The Collective: Staying Connected

Today’s message is an excerpt from the Collective’s new book, New Earth Journeys: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Personal and Global Crises.

The book releases on Amazon on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. The Kindle version is now available for preorder on Kindle. [Print version available soon!]

As with all the Collective’s books, each chapter begins with a question from a Light Bringer, sent in from people from all walks of life, from all around the world. This excerpt is from Chapter 5 – “On Staying in Love, Joy and Wonder.”

QUESTION: My question is about maintaining my connection to God, my fellow Earthlings, and all the magical aspects of existence I’ve been learning about over the past few years.

Though I continue to read, take classes, and learn in order to maintain and continue my expansion of Love, I snap back to fear and smallness as quick as a rubber band.

I have to try so hard to stay high and in touch with Love and joy and wonder.

If I’m not continually putting effort in, I slide back, and life feels hard and dark and scary.

Something tells me there’s an easier way, and I’m hoping you can help me with that.

THE COLLECTIVE: This is an excellent question, particularly in this time! The false old Earth systems are doing all they can to resist the higher Light now. This is so.

Yet the human desire to flow into the Presence of higher Light and stay there, has never been greater!

This conundrum is not always easy to take. It is possible to desire real growth, and to focus on expanding one’s energies to resonate with Divine Love. Yet there are times when the requirements of life now feel too dense and heavy to bear, and sometimes frightening.

We would say, that this is a part of the steeper aspect of your path, and the paths of many millions of others now. You are realizing that you came in to this Earth life with the intention to grow in ways you had not grown in the past.

You came in to overcome the old pitfalls. To forgive old grievances, and end old soul contracts. To release old etheric influences that try to pull you away from your own higher instincts. You desired to know and demonstrate the pure Love of Divinity in everyday life. And yet, the resistance can indeed be great, within as well as without.

Know that the impulse to weigh and measure where you are spiritually is part of the old order.

You will notice a far lighter feeling in your own mind and heart-space, as you release judgment of “how I’m doing” as far as how pure and loving your heart-mind and general mood are at any one time.

Release that habit! Whenever it comes up, smile at it. Go beyond it. The shifts you are experiencing at present are remaking every cell of your being. Allow yourself moments of tiredness, sadness, or insecurity, without judgment. Be kind; be encouraging, as you would be to anyone.

Many struggle now, yet have their eye on a brighter day, dawning deep within them. And so we would ask, Who are you in your most brilliant moments? Those moments when you help a stranger who is struggling in some way, and see the look of relief on their face.

The times when you sit with a loved one who is struggling, and note the purity and nobility of their path, holding that energy in your heart as they spill out how sad and confused they feel. In those moments you are not rushing to remedy the situation, but simply listening, and making room for their own inner Wisdom to come forward. A great gift to them!

Who are you in those moments when you laugh joyfully at a comic, or a friend’s humor (or your own)?

Who are you when you gaze at the night sky and smile and greet your soul family who are in the ships, to tell them you love them, and will see them soon?

Or in those moments when you feel you cannot fully enough express your appreciation for another’s brilliance, or teaching ability, or kindness that never expects to be repaid?

You are, in those moments, your true self—your Angelic aspect, who never seeks to define itself by ego. That aspect who would never dream of scoring itself on how well it’s “measuring up” to some ideal the mind dreamt up long ago.

Basking in the pure Light of Divine Love, you would only think to give Thanks and Appreciation that the path is never-ending. That it can never be finished, so long as there is more to experience, more to experiment with. Something even greater to be or to meet, or to experience.

You would only think to say, “Thank you” to a Universe which never seeks to judge. That All That Is presence which gives back over and over as you give to yourself and others, with full knowledge that Joy can only expand, though it may feel to be asleep at times. Expansion and outer expression are its true nature, its most favorite moment!

To catch on, to magnify, to explore and do more—this is what Joy seeks, and which Love does naturally, without containment.

Your vulnerability is the sensitivity with which you perceive a New Earth being born.

You will not feel Joyful while focusing on the days when you feel to have lost the shine of your own brilliance—days when the path feels to be all uphill. This is part of the experience you came in for. Though you may feel it is a departure from that plan, it is an integral part of it.

If fear or feelings of smallness move in at times, allow them without judgment. Observe where they seem to have come from, without needing to fix or change how you are feeling or thinking at first. In truth, you are a reflecting pool for the beauty and power of the higher realms.

