The Schumann Resonator

One of the devices that we can use to improve our wellness is the Schumann Resonator.

The resonator generates a 7.83 Hz wave and spreads it all along our living environment.

The Schumann Resonator – Functional Principles

We don’t want to write a treatise on the matter, but just see briefly what it is. Between the globe and the upper part of the atmosphere, called the ionosphere, there is a cavity that can be used for the remote transmission of energy.

The possibility of this use was defined by Nikolaj Tesla since the beginning of the last century, in 1905.

The Slovenian genius, architect of the development of alternating current and radio transmissions, whose authorship was erroneously attributed to Marconi who exploited his studies, issued the first documented observations of global electromagnetic resonances, which formed the basis of his system for wireless energy transmission.

To carry out experiments in this regard, he built the Wardenclyffe Tower, which unfortunately was destroyed by a fire, not before it was able to send enormous quantities of energy over a very great distance.

His discoveries regarding the possibility of exploiting a virtually unlimited source of energy, using not too complex equipment, have never found widespread diffusion.

Also due to the interests of the energy industry based on conventional sources, such as fossil ones, and the economic-political system that revolves around them.

This does not mean that there is little interest in them, so much so that when Tesla died in solitude and poverty, his residence was ransacked and cleaned from top to bottom by the U.S. secret services, who seized of all the documentation concerning his studies, that he had never stopped.

Those studies are still jealously guarded today by military secrecy, probably on the basis of the consideration that giving everyone a source of free and free energy would be too dangerous for the world’s geopolitical and economic equilibrium.

Earth’s Own Fundamental Wave

The cavity existing between the earth and the ionosphere is characterized by an electromagnetic resonance that the German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann theoretically calculated in 1952 in 7.83 Hz, a value then proved in the following years.

For this reason today it is known as the Schumann Resonance and is defined as the natural resonance of the terrestrial globe.

The Earth has limited dimensions, which make the wave guide present between it and the ionosphere act as a sort of resonance cavity for electromagnetic waves in the ELF band, Extremely Low Frequencies.

The cavity is naturally excited by the energy released by lightning discharges.

Schumann Resonances are observable in the power spectrum of natural background electromagnetic noise, in the form of peaks that fall in the frequencies around 7.83 Hz, which represents the fundamental, and at 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz, 26, 4 Hz and 32.4 Hz.

The Schumann frequency, therefore, can be seen as the fundamental one of the terrestrial globe, to which living beings have been exposed since the dawn of time, and as such constitutes one of the elements of the environment in which life was born and then it has developed and spread.

The consequences induced in living beings by exposure to Schumann waves can be better understood based on the fact that NASA, the U.S. space agency, has used Schumann generators in spacecraft destined to remain out of the atmosphere for a long time, in order to mitigate the syndromes induced in astronauts by life in space.

Human activities, now increasingly characterized by emissions at frequencies higher than that of Schumann, from the 50 Hz of electricity distribution networks to the hundreds and thousands of MHz of radio emissions and mobile telephone networks, have produce not only electromagnetic pollution, but also a masking effect for the Schumann waves, whose “reception” by living beings can be muffled.

For this reason, Schumann wave generators for so-called wellness applications have been on the market for some time, the purpose of which is to restore conditions at least in part similar to those existing before the widespread diffusion of high-frequency energy emissions.

They are attributed to an improvement in relaxation, meditation, the wake-sleep phases and a reduction in insomnia.

An element that underlines the interdependence between Schumann waves and human life consists in the fact that brain waves, and their classification, precisely trace their basic frequencies.

The limit between Theta waves, relating to the REM sleep phase, and Alpha waves, typical of wakefulness with eyes closed and of the phases immediately preceding falling asleep is located at 7.8 Hz. At 14.1 Hz there is the transition to Beta waves, characteristics of the conscious subject.

Other research, including that of biologist Montaigner, has linked Schumann resonance and DNA.

The Schumann Waves In The Audio And Musical Field

It is probably from the casual discovery that the effects of Schumann resonators not only affect individual well-being but also sound reproduction, that such devices have been spreading in the audio field.

Not only in the amateur field, but also and above all in the professional one, in which they have found a rather wide use. Experiments were also carried out in the field of musical performance.

There are musicians who have completely repudiated the A at 440 Hz, in its time established for the sensation of greater brilliance given to the sonority of musical performances compared to the frequency of 432 Hz, to pass to A at 422.82 Hz, which is an integer multiple. of the Schumann frequency, rounded to 423 Hz.

According to them, the music thus performed assumes a depth and an ability to materially penetrate the hearing and the human organism, as well as the psyche, such as to cause the total and definitive rejection of tunings at different frequencies.

The operation of the Schumann resonator is based precisely on the emission of limited quantities of energy into the environment, at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The emission does not take place through the audio system, but directly into the environment, by means of the antenna. with which these devices are equipped.

Why It Works?

Beyond the effects described before, after more than a decade of studying and manufacturing Schumann Resonators, some ideas have developed into myself regarding the way they work.

First of all, I have no problem declaring that, personally, I have no certainties to spread. So, I am going to talk about my experiences and intuitions. In this regard, I believe that Schumann resonators showed they do their job as being able to better harmonize what finds itself within their range.

This idea is given to me by having noticed that resonators seem to show their influences in a rather wide range of possible applications. After all, anything can fall under their effect is nothing else than an object of this Earth, that is notoriously under the influence of that known as the Schumann resonance since the dawn of time.

When this resonance is reinforced by a Schumann resonator, those objects, which all originate from this Earth, find themselves to operate in a subtly but perceptibly more “virtuous” way, to use an improper term of which I apologize but I do not come up with others.

I want to underline once more that these are just my impressions. Even if they are based on so many years of experimenting and by the reports of many persons who use the resonators, these is not any “scientific proof” about this matter.

**By Claudio Checchi


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