Be The Change You Want To See In The World; Reading For 2022

My heart lifted on turning over this beautiful card for 2022 which contains so much helpful advice about how to approach this new year.

Let’s have a look at the element first. She is a Princess of the earth, and so she highlights the planet, money, your body and its health, your job, food, home, and all the practical resources you make use of in your daily life.

She tells you that at this time you stand on the threshold of major changes and new beginnings in these matters, and you are pregnant (as the swelling belly of the Princess shows) with the potential of that. I say you because although I do believe this card speaks of global possibilities, she also points to the fact that we are all individually responsible for manifesting these changes in each of our domestic spheres – on our own little patch of earth.

So this year, I’m delighted to say, we’re in the early stages of evolving new approaches to all the things we’ve seen spotlighted as major issues for human survival right now: food production, financial management and distribution of wealth, personal security and health, the care of our planet and right use of her resources. And how can you contribute to this most effectively?

Allow Spirit to inspire

The figure is standing within a sacred grove of trees and if you look carefully you can see the rising slopes of a mountain behind her. She holds a staff in her hand with a powerful, bright crystal on the end which she embeds in the earth. This imagery tells you that you can be guided and led by the highest wisdom and light of Spirit to bring in this new potential. Listening to the intuitive voice is essential, but then you must be the channel through which this vision can be rooted into the physical plane. So whatever growth is making its presence felt, it’s vital that you also take a practical step towards manifesting it. I’m not saying you have to create a fully functional fair financial system or method of social governance, although if you feel inspired to do so then go ahead because I’ll back you all the way! Remember this is the gestation phase, so now is the time to set the intention, nurture the dream, plan, get prepared, and encourage the possibility so that it survives to birth in the future. There is a promise of abundant new life to come, no matter how dead and unpromising things look right now as shown by the bare, Winter scene on the card.

Stay grounded

Change and the thought of the new can always be disorientating and confusing, so spending time outside in nature, and with trees particularly, will help to keep your feet firmly on the ground. We are Spirit, yes, but we are also physical beings too, and it is through our human vehicles that we make things happen on this earth. Being rooted deep in the earth means you can be focused and powerful in your intentions and actions rather than an ineffectual dreamer.

Practice balance

You’ll notice that our Princess is resting her hand on a yin yang symbol. She’s reminding you that inner balance and harmony is how you stay strong and grounded. You need to use both the feminine receptive aspect of your being to remain open to the new, and the masculine aspect to be able to give that potential form and structure.

Another thing that I keep being guided to in healing work is the need to understand and accept both the light and the dark within ourselves, which in turn will help to dissipate the collective shadow we see so active at this time. I’m reminded of Persephone who spends half the year in the dark underworld before she returns to the surface for the other half, bringing the life-giving Spring. Owning your own shadow is absolutely necessary so you don’t demonise the “other” who holds a different opinion or worships a different god.

You will learn and grow through being open to contradictory ideas and thoughts that challenge your own. Be careful, also, not to become obsessively focused on one thing to the exclusion of all else. Take time and space to enjoy and appreciate all the varied wonders of life present in each moment. This keeps you connected with your inner vitality and life force which then feeds your creative flow.

Stay in right relationship

Because of her inner balance, this Princess is sensitive to the needs of others and is careful to include the wellbeing and flourishing of all life in her creations. Whether it’s the earth, the animals and plants you share it with, or the people in your local and wider community, a “we” rather than a “me” approach to any new venture is going to be the most generative.

So I see this card as incredibly encouraging for 2022. While this may not be the year we get visible results, it suggests that change for the better is already on the horizon, and we all have an important part to play in bringing that into being over the next 12 months.

**By Semele Xerri