Ashtar: Storm Update

Turn off your smart meters, folks. They work in tandem with the DEWs to burn your homes. Word also is that the 5G is helping to create these fires as well. By the way, you can still get internet that’s not 5G. I do.

James Gilliland: The social engineering and cognitive dissonance of the masses was underestimated along with the depth of infiltration. Unfortunately, it will take some real hard lessons to shake many of the socially engineered out of their denial.

Free will must be honored. This is why you are still seeing heinous acts like Directed Energy Weapons being used, fires in the middle of winter in frozen snow-covered mountains, steel melting (which is impossible under normal conditions), a stepping up in chemtrails, psychotronics, and other actions to silence the awakened and the awakening. There are the lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, and extreme population control measures. This will persist until the people awaken, rise and resist. Far too many people are still participating in these draconian measures (willingly or in ignorance), and lack the courage and integrity to stop participating. This is why the harsh lessons continue.

Simon Parkes reported that Big Ben, the large clock tower on the British Parliament Buildings, did not chime on New Year’s. This could have many interpretations, even such that the British Parliament is no longer alive. This could also be indicative that the global British Commonwealth is dead, because it is. The Queen is dead and her son Charlie is not interested in the crown. Why? Because there’s no power in the crown anymore, and because his brother Andrew will soon draw a lot of negative attention to the royal family. I don’t think it’s by chance that Prince William and Prince Harry chose more down scaled lifestyles, choosing to live more like the rest of us than their elders. I believe even at that time, the royals were aware that the jig was up. None of this is happening by surprise for them.

Besides, after murdering the unfortunate lightworker that got incarnated into this family, Diana, who obviously was there to expose to the world what was up with them, I’m sure the Alliance did not take that lying down. The weekend I found out she’d died I literally cried for days. Upon being asked by someone later on who was awake why I was so upset over her death, I said I didn’t know. But I did know. It wasn’t just that she was a breath of fresh air injected into their putrid system, I knew at a soul level that they had just murdered another lightworker. Just like they rigged 9/11, tried to kill President Reagan, murdered President Kennedy and have tried to assassinate President Trump. They got two of his clones, the real Trump is still alive. The Light is learning and adapting. We have to get it right this time, because there will be no more chances.

So, Ashtar, do you have anything to tell us on Diana?

Ashtar: Hello Sharon. Hello viewers. As for Diana, the link to the Alliance was her body guard, Trevor Reese-Jones. Diana did not grow up understanding who she was, it was Jones who schooled her. As they spent much time together, they did end up having an affair however they did not have any children together as is speculated. Prince Harry is Charles’ son.

Diana was indeed a starseed who was born into a black nobility family and she was destined to become a royal through her acquaintance with other nobility families. Her marriage to Charles was partially arranged, however she was fond of him. Of course, he had Camilla so it was only an act on his part and something he did for duty’s sake. The royals cannot love. Their frequency is too low. For this reason, they entertained the idea of new breeding in the family and allowed their sons to mate outside of royal choice. This, of course, led to many problems, starting with Diana. They continually underestimate humans, thinking they have such control over your minds you could not possibly object to them. They are fascinated by their own arrogance, and believe everyone else to be as well.

Me: LOL My father sure wasn’t. He couldn’t stand them. I know he was telling my mother about what was going on even back then.

Ashtar: Diana was connected to white nobility families after her introduction to Reese Jones. She began to understand what it was she was to do and of course, this made her nervous.

Me: Yes, poor thing. Knowing what they were and how they saw humanity and having to live that huge lie they were living right there along with them. Wow! What a task.

Ashtar: She was murdered by Prince Philip Mountbatten who simply wanted her “out of the way,” and it was done in typical mafia style, made to look like an accident. There is symbology in the date of her death.

Me: What was the point of putting there?

