Saint Germain: Violet Flame Journey

Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet! I am Saint Germain!

I want to be here with you today, with much affection and much love. We are beginning a new cycle on this planet, a cycle of intense Light, a cycle of great truths, a cycle of transformation of the consciousnesses of this planet. Do not fear anything or anyone. You are all being enveloped in an immense atmosphere of great love and great Light. There is nothing to fear. The atmosphere on this planet is filled with beings of very high vibration, who are at this moment vibrating Light, vibrating love, and vibrating joy for the liberation of this planet.

Very soon a new time will begin, where everything will happen like dominoes. There is no stopping, no extinguishing, no going back. From the moment the awakening happens, all the concomitant processes will begin. Don’t fear, don’t be afraid, just be aware that anything can happen in retaliation; anything can happen, to prevent what is going to happen. But nothing, nothing will succeed. Anything done to stop the process from happening, will be overturned.

Never in the history of this planet have so many enlightened activities been planned to happen at the same time. So no matter how much the enemies, I’m going to call them this so that you understand, whatever the enemies try to do, nothing will succeed. Because the energy that is on this planet, and that will become stronger every day, will no longer harbor actions against it; it will only harbor actions that make this planet and its people grow, become enlightened, and free.

So fear nothing. All that is contrary will be born and die quickly. And each one who is the author of the actions, will receive his own harvest. It won’t be us who will judge him, it won’t be us who will punish him; his own harvest will quickly reverberate against him. So you need to be very attentive to everything that happens. Know how to discern who is right from who is wrong. Know how to discern who is of the Light and who is not. Know how to discern who will be spreading love and who will not.

The actions will be quick and concrete, we don’t need to do anything under the covers for you to accept what is coming. Everything will be done openly and transparently. How will you receive everything? That is a problem that you will have to deal with. Either you will trust everything we have said for so long, or you will simply doubt everything. It will be up to you to find the answer, it will be up to you to bring the feeling into your heart, the truth or the lie.

The Journey of the Violet Flame is going in a very interesting way, where many of you have lost count of how many times you have restarted, and you are finding it wonderful. So that’s exactly the purpose, is for each one of you to find your moment, to find your way, your way of doing the journey, but to do it in a deep way, in a very overwhelming way.

We have passed the first milestone, and soon, very soon, we will have another milestone. For those who have made it this far, not because they were better than anyone else, they made it because their own journeys led them to it. And more and more the milestones will become smaller, less spaced out. But I would say to each one of you, there is no hurry, no time limit, no rush to finish the journey. You have to do it with your heart, you have to do it with depth. This is the great intention of this journey.

So from now on, starting today, the meeting that takes place on Wednesdays will no longer happen. You are already sufficiently clear about what to do. Then nothing more will be said about the journey. There is no point in us repeating the same thing in every meeting and many of you continuing to respond without understanding, even putting more doubts in the minds of others. So when I have to tell you something, I will come this way, no longer as a meeting. The meetings are closed.

Contact with me doesn’t need the meeting to happen. Questions about the teachings are for you to call me. So the fact that there is the meeting doesn’t change anything. Milestones will be set when they need to be set, but the meetings are over. This journey will continue for a good part of next year, it will still be a long one. And I can tell you that it could still be changed, it will depend a lot on how things turn out.

The main purpose is to let you know the teachings, and they will continue regardless. The daily reading of the decrees will continue, until each one of you reaches the end. The chapters will continue to be published, the meditations will continue to be published, only the meetings are over. Now, the rules I can change at any time. I am the one who created them, so I can change them. Everything will depend on the progress of the process. Wait for further instructions. Everything continues as it is, and whenever I need to, I will be here informing you of something new.

So once again, the meetings are over. I wouldn’t say that they have become unnecessary, I would say that you are not ready to listen with your heart, you keep hearing what we say with your mind. So for that you don’t need meetings. Maybe in the future, way in the future, the meetings will come back. Not for now. I will leave you with everything that has been said so far, anything extra, I will communicate to you. Continue the journey, each one at his or her own point. And I assure you, in the end, you will not regret it.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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