The Prophesy of 2022

As we enter this new year of 2022, it is more than just turning a chapter in our lives. It is the equivalent of closing the cover and retiring an old time worn journal which has been tattered around the edges for thousands of years.

It is time to choose a whole new journal with a shiny new patina and run our fingers over the cover with pure intent before we open to the first blank page with pen in hand. Because, Beloveds, this is a fresh new page in an epic life that was prophesied eons ago. Indeed, it does not appear the way the prophets of old predicted. It looks much different because we have evolved so far beyond what they could have ever imagined. For that, I encourage you to pat yourself on the back, because it could not have happened without you.

As I was contemplating what to write on this fresh new page of my shiny new journal, my mind was busy chattering away 1000 words per second. I admit I became a bit irritated because I desired silence so I could feel more deeply into my heartspace.

So, I paused to called my mind forth for a little chat. After she settled down in my safe space, I told her I sensed she may be excessively busy and might enjoy a bit of a vacation. And upon her return, as a reward for all her years of hard work, I am prepared to commend her by offering her a new position. The new position would be a more supportive role, free of all the battle weary responsibility of running the show 24/7. I was surprised to see her eyes brighten. Because, quite frankly, I thought I would meet with some egoic resistance. Instead, she simply nodded and took her exit.

This morning as I’m attempting to navigate my day, I realize my thinker/mind has taken off on vacation. Thus, I won’t be doing anything today that requires thinking. Whoa, not only do I feel like I’m in a dream state, I seem to have lost all point of reference.

As I’m sitting here allowing the flow of energy, free of any mental interference, I recall how sublime this state of being is because I have experienced blips of it before. I also realize this is a new adventure for my human self that will require some acclimation on my part. It feels much like a baby who is learning about gravity as she takes her first steps while learning to walk for the first time. What a perfect set up this is to experience allowing energy to be in service to me, free of the mind’s interference!

I don’t know how long my mind will be gone because she seemed so anxious for that vacation that she took off and never gave us the chance to work out any of the details. For now, I see this as a whole new adventure. And I am prepared to chuckle every time my bum hits the ground, until I find my new footing.

I don’t think I am alone in navigating the unknown because the world as we’ve known it is crumbling around us. If I were to prophesize the year 2022 and beyond it would be this:

“Embrace the unknown, uncertainty, transitions, transformations, and chaos. Ultimately, clarity will ensue by releasing the need to know what or how. Whereby, trusting the unknown will become the new Knowing. For within the Mystery of the unknown, you are gaining the Soul’s clarity of your own True Self.”

I invite you to poise your pen over this vibrant new journal. It matters not if you are a writer or not, because the words have already been written in the chambers of your heart, as echos of your original Soul path before you incarnated into this lifetime. And I honor each of you for streaming your heart’s passion into the consciousness for those who have yet to awaken to the truth of Who They Are.

Welcome to 2022 and Beyond!

**By Sharon Lyn Shepard