Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: The Matrix

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and currently working with the Earth Council for the ascension of the earth.

We see that your blood is flowing, along with the blood of the earth, to preserve its integrity and to protect itself from that which is not. Your bodies have been assaulted for a long time. And your lives have been programmed and controlled to the fullest extent by the dark ones who would harvest you.

No wonder I have been fully focused for these many years on the earth! We proclaim today that you will never ever be harvested again! The dark ones are being dealt with and many have already been removed. We have big plans for the earth and a wonderful new planet coming into creation for all who live on her. The days of agony and despair will soon be a thing of the past. It is time to let go of the horrendous ways life on earth and how she has been treated. It is over!

You will soon become aware of the mysteries of your own bodies, as well as, that of the earth. You are the light brigade who are activating your powerful multi-dimensional selves. Upon doing this, you are also working with the planet to become her fully awakened self. What a powerful combination! This is why you were specifically chosen to be on the earth at this time. Your light, consciousness, love, energy, healing and beautiful hearts, are bringing this great awakening.

In the beginning of this new year 2022 you are already being shocked with information! In fact, you could be shaken to the core. You are clearly learning that life is not the way you thought it was due to the fact  that you have been living in a false reality called “the matrix.” You are awakening to the truth that some people you thought were good are bad and that some people you thought were bad are good! Many organizations will prove to be untrustworthy and even horrific!

What happens next is that you will take your power back as divine spiritual beings on beloved mother earth. The past will dissolve and in the future life will be light infused in beauty, joy, happiness, abundance, peace, freedom and all good things. You truly deserve this goodness!

Tomorrow is a new day. You will be divinely guided through the morass of possibilities for your new lives. We will be working with you joyfully to provide what we have to share to make your lives better and easier. We will enjoy getting to know you. Have fun and celebrate you and the new earth.

I lovingly say goodbye for now. I am Mira, your galactic friend.

**Channel: Valerie Donner


16 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: The Matrix”

  1. Douglas A James

    No more soon…now!! Meditations and petitions signed over 144k we called now let’s get this done

  2. Bill

    Remember to always look and see whose “channeling” these messages in order to better avoid the baloney in the future.

  3. Daedalus

    Heres my friendly advice to any “Pleiadeian channeling” out there.

    Stop feeding hopium to people – it doesnt help. It more backfires than it helps in any way.

    Everytime you say “soon”, the only who will believe are those who desperately want to cling onto hopium or those who have “amnesia” and forget that every year up to now is “soon”. You create self-disempowering scenarios by putting hopium forward.

    So, instead of peddling hopium around … just tell people to observe their internal feelings and compare to outside happenings and find a correlation in between. And everyone is unique regarding that.

    Theres nothing else to point out. Critical happenings will ultimately occur, but when and how they will unfold, is in constant flux to humans here.

    1. Susla

      Speak for yourself. Hope is essential. Not to hope is to die. I have long experience in this. Hopelessness is death (living death).

      Further more, your hopeless vibrations create and attract more of the same, hoplessness and bad stuff.

      Hope is a high vibration, and create and attract more of the same, good stuff.

      I.e. Person has cancer. Doctor: You will die in 6 weeks. NOT helpful.
      A person with hope can live years after they should have been dead.

      A study found that some mouse was drowning after 15 minutes in a bowl of water. They was liftet up, and dried, and still alive. After short while put in bowl again, they kept swimming for 60 hours!!! – because of hope of being resqued. I hope they did, as this was a sad experiment in my opinion.

      Sun Tzu said a war was won before is began. The mind has to believe, as that believe create the outcome.

      1. Daedalus

        You do realize that false hope creates a situation where only more people get agitated and feel more helpless, ultimately ? This is perfectly shown already with majority of so called “love and light” community, where living in ignorant fake “bliss” is more attractive than facing a truth head on.

        A brunt and plain truth is always better than comforting lie, because with comforting lies one cannot start healing and get resolutions. Comforting lies only postphone the need for truth, and thats not beneficial. Truth will always come out, but more one postphones it, the more drastic it become ultimately in its realization to the individual.

        I havent said “you should be hopeless”. I have said – take the truth, no matter how straight and painful it is… because this is the only right outcome that will anyways occur.

  4. John Sutter

    We will never be harvested again? Thanks for letting us be harvested all this time. I doubt I’ll last 2022; I don’t see much reason to even want to continue, but at least I’ll know the Pleiadeans won’t let let us be harvested again.

    1. Franciely

      I understand you very well. It gives the impression that everything has turned into a bunch of bullshit, most of these channels are not true… then they say go inside and you find your peace. But at least for me that hasn’t worked until today because I don’t feel any peace coming from inside me, just anguish and despair. Many times I also wish very much not to be in the physical body anymore here in 3D, it has been too painful and these cleanings that have been happening seem like an endless hell. What we need to feel is an avalanche of inner peace that would help us get through these challenges.

    2. Susla

      This is a war. Pull your self together 😉
      A war cannot be won with poor me mentality (Please know that I used to have a lot of poor me going on, but I was unable to see it for more than 10 years).

      In all honest I was too, tired some time ago, but I will not let them win. I am stronger. My light is stronger than their darkness.

      In my country I now see the truth getting “airtime” in papers and news. The dark ones cannot kept their secrets hidden anymore. I also see it in USA (Biden sinking etc.). In UK the dark hats used to have biiig biiig power, so maybe still a good stronghold. But UK better than Australia and Canada and Netherlands IMO.

      2022 will be way way better than last 2 years, I just feel it.

  5. Malissa

    Planetary time waves

    Closer & Closer we all row to the center Core

    Go Forward Within ur HigherSoLiteSelf

    Comfort Peace Joy Harmony

    This Hellogram fractionating SOON Desolve

  6. human.a.i. iz evil

    I agree aloha.hows the Hawaii marshal law?Many dracos evicted,traitor cannibals arrested,d.u.m.b.d. bombed??Theorionlines.org thecamelotprojectportal peterdavidbeter kim goguen ascensionglossary.com truth11.com richardlighthouse.com officeoftheworldteacher.o david marshall.org royalrife.org dr.huldaclark.org linuspaulinginstitute.org exopolitics.blog truthbits.blog blackgoo thorium morphic field Urantia book LawofOneSociety.org RA Lemuria Ur Shan Mars base Supersoldiers are real as are clones and synthetics.Chair of Destiny pirtals Montauk Babies programmable dna solfeggio 528. Shalom peace namaste

  7. Wanderer

    “The days of agony and despair will soon be a thing of the past.”

    Soon, very soon.
    These words I’ve been reading for ages now, but what has changed ever since, changed to the worse.
    So, when is “soon”? When will “soon” happen? In a few days, years, or decades? How long will we continue reading “soon”? Until the end of Never?

    I only dare to ask.


    1. Susla

      Beginning of 2022 she say. Others say that too.
      I sense that many more are now questioning the big circus show of Co19-20-21, in my country, in papers and news, I know the wind of changes are here.

      And I do agree soon has been used for 10 years at least.