Our Inner Work Part 3; From 3D To 4D And 5D

On January 3, 2022, at 17:28 CET, the Galactic Committee transmitted another information about the Transition to 4D and a brief assessment of the current situation on Earth.

Galacom focused its info on the topic that Co-Creators now consider the most important for earthlings – on the factors necessary for entering and staying in 4D.


Co-Creators remind us that admission to 4D is possible not just if there is no karma in us. The key factor is that we never produce it again by our thoughts, feelings, and actions because in the fourth dimension it does not exist at all and should not appear.

The fact that almost 2 billion incarnated Souls entered the fourth-density after December 21, 2021 (albeit with some returning to 3D) fully confirmed that this has ALREADY become real.

In 3D, we had to continue our inner work so that the next attempt(s) will be successful. We will still be driven by an increase in the vibrations of Earth and the entire space to 5D. Cosmic Day is coming (the Earthly equivalent is summer), and it does not depend on us whether we like it or not.

To better understand our homework, we must remember that karma is a multifaceted concept.

Karma is formed when we violate the Laws of the Greater Cosmos with our deeds and thoughts, and commit crimes against the Universe, against Humanity.

Usually, it leads to a critical drop in our vibrations, to the culmination of distortions. This results in a mutation of the Light substance which makes up our Causal shell (one of the energy bodies).

Our Causal Body becomes covered with muddy spots, similar to rust, and ceases to pass the Source’s Radiation to the physical corpus to feed it with Creator’s Vital Energy. We begin to get sick and die.

The coefficient of entropy (i.e. of chaos and uncertainty) increases – our personal, as well as the aggregate, of the entire Universe, since we are one with it, we are part of the whole.

Of course, there are many nuances.

Sometimes, our Higher Self dumps a part of the Monadic Karma (Karma of the Higher Self) on our Causal Body. Such karma exists too.

When a person evolves to a state where he doesn’t have a division into Monadic and Causal Bodies, but there is a single body of the Monad’s manifestation, then the karma-forming actions of a man (embodied in 3D) lead to mutation of the Monad, accumulation of karma of the Higher Self. And this is very serious!

Since there is no karma in 4D and can’t be, all those who pass into the fourth dimension must be in a state where they simply cannot form a karmic mutation, a critical distortion of the Causal Body.

But what will happen if we still commit a karmic act? The Greater Cosmos and its Laws are not so easy to deceive. Yes, and we must not try it, but just live, think and act correctly.


Let us all remember this! There is simply no other way out in this situation. Now all those who have rolled back in 3D are cleansing of residual karma. After that, Karma Lords will conduct them according to the protocol of restructuring the Causal Body and bringing it to a state of impossibility to form karma. To trail breakers, it remains only to keep their state of Spirituality, and everything will be fine.

Perhaps the instantaneous working out of karma by the physical body without comprehension and full awareness of the reasons is not the best solution. But for the earliest explorers, it’s the only possible one for the Transition period until March 23, 2022.

In the future, the format will be different, wiser. It has been tested on Lightwarriors for a long time. Its principle is that if we have committed a karmic act, then we just have to, at least, correct what we have done. To eliminate the harm, the distortion that we have caused to the Universe, being one with it.

In this variant, Karma Lords (or our Higher Selves) introduce a distorted segment of space into the field of our heart, into our Subtle Bodies, where we must restore it and return it to an undistorted state of Light. After complete rehabilitation, the segment is output externally in original quality.

In the New Local Universe, in its Matrix, such a self-organizing algorithm for maintaining General Harmony is previewed. That is, over time, the functions of Karma Lords will be fully taken over by people and other Intelligence forms.

Everyone can be advised to live correctly, in Harmony with the Universe, the world around, and themselves.

In the second message (dated January 2 at 15:49), the Galactic Committee briefly assessed the events on Earth at the beginning of 2022.

The overall situation is getting more complicated. The main battles are now taking place on a Subtle Plane. Only their echoes reach 3D Earth. Little is currently being decided on the planet for the success of the Light Forces battle in other dimensions.

The main burden in the 3D world fell on the vanguard of humanity. Elementals and forces of Nature also participate in the events. There is a new global balance of power.

Winter will bring surprises. Their impact will be different for biorobots, possessed, Soulless, on the one hand, and living humanity, on the other.

Galacom will continue to keep a sharp eye on the events, and as changes occur, decide how to respond to them.

The External Management of Earth has completely waded through innumerable planetary energies. It better understands now the Earth’s possibilities and circumstances to solve emerging problems quickly and effectively.

Co-Creators will do everything to preserve Earth, its connection with the Pleroma, and with the peaceful, highly moral civilizations of the Galaxy. With all cosmic races, where Spirituality, Morality, Love, and Light

**By Lev