Ashtar: To bring down the British Monarchy and to reveal to all in the world the truth of it. The Alliance has had many come to lead in the monarchies as well as in politics who have tried to open the eyes of the people. Diana failed in this task, however Reese Jones is still alive and is safe in hiding for now. He will reveal her story to the public.

Me: That’ll be interesting. Can’t wait!

Ashtar: Yes, it will be. The sons are of mixed loyalties and can’t be depended on to inform the public.

Simon Parkes is expecting his Zim funding by the looks of it, very shortly. Within the next two weeks, by the looks of it.

Ashtar, Why did President Trump change his speech day from the 6th to the 8th or 15th of January?

Ashtar: For the same reason he changes other dates – it makes it less easy for plans to be made to kill him. He has also changed many things such as walking away from the presidency, telling people to go home when they came to capitol hill, and this was to protect them from the rumors the deep state would circulate about them. He was aware of the false flag they had cooked up, and protected the people by telling them to leave capitol hill.

Me: Yes, I see that the first hit I get is Microsoft News, which is incredibly biased against him. Apparently Trump has set up an insurrection last year on January 6… yeah, that’s actually funny.

From Microsoft News: ‘On Tuesday night, Trump took to his non-Twitter to announce: “In light of the total bias and dishonesty of the January 6th Unselect Committee of Democrats, two failed Republicans, and the Fake News Media, I am canceling the January 6th Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday.” Instead, he will discuss “many of those important topics” he intended to touch on during the address at a rally scheduled in Arizona on January 15. ‘

I love the way they diss him because he can’t have a twitter account. So what? They kicked me off too and I don’t care. People really need to stop falling for their superficialities. They’re so easy to see through.

Simon Parkes reports: “The three big corporations: the Corporation of America, the Corporation of the Vatican and the Corporation of the City of London, all are dead now, Parkes reports. Davos climate change conference is cancelled due to lack of funds. They’re being starved of money.”

Me: What about Jerusalem? I know there are the big three but the Zionists are in this as well.

Ashtar: They are the last we’re seeking.

Me: How do we take them down? We got the religion, the money and the military arm of the Globalists, what do the Zionists represent?

Ashtar: The morals… they’re the brains of the whole outfit. The Zionists, as you know, are spread across the entire world. America, Europe, Russia… they fund the mafia style operations of the Deep State. Yes, they’re the bankers. These bankers live all over, though, not just in Israel. You’ll see the Middle East is working at a peace treaty, and this includes Israel. There are many white nobility families in the area that are brokering deals with the Zionists … yes, peace deals, Sharon.

Me: Why? Why not just arrest them?

Ashtar: They still have power, Sharon. They let it be known that there will be consequences, which they can make good on, if they are arrested. It was important to get the puppets first before the puppeteers. The puppeteers are still in charge of much, particularly corporations, and the media as well as some military.

Me: Okay. So they still have to barter with them to make peace. What if they don’t want to make peace? I think I’ve heard that about them anyway.

Ashtar: Then they set a trap for themselves. It will be difficult to get weapons and an army when all the rest of the world is opposed to the idea. Remember, all countries are working towards GESARA compliance. We have the right people in power and the ones who are DS have capitulated. This is why you’re seeing such a great exit from businesses, corporations, television, movies, but politics basically looks the same as it always has: because they are capitulating to us.

France saying it has a new variant.

Ashtar: Eventually, nobody will pay attention. What will happen is, yes, unfortunately, you will have a die off from the vaccines. However, people will stop dying even of the vaccines.

Me: How is that possible?

Ashtar: The Light, the higher Light will protect all of those of higher frequency. The vaccines are evil; they cannot work above a certain frequency which you are quickly approaching. Dr Faucci knows this. Also, people will hear about hydroxy chloraquine and other solutions that will help to guard against the virus.

You see, people still believe that there is a viral problem. They believe it is the virus they should guard against. When these actual solutions become more available, either through black market or through alternative sellers, then they will turn to these rather than vaccines.

Me: But they’re saying we can’t work unless we get jabbed.