Yet you are also in a human body that is many days tired, uncertain, and most assuredly, trained to react to much stimuli as a potential threat.

Yet this vulnerability is your goldmine, dear one, and must be treated as such. This is the sensitivity with which you perceive a New Earth being born, and a new level of consciousness being created, which not all are yet fully aware of.

This is not an indication that you are not strong enough spiritually, but that you are Spirit itself, and are experiencing what you came in to experience, which is the release of density you feel some days. Not because it defines you, but because it flows through you on its way to being transmuted to something much higher in vibration.

Of course you do not want to be a channel for dense emotion indefinitely, nor is that your main role. Yet understand that in those times when your life feels more difficult than you are comfortable with, you are not losing anything, nor failing anyone. You are doing the job you came in to do: to Ascend your own experience of density, thereby assisting in the Ascension of the planet by anchoring in Her your own growth and expansion, and all the Light your soul can lend to the process.

Most assuredly, life can feel hard and dark and scary, as you say, in these times when the darkness is coming up, to be transmuted into something higher. Or dissolved back into raw energy, and fully released from the Earth and all human systems.

Ascension does not mean that all will stroll about smiling with ease and Joy, and never a problem in the world. It means, for many millions, the opposite of that some days. The pain of this is too much for some, and they have left their physical body one way or another, due to the pressure of releasing and transmuting what they and so many others have carried for so long. Currently, the pain must be felt first, before the shift can come.

Often, it is not a pleasant process. And yet—there is no judgment. Not for those who choose to leave, nor for those who suffer some days, feeling that the weight of this Transformation is simply too much.

Rather than feel that falling into the hard-and-scary energy is a sign of loss of awareness, let it key you in to greater awareness of what you have come in to heal.

It is so that you and humanity are not pirouetting gracefully through the toughest climb a human being can take on. This does not make the miracle of your evolvement any less remarkable, or less beautiful! Look at the years of intense training a dancer must take on, in order to make near-impossible movements look effortless!

Likewise, the modern artist may splash paint upon the canvas in a way that feels to them to be a demonstration of sheer anger or loss. Yet the outcome can be a thing of beauty for all those who admire the honesty of it, who see a resolution—some hidden grace the artist did not at first know was there.

You are the artist, dear one. You are the one to release whatever you are feeling in a way that is positive and alive—through music or movement, journaling, or sharing with another. Through spending time in Nature, in which you see that even the perfection of the changing seasons must bring the barren trees and freezing cold of winter, and the blistering Sun of summer.

You are this, as well as the perfection of spring and its cheerful awakening. Observe how water flows. There may be a great splash when it hits a rock or other encumbrance, yet it still flows easily up and over or around the rocks, because it is the miracle of flow itself.

There is also within you that ability to flow. To return to the Joy of moving with life rather than against it. Yet that will not come from “thinking” your way there. Or by trying to force your heart-space to “lighten up.”

You will need to develop everyday practices that assist you in moving into a calm Peacefulness.

You speak of reading and studying so as to move forward spiritually, and we would say that certainly that is a support to your path. Yet the Peacefulness, Joy, and experience of Divine Love that you seek will not come purely from knowledge or mental focus.

Move into the heart-space each morning, before you fully begin your day, by going into meditation or visualization, or chanting a mantra that speaks to whatever vibration you prefer to move into. There is much online that can assist you with this, and many guided meditations that can bring you to where you begin the day with a focus on calm, rather than a haphazard forward movement that is all about what needs “to get done” that day.

This early morning attention to centering your energies on your higher self presence stands on the fact that the Universe always awaits your focus and attention. That focus is the same as a requestand a requirement that the Universe and your higher self assist you in flowing with the higher energies as your set point—the place you meet the day from.

You are then directing your mind and emotions to flow at a higher vibrational level each day, rather than hoping that no dense thought or feeling will decide your day for you.

In addition to not judging your denser thoughts and emotions, we would also encourage you to seek assistance and support for healing or releasing whatever feels heavy to you. Keep in mind that much of what you feel is not who you really are. Much of this is based on forms of trauma from this and other lives, buried deep within your psyche and spirit.

Much old pain is coming to the surface now at this time of unprecedented Light, to finally be healed.

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan