Seek Love For Your Heart’s Sake

Be in love. Seek love for your heart’s sake. We do not mean from a partner, or others. Seek the love that resides inside of you, the love that is always there, but sometimes dormant. Seek the love that fuels your life and brings out the glow on your face. Seek the love that makes your joints ache with wonder for the new world. Seek the love that is steady and strong, the love that uplifts and carries, the love that gives with no demand for return. Seek the love that you are, and you shall find the core of yourself.

Dare to love with no demands, dare to love with no strings and no conditions. Dare to give freely of what you have in endless supply. Dare to be the one who will not back down, dare to be the one who will not give in, dare to be the forever shining light in this battle of fear.

You have found your powers, many of you, and others are just waking up. Let us tell you this: no one will be without hope, no one will be forsaken. No one will be left behind. Your loved ones not yet awakened will not disappear when this new world comes in. You can not see how they will change, so you think them forever lost to this world that we now see. Do not forget, children, you were once where they are now. All will be well.

Trust in the power of love, this force that draws all in, this force that can awaken the heart from one day to the next. It is within all of us, and the love force in you recognizes the love force in them, as they recognize the love in you. The heart will be awakened without the mind, and you need not worry.

Be love, be strong, be the pure and white light that shines for all to see. Your love will vibrate through the world and uplift the masses. You cannot imagine the impact your love will have. Be brave my loved ones, for you are loved and you are love.

**By Astrid Halvorsen


2 Replies to “Seek Love For Your Heart’s Sake”

  1. Kavita

    Dear Astrid, Thank you for these wonderfully inspiring and uplifting words…so reassuring! Can you tell me if there are any living communities of lightworkers working together to bring this world of love into being, and if so, where they are? Many thanks!

    1. Susan

      Hi Kavita, I got such a thrill with your comment. I have been asking in meditation everyday to co-create with my guides and spirit beings of the true light to open the path for me to form or join such a community in the physical new earth. I had a vision in meditation a few years back about how this community would be. I’d be more than happy to share my vision with you and explore this desire we share if you feel guided to do so. I feel little pockets of these communities will spread and blossom across the planet to create the world we all dream of into reality. I’ve tried reaching out to different groups about this in the past but got no response. If I don’t hear from you I will let go of this attempt with love and wish you the best in your journey, knowing all is unfolding to the highest good of all concerned. Because I replied to your comment and not the post that inspired your comment, I’m hoping it means you have my email in the event you want to connect. But I’m not a tech genius and not sure how this works. Wishing you PEACE, LOVE, JOY, and many blessings in the coming year, Susan