The Arcturians: Your Part In Peace On Earth

Dear Ones,

The message we have for you today is a message of celebration. We know for many of you this week ends with the celebration of Christmas. And there have been other celebrations and will be other celebrations to end your year. Use this time to show your ability to spread goodwill, spread cheer. You buy your gifts, you do your shopping online. You let people in traffic, you hold doors for people. And they can see the smile in your eyes. They can feel the warmth in the cards they open.

And yet, as you spread this cheer you do not recognize that it comes from within yourself or you would not be able to spread it. You would not have it to give. For the coming year, the focus will be on your ability to feel compassion. The ability to give of yourself. Your ability to find the strength to continue to work through the things that are difficult for you – the tasks that you need to complete. And this is for a purpose. And the purpose is that you need to see that you have within yourself the ability to do anything you set your mind to.

Now we know there are still troubles many of you are dealing with. You are feeling still restricted, still controlled, still unable to feel your full freedom. But we would tell you – you do still have the ability to feel free – if you allow yourselves to feel it. And we would recommend that in order to feel this freedom in the coming year, you use your ability to create things you want to see in the world, ways you want to feel in the world, and ways you want to be in the world. And you do this by pulling up these abilities from within and bringing them forth into the world.

You are the ones who create peace on earth. And there is no one who can stop you from creating this peace. There is no illness, there is no control that can stop you – if you all start where you are. It seems like a small thing to do – to do a tiny act in the little town where you live, in the countryside where you live, in the city where you live. One act does not seem like much. But when all of you are creating what you want on the small level you can see that the impact is very, very large.

And so, we wish for the coming year that you focus on your abilities and you bring them forth into the world and make that your focus rather than what you cannot do, what you feel you are not allowed to do. Because the truth is you are free and you are able. So where you are free and able, use those abilities and they will spread. And you will see big changes coming.

We look forward to seeing what you create with your abilities in the coming year.

And we thank you.

**Channel: Amanda Shertzer 


One Reply to “The Arcturians: Your Part In Peace On Earth”

  1. Douglas A James

    Nice but we are at war! Dumbs being cleared .. children jabbed w bioweapons what the heck are the Arcturians talking about let’s talk about liberating earth from Draco’s chimera greys and then their minions .. enough thinking let’s see real surface action no planet no species has had to deal with this type of darkness to ascend from 3 to 5D ever. Now we mass meditated it’s time for galactics to kick some ass!