true foundation; that is the Power of the Divine, through your HEART, YOU embody ALL THAT IS, as the only true self, that you are. Make no mistake, this is the only one true Divine Power.

What you are called to know and be is not for the faint of heart. As the noble ones, do walk the talk and ARE BEING NOW the only answer to what is, as all now unfolds.

We Activate your heart now through this transmission, as the ONE true cocoon of transformation and abiding place and space of the DIVINE, so that in these perfect moments as they unfold, you release all attachments and enter the final phase of your BECOMING. SO THAT the ASCENDED, MASTER OF FORM YOU, (Cosmic God Self YOU) shows UP for you, as the EMBODIMENT you have focused upon for Earth YOU. Reveals itself to ALL.

We are with you in this, you have rehearsed this. You know this. WE, The Divine Council of Overseers are simply the voice activating the acknowledgement through your blueprint to YOU in the here and now.

Feel this. As this is as real as real is.

YOU are the DIVINE ONE. YOU know yourself eternally as that.

All will rise in the GLORY of what they ARE conscious of BEING.

If separate, then separate, through the heart THE DIVINE, THEN THE MASTER OF FORM APPEARS.

REMEMBERING IS the DNA activation of your heart as the only one filter of being THROUGH.

There is no other WAY Beloved ones, the space and frequent of your abiding DIVINE solace and POWER EXISTS THROUGH THIS.

Enter now, each breath, as if the first and last breath, as it is. All NEW each moment. So when your final breath in your current form transitions to the NEW EARTH, your transfiguration will be complete.

AS the GOD that you already ARE, continues to be, aware of what it is, ETERNALLY AND NOW.

In this great love we activate you, with The Queen of Light, The Pleiadian Council of Light, The Blue Avians and many ascended Beings from many Universes. Feel this, receive and KNOW you already are that which you desire to Be and Know.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian