Higher And Higher—The “Pull” Of The Ages

As the last Full Moon of the year 2021 arrives at 11:36 PM (EST) in Gemini (Tropical Zodiac) at 27 degrees, it will sextile the healing planet Chiron in Aries and trine Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

It will also be in alignment with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

These energetic geometrical angles can produce harmonious vibrations when the Higer Self super-consciousness is allowed to be the ultimate connection to SOURCE of which all of creation is a part.

All Full Moons heighten mental and emotional responses, and with the solstices (Northern and Southern Hemispheres—on the 21st) just days away as well as the pre-shadow of the next Mercury Retrograde (on the 29th), the next weeks and months will “pull” upon the vibrational frequencies of our planet Earth/Gaia as well as upon the collective human DNA as it responds to being re-wired and re-attuned to SOURCE FREQUENCY.

Over 93 percent of the function of DNA is LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

DNA resides in every cell, and its mitochondria is the major record keeper—the primary information gatherer and sender.

We are connected to the DNA of our planet, and we experience “Her” LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION as the Great Central Sun sends messages to the Sun of our solar system and on to our planet and into us.

The Photon Belt energetics as well as strong solar flares, winds, and coronal mass ejections all soar into the magnetosphere of our planet and press into and onto “Her” as photonic particle waves of intensity.

Increasingly higher knowledge is becoming available to us, and the realization that our original Divine Design is that of crystalline frequency and vibration as “collective souls” of the ULTIMATE SOUL—SOURCE— is no longer mere theoretical discourse, but rather, spiritual fact, even via traditional scientific research.

As ancient texts are being translated such as the Vedic, the Gnostic, the Essene, etc., esoteric codes are being understood, and the story of planet Earth/Gaia and other planetary realms is unfolding.

There is a common theme moving through all of the ancient books and that is the fact that SOURCE gave all sentient beings free will.

Some beings used it to create vile technologies on their home worlds and to travel to other worlds to exploit, to control, and to manipulate.

Other benevolent beings intervened to assist, to teach, and to heal those who had been exploited. Inter-breedings occurred with both the non-benevolent and the benevolent.

This caused lower and Higher levels of consciousness to exist in this very “Now”.

Wars between LIGHT and dark have ensued.

However, SOURCE LIGHT is no longer allowing lower free will to have its way.

Such types of lower consciousness are destroying themselves, but they are endeavoring to hold on as long as possible so as to hopefully influence others to join their forces.

Unfortunately, some have unconsciously joined, not truly meaning to do any wrong or to cause chaos on this or any other planet.

They have been caught-up in a web of confusion that is sticky with illusion and distraction.

Those who are studious, prayerful, meditative, and who are willing to consider knowledge that they have previously been unaware of or which has been kept from them are understanding that there is far more to existence than what can be known with the so-called “five senses” and that there is much more to know than their ethnic or cultural breeding has taught them since childhood.

As has been discussed in previous articles, there seems no longer to be the subject of “science fiction”.

What we were taught to be mere fantasy is in many ways truth.

Of course, there are still some kinds of fanciful ideas coming from minds which have been harmed by certain experiences and which, therefore, are in need of compassionate healing from those whose educational career focus is that of healing the unhealthy mind.

However, even those educated individuals trained to explore the mind must be careful in their considerations of who is really dealing with fantasy and who is actually having a realization of crystallized DNA LIGHT AND SOUND TRANSMISSION AND RECEPTION.

Our planet is in a new arena of the cosmos and has been for quite some time.

Even its North polarization frequency is turning towards Siberia.

Earth/Gaia has not arisen and begun to change suddenly overnight.

It has and is still taking an amazing journey through the space/time continuum as governed by SOURCE.

During the journey, we are being made aware that, as Dorothy stated in the book and movie WIZARD OF OZ , and which I have referred to previously because it is so fitting: “We are not in Kansas anymore.”

Our planetary home, solar system, and galaxy is shining brighter and enduring a faster vibration.

Other cosmic systems are as well.

Each day, even time frames seem to move faster.

It seems that as soon as we have embraced the daylight, we embrace the sunset and vice-versa.

This causes extreme fatigue.

Our individual and collective consciousness and emotions– which are electrical and magnetic frequencies—move faster than our physical vessels do in the process of shifting and of elevating.

We are also releasing from our cellular records eons of toxic experiences and untruths.

Many are unsure of what to believe anymore.

So much information is coming in so fast like a spaceship traveling at warp speed. We are indeed those ships!

We have seven major “chakras” (“wheels of LIGHT”), and one is known, as most know, as the “solar plexus”—the “Sun

Here is where our willpower is the primary focus.

We are, therefore, “Suns” of the “Greater Sun”.

We are made of the very stars that we are in awe of in the night sky.

Eventually, (some traditional as well as spiritual scientists say the near future), we will know all that has been kept hidden away like a treasure-filled box.

In the “Now”, let us continue to care for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual “selves” in the ways that SOURCE has provided from “ITS” bounty of natural resources.

This will be strengthening, calming, and grounding as we are further enveloped in LIGHT that is extending to us knowledge and wisdom that may seem absolutely fictitious.

Remember this addage: “The TRUTH is stranger than fiction.” Stay in the LIGHT!

**By Dr Schavi M Ali