Animani: Soon We Will Get There

Dear Brothers of this beautiful planet! I am Animani, a Solar Brother!

I come here once again today to bring with me the energies of this new time, the energies of this new cycle for this planet. Thousands of beings of the same origin as mine are coming to this planet at this time to serve as the charging pillars of the grid of planet Earth. We will all do a work together, a work of pure love and much, much joy. This kind of work brings joy not only to us, but to the entire universe. When the planet sets itself on an evolutionary path, an ascensionary path, it is a reason for much joy and much vibration in the universe.

Each being of light, each evolved being receives this little call, as if asking: “Focus your attention on this little blue planet, and send all your love and your vibration to the people of this planet. And this request has already echoed in the universe, and each being of Light that received it (or is still receiving it) is doing his part, sending his unconditional love and all his vibration. And this is all reverberating, through all the lines of the universe and reaching your planet.

The time has come, brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet! The time has come for total release, the time has come for the release of all the blockages, all the veils of forgetfulness, everything that has kept you subdued or apart from the whole process of the universe. Each of you will receive this new cycle differently. Each one of you, within your own path, within your own evolutionary point, will receive that which is proportional to your own soul moment, and each one, it is as if you have known for a long time, will do that which must be done.

No one needs to tell you anything; no one needs to teach you anything, because your souls already know exactly what to do. Every soul incarnated on this planet, at this moment, has been fully guided on what to do and how to do it, at the right moment. So there is no despair, no anxiety, there is only gratitude. That is the feeling, which every single soul on this planet should emanate: Gratitude! Gratitude for being part of it, gratitude for being an important element in such a transformation.

Today this blue planet has billions of inhabitants, everyone is known. Each one is being accompanied at this moment, and each one will follow the trajectory determined by Father/Mother God. It doesn’t matter which being is accompanying you; it could be an angel, it could be a galactic brother, it could be a dragon, it could be a point of Light, it doesn’t matter. Each one of you is duly accompanied by the being that is compatible with your scale of evolution, and it will be up to this being to accompany each one of you on the correct trajectory to be followed. So there is nothing to fear, nothing to be terrified of. There is only trust, there is only surrender, and you will see how everything will happen, as if by magic, without you having to take any action, or seek anywhere, or anyone, for any information.

We are coming, to fulfill our mission. We are fruits of the Great Central Sun, and it is he, his force, that will bring evolution to this planet. Very soon, we will all be here, and we will be properly grounded in the strategic points of the planet for “The Big Day”. Everything is happening very fast. So the time is to let go of meaningless things, of things that bring you nothing. The moment is to look inside, and live everything that enriches your soul, your path.

Forget futilities, forget everything that you have learned, and that today you know is not worth living under those illusions. Get as far away as possible from any and all energies that can tarnish what you are receiving. So as a small exercise, and totally doable and easy for everyone, do the following: You don’t have to look at the Sun; draw a picture, like you do when you are a child, where all the magic of the world attracts you and you like to draw the Sun. Then draw it on a sheet of paper (not to get anything ready-made, to draw on a sheet of paper). Draw a huge sun that takes over the whole sheet. After drawing this sun, paint it a very strong yellow, the most beautiful yellow you can find. This Sun will not be golden, it will be yellow.

After you have painted this sun, draw a small picture, of yourself, right in the center of this sun. It doesn’t matter what this drawing will look like, what is important is that you say: “This little being that I put here represents me. After saying these words, take this sheet of paper and place it, if possible, on the glass of a window so that the daylight (and maybe even the light of the sun itself) can reach the drawing. And leave it there as long as you want. It’s okay if other people touch your drawing, because that being there represents you, nothing will change that.

So feel it, this great Sun surrounding you; not just with heat. Don’t see the heat in this Sun, this Sun is the Light, is the vibration, is everything that is necessary for your evolution at this moment. Do it very calmly, without desperation, without trying to make something so simple, nothing complicated. Go back to being a child and just draw a big sun, and put yourself right in the middle, very small. And you will feel, all the Light that this Sun will push each one of you. Draw it with whatever you want, each in your own way, each creating your Sun. But let it be very yellow, so vibrant yellow, that just by looking at this simple drawing, you will be able to travel through the dimensions.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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