New Year’s Resolution Stones

Most of us set goals for the New Year on some level of our lives: New job, Lose weight, Get healthy, new love, more money, etc. But somehow, by the end of January, those goals appear no longer important in our lives. (I know my resolutions are usually gone by the 3rd of January!) And so, here are some stones that will help you see your goal, aid you in keeping on track so you can experience that fabulous end result.

Find the stones you need in the category list below as a guide to your inner desires.


Brown Tiger Eye: A chatoyant gemstone, this stone will give you the courage to speak to your boss(es), department heads, or those in authority for the raise that you so well deserve. This stone will encourage you to be strong inward so as not to be intimidated by this process, to be precise and detailed in your speaking, and to prove/show your skills that you are the best person for the job.

Moonstone: Its name is derived from a visual effect, or sheen, caused by light reflecting internally in the moonstone from layer inclusion of different feldspars.  If you have a dream job in mind, the moonstone will keep you focused towards this goal. It will aid in you finding the most suitable training or schooling, and guide you to the connections – Company or Business – to fulfill your dream.

Yellow Quartz: So you only want a job, not a career? Well this stone is a great one to carry with you when you are ‘pounding the pavement.’  It will keep you focused on your task for your needs. It will keep you refreshed so you can present a good first impression. It will keep you grounded upon the interview. It will help you land that fun job, or the second needed job, or a start-up job for those beginning their work world.


Red Jasper: Brick red in color, use this stone to attract love. This stone will aid you in looking for the perfect mate, and not to settle for second best. The Red Jasper helps put those pheromones out into the world, to let those interested know that you are too!

Rhodonite: This pink manganese inosilicate mineral asks: do you want your relationship to be more desirable? The Rhodonite will help deal with issues that is putting your relationship in danger mode. With this stone by your side, you can speak your feelings, relay your desires, compromise, become compassionate and understanding…all that needs to come forth for a better, more loving, more suitable relationship. Please note: this stone is good for a friendship relationship, as well as for a love relationship.


Chrysocolla: This stone will keep you focused on the perfect route to increase your finances. Be it a new job, investments, real estate, IRAs, or a number of other money advancements and enhancements. It will guide you to the respective people/councilors, information and/or businesses whose job it is to accumulate assets for others.

Aventurine: A green quartz mineral with inclusions that give a shimmering or glistening effect termed aventurescence. This stone is a good stone to keep with you during entertainment of money games. Perhaps you are interested in the lottery, are a professional poker player, are in a state/country with casino gambling, or you just want to join in Sunday night Church Bingo. Take a piece of Aventurine with you for the gains you are hoping for.

Green Moss Agate: This mineral is a semi-precious dark green with white veined gemstone formed from silicon dioxide. Do you like to save money? Me too. This stone is a wonderful stone to keep you focused on a goal which requires saving your funds. If you are wanting a nest egg, a new vehicle, TV set, new home…this stone will aid in your saving abilities to keep the funds for your goal, and not ‘sneak’ out a few dollars here and there. Please note that this stone will keep you strict and rigid in your savings, so set a goal for the needed funds, not just to horde your every cent, or, the latter could happen all too easy, leaving you without monies for bills and necessities. No need to be a Scrooge with your finances.


Kyanite: This pretty blue silicate mineral, is a great stone for those who want to lose weight, but on a healthy level of loss. This stone will keep your mind frame on small, reachable goals. This stone will keep your goals in sight, even if you do have extra food now and then. The Kyanite is an encouraging weight loss stone, as it reminds you that you didn’t gain the weight overnight, you can’t take it off overnight either, so, time is your best weight loss partner, as well as healthy eating and exercise.

Blue Lace Agate: Blue lace agate is one of the most popular of the agates, in its gentle bands of light blue. It is a good stone to keep on your person when you want or need to gain good health. This stone will guide you to more acceptable nutrition; aid you in finding a suitable exercise program, help you seek the needed doctor or specialist, and help you talk to the therapist or counselor that will bring forth good physical or mental health, for a better quality of life.


Rose Quartz: If you are planning a solo vacation or with immediate family, the Rose Quartz will be an aid in preparation down to the last detail so important supplies or items will not  be forgotten. Think of the Rose Quartz as the proverbial ‘string around your finger.’

Sodalite: This stone aids in emotional health while traveling. It will halt fears of flying, and keep the anxiousness of sea or car sickness at bay. It will impede claustrophobia from riding in trains, planes, busses or vehicles. If your adventures take you snow or water skiing, riding horses, or braving a dizzying carnival ride, Sodalite will relieve any new and unfamiliar movements from putting a damper on your travels and/or entertainment.


Bloodstone: If you are desiring any type of vehicle, or house, or a business building, the Bloodstone is the mineral to aid in achieving these goals.

Amazonite: For investment gains including purchasing stocks, art, jewelry, a race horse or race car, sports team etc. the Amazonite will help you realize your desires.

Nephrite Jade: This stone keeps you aware of the abundance you are seeking as it dispels fear that you are not worthy of such high dreams, bolsters confidence in achieving your dreams, and stimulates mental focus and clarity on exactly what you want, not settling for second best, and also aids in banishing any obstacle put in your way. Nephrite Jade is a high power stone in assuring your success for any material gains and assets.


Clear Quartz: If there are other goals (or the ones stated above) that you would like to set and see come to fruition, the Clear Quartz will aid you in this endeavor. Due the this mineral being clear, it will keep your mind frame free of clutter, so you can bring forth all that needs to be done in order of achieving any desired end result.