‘Prikspijt’ or ‘Vaccination Regret’ Is Voted 2021 Word Of The Year In The Netherlands

‘Prikspijt’, which translates for ‘regretting getting a vaccination,’ was voted the Word of the Year 2021 in the Netherlands after a social media campaign by famous Dutch dictionary-maker, Van Dale.

From December 7 to December 20, 2021, Dutch can vote for the fifteen nominated words for the Word of the Year 2021. The fifteen nominated words were: booster shot, delta variant, breakthrough infection, influencer, sensitivity reader, cave syndrome, intimacy vacuum, meme share, pandemic, prick polarization, sorry, QR society, vaccination booster, wappie sound, and housing protest.

The word ‘prikspijt’ acquired 40,278 votes (82.2%) of the 49,000 votes cast on the Van Dale website. It is followed by housing protest (3.7%) and then wappie sound (3.6%).

Definition of ‘prikspijt’ : ‘a person regrets having been vaccinated against a particular contagious disease’.

Dutch News reported:

Prikspijt, a new word for regretting getting a vaccination, has been voted Dutch word of the year after a social media campaign, reports dictionary-maker Van Dale. The word had 82.2% of almost 49,000 votes cast, followed by woonprotest (protests about the Dutch housing crisis) and wappiegeluid (a derogatory term applied to coronavirus conspiracy theorists). Van Dale defines prikspijt as ‘a feeling of regret someone has about having been vaccinated against any infectious disease,’

Ton den Boon, editor in chief at Dikke van Dale, told NOS Radio 1 Journaal, that the vote was driven by a Twitter campaign, and that it ‘mirrors the polarisation in society around the vaccination and booster shots’.

As of December 18, the Netherlands has 65.9% received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 8.5% got their booster.

The Netherlands reimposes strict lockdown on Sunday due to fear of the Omicron variants. This means more COVID-19 restrictions over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

**By Jim Hoft


2 Replies to “‘Prikspijt’ or ‘Vaccination Regret’ Is Voted 2021 Word Of The Year In The Netherlands”

  1. Tricia

    Bless you please don’t feel regret for what is already done for it is a trap to lower your vibration. It is not your fault there was a strong mind control campaign to coheres you to do this. Learn to accept the decision you made under whatever circumstance be it fear or sense of duty, and ask for healing from the effects of this jab in the name of Jesus Christ and allow your light to dissolve the ill effects on your body. 🙏💖❤️🙏

    1. Aakeh

      Lower your frequency…. Yes, here in Sweden people for the most have gone from conservatism to fear. Fear is under communism (treasury).
      Try EFT to counter you low tuning.