Galacom Update: Remagnetization

On December 17, 2021, at 01:25 PM CET, new information was received from the Galactic Committee:

“We are continuing the magnetic pole remagnetization operation started in early December 2021. It is not a change of poles, and the earthlings don’t feel it.

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of the operation is to accelerate the cleansing of the Earth’s magnetic fields from the low and destructive 3D energies, to remove the negative, spent, and unnecessary power from the planet. We fill the vacated space with a completely new quantum flow.

This energy changes the Earth’s aura from fully negative to positive, from clearly destructive to constructive and permanent.

Now there is a gap between them. So far it is small. We will increase it gradually to protect human minds from exploding due to the abrupt change in this situation.

The new space-time continuum is finally ready to restructure the energies of the elementales (of earth, water, air, fire, and ether – LEV) to a more comfortable range.

The elementales’ energies are transferred to the quarantine zone. In it, in more favorable conditions, the reprogramming of all earthlings will continue. Their Subtle Bodies will be rebooted and freed from destructive DNA layers.

The current state of the humans’ Subtle Bodies does not allow men to execute the plans they gained through suffering and outlined by us for existence in a higher dimension. Together we are building a more detailed and pragmatic construction, which Earth will switch to.

If the minds and feelings are attuned to the Source’s Supreme Will, everything that people dream and do is turning into reality, in the real deeds and constructions which we can put into life together.

So far, earthlings work mostly virtually. But from the Subtle Plane, the pure and constructive consequences of their thoughts, feelings, and actions in the form of a material substance are settling on the 4D Earth’s surface, easing people’s Transition.

After quarantine, we will fill Earth and mankind with new energies of Light and reboot the 3D planet.

The main work will fall on the shoulders of a new generation of earthlings, so as not to strain the rest of population.After the Earth’s renewal and reloading, everyone will live in a completely changed energies environment.

What men planned, constructed mentally, emotionally, and visually, the elementals put into practice using pure powers and patterns prepared by people.

Through them, we will continue to build and make life more comfortable without parasitic energies, to remove the 3D substancies from the human bodies, and fill them with the new matter and power of Satya Yuga.”


The magnetic pole is the place where the magnetic field passes perpendicular to the Earth’s surface, and where the magnetic arrow will point straight down.

The magnetic field is created due to the iron-rich core of the planet which is in constant rotation.

Magnetic field lines enter the South Pole and exit the North Pole.

So, from the point of view of science, in the North, we, in fact, have the South magnetic Pole, and in the South – the North.

But the earthlings agreed to abandon this convention to avoid confusion.

The movement of the magnetic pole in the North is associated with a “tug of war” between two sections of the negative magnetic field – under Canada and Siberia.

In recent years, the Canadian spot has weakened significantly.

This allowed the Siberian to pull the pole in its direction.

In the next ten years, the magnetic pole will continue to move towards Siberia and will pass, according to calculations, a distance of 660 kilometers.

The diagram shows the movement of flows inside the Earth’s core. It is compiled by computer modeling based on the monitoring of magnetic fields. The obtained data confirmed that in the 1970s there was a change in the flow of liquid iron in the core.

In the last 7 thousand years, the North magnetic pole randomly moved around the geographical one, following unpredictable flows of iron in the Earth’s core.

Earth’s magnetic field can also weaken when an inversion occurs: the North and South magnetic poles change places, and the compass needle begins to point in the opposite direction.

Over the past 80 million years, there have been 183 such reversals.

On average, it takes 7 thousand years to complete the one.

The last inversion was 780 thousand years ago and lasted 22 thousand years.

In some cases, the reversal took place in as little as a few hundred years.

So it was at the end of the last ice age, about 41 thousand (according to other sources – 75 thousand) years ago.

But it was not a complete but a partial inversion. The geographical pole changed, but the magnetic field soon restored its former polarity. It took only 250 years.

Today, Co-Creators, together with Higher Light Hierarchy and the Galactic Committee, carefully monitor and run these processes.

**By Lev


One Reply to “Galacom Update: Remagnetization”

  1. Wanderer

    “The magnetic field is created due to the iron-rich core of the planet … ”

    Sorry to object, but there is no iron core.

    In the center of the (hollow) planet there is a sort of sun, created by overheated gasses turning into plasma. This overheating is caused by twisted magnetic fields similar to the heat generated by an induction oven.
    The “iron-rich core” is the iron in the mantle of planet Earth, where also the “center” of gravity is to be found. In the center of the planet the gravity is actually zero.
    Believe it or not. If you have eyes to see, you will see it.

    ps: Do NOT believe in computer-models!
    Why not?
    The answer is: Garbage in – garbage out.