Ashtar: Then people will stop working and find other ways to live. America is headed for an economic collapse. Even Canada is lacking some things in the grocery stores but the States is far ahead of where you are. They have many shortages and now not enough staff to staff businesses. With the QFS up and running, dispensation of the St Germain funds will be able to help them. When these funds are paid out, bosses demanding compliance with mandates will be put out of business.

Me: I love that!

New Matrix movie, Matrix 4 will load you with etheric tags and implants. Don’t recommend you watch this.

Ashtar: They have many ways of mind numbing you. You must suspect all technology right now.

Parkes seems to be saying that we can expect fresh elections, presumably U.S. Elections, he didn’t specify within 3 or 4 months. With the quantum system which is now the dominant financial system with the Corporation of America having declared bankruptcy on December 31 (and the Fiat American dollar thereby having no value any longer) fair elections can be processed, he seems to think. However, he has noted that the deep state is still alive and have some tricks up their sleeve and so I’m sure they’ll try to hit the election in some way. I’m guessing they may well put in a candidate and attempt to falsify election results like they did in 2020.

By the way has anyone else noticed that the G8 countries that predominate world politics were also the predominant countries fighting in World War 2? Yes, how about that, eh?

There is a large push by the Deep State now because of our resistance. Many are expecting retribution for the progress we’ve made so far so make sure you keep your homes stocked and have money on hand.

Parkes says that he and Charlie Ward were sent letters by youtube, telling them that their lifetime bans were reversed and they can now be on youtube again.

I’m not sure that this is really the good news Parkes thinks it is, because they’ll still shadow ban them. I have only 7,000 followers on my youtube account after five years of being on there, I’m expecting my Rumble account will surpass that quickly.

By the way, Betty White apparently isn’t as “white” as she’s been made out to be. She is a long time Hollywooder, so you know what that means. Of course there are video’s and shows with many accolades to White’s career, but I think they love tricking us into idolizing their demons.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart


10 Replies to “Ashtar: Storm Update”

  1. Phillis Stein

    I’d like to say that, in my view, it would be preferable for us to spend less time judging others and more time working on ourselves.

  2. Susan

    Right there with you. Get the feeling this person is a wanna be who hasn’t done the inner work, not a clear channel.

    1. Daedalus

      Well, sounds like Reddit, prefferably some politically heated group is for you … not this site.

      Even at this point, today … we have incredible “specimens” like you, thinking that vast majority of Democrats and majority of Republicans are separate opposite entities and not a part of Cabal’s Uniparty. Even more, thinking that “their side” is the right one.


  3. John Sutter

    The moment you see someone referring to Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward you know this is not some Pleiadean speaking. Charlie Fraud and Simon Parkes are a couple of goofball phonies. Charlie Fraud has uttered absolutely hysterically ridiculous lies and predictions, as well as this Simon Parkes. These two men are hucksters, conmen trying to hustle a buck out of the gullible.

      1. Carolyn Jones

        I’m English, as they are, and can read these clowns like a book. Ward is an ex bag man, used to deliver money for low level criminals and learnt enough about spirituality to run a con. Most of his insider intel came from Utsava, who was herself a delusional con artist.

        Simon Parkes is a deeply unintelligent individual, fooled by Ward and just about pulling off a cult leader role with his collective consciousness group. He wasn’t a very good driving instructor and was a town councillor in Whitby. If you don’t know what a town councillor is in the U.K. it is basically a very low level role that people get elected to, to be involved in local building development applications. It’s a job nobody wants unless they want to feel like they are “in charge” which is basically what he’s doing again with his CC group.

        Neither are government assets they are both too thick to work for the government, but they are useful idiots when it comes to promoting lies from the DS.

    1. Daedalus

      Thats correct, lol.

      I mean, how many times can one be wrong in their “predictions” and people still following what they say, like a blind sheep ?

      People should start watching at their inner selves – not some hopium peddlers. Its their responsibility for themselves.