Developing Our Creative Potential

Infinite consciousness is available to us in every moment. This we have not believed, and our connection has become dim. We have partially cut off the flow of our life force, which has caused our vitality to drop. We have aligned our vibratory level with negative, low-vibrational consciousness. We have lost our Self-Realization to the human spectrum of experience, because we have not believed that we can open our awareness beyond the energetics of this realm. To move beyond, we can take an inner journey into our deepest consciousness.

Deep realization and understanding happens when we open our awareness and drop our attachment to our physical body and everything else. We can recognize ourselves as pure self-conscious awareness. In this state, we can express ourselves as pure potential, life-enhancing vibrations. Our intuition is our point of awareness of our infinite consciousness.

If we can be aware of the polarity and vibrations of everyone and everything we encounter, we can become more sensitive to our own intuitive guidance. Our intuition will align us with the polarity and frequency patterns of our true Self. With attachments and beliefs, this cannot happen, because they overwhelm our intuitive knowing and greater awareness. Once we resolve our self-imposed limitations, we are free to live loving and compassionate lives in abundance and eternal, infinite knowing. We become masters in every situation, because we can intentionally align ourselves with the conscious life flowing out of the Creator. This is the Source consciousness that creates our body and enlivens us. It is creatively and unconditionally loving, while expressing all possible vibrations and vibratory patterns of all of the electromagnetic waves enveloping us. It is awaiting our recognition and modulation through thoughts and emotions.

In every moment we are the creators of our lives. We have been mostly unintentional creators, primarily from our subconscious, but we can change that, once we recognize our true identity and abilities. We enter the higher frequencies, because we have had enough experience in the lower ones to know that we prefer love over fear. We can intentionally align with kindness and compassion. When we seek our intuitive guidance, we become aware of it, because it is always present. This is the path for our own inner journey to infinity.

**By Kenneth Schmitt