Vastness of Being: Above and Beyond

Greetings All…

For the last few months I have been in my little world, keeping it small. Sometimes being present in the flow, other times getting caught in turbulent emotions of the world. Sometimes leaning in to … whatever … and then pulling myself back into the present and just focusing on the day to day things of my little life. Sometimes I feel like a deer in the headlights. I don’t want to look “out there” and when I do, or when something crosses my path on the social media scroll, I feel the turbulence getting into me, churning in my solar plexus. Sometimes even reaching out to friends can be difficult and there’s a strong pull to staying small and reclusive.

The turbulence in the collective is churning with fear, anger, grief and loneliness, uncertainty, frustration, despair and hopelessness – so many emotions swirling through the collective consciousness, I find it helps to bring my energy in. Being empathic means having a big energy field and there are times when it’s vitally important to bring our energy in to no more than an arm’s distance out from our body. So if you feel like the world is too much some times, remember to bring your energy in and you could use light and color frequencies to surround your field for extra insulation.

As I write this, I feel a wave of compassion rising within me and going out to everyone – no matter what their beliefs are. We are in the collective together but there are so many beliefs and viewpoints dividing us. I feel a wave of compassion and kindness flowing through the collective. This stream of energy is being sent forth by people like you and me – consciously sending love and compassion into the collective. We can each tap into it, feel it, and send it on – amplify it and help push it forward. Adding love, compassion and kindness into the collective energies is an act of service.

The message I receive over and over again is to be in love, to find the vibration of love within me and amplify it outward. Loving and accepting myself with all my imperfections and then being in gratitude opens my heart to love, in spite of what is going on in the greater collective.

The Dimensional Shift

For so many years – throughout the 90s and early 2000s, we have talked about “The Shift” to the point of eye rolling frustration! “When will the shift hit the fan???”

Well, we are in it now, and so is the Earth. Above all the chaos and churning fear and anger regarding what is happening on Earth and within Human Beings – with our divided beliefs and viewpoints – there is a magnificent expanding frequency of love, joy… rapture. Something so amazing and so beyond the duality of how we have lived for so long is right here around and within us, if we can only lift our attention above the turbulence, we can find this frequency of rapture – joyful extasy. The turbulence is not all there is. Above it is light, swirling and pulsating, offering a frequency of benevolence, love, joy, wonder and innocence which is there to feed our creativity. When we rise above beliefs and viewpoints, we come into this vista of splendor and possibility.

This is Humanity’s destiny. There are many new inventions and innovations being created to help us moor and make fast, securing our connection into this “new” frequency of expansive love. Creativity, which has had difficulty in finding support in the dualistic 3D experience, is on the rise and we Humans are coming to understand that creativity is our life blood – our LOVE force energy. Creative expression is Source energy flowing through us and shaped by our unique soul essence. More and more of us are opening to allow the creative flow to dance with our soul spirit. Lighten up and prepare to have fun! Placing our attention on beautiful opportunities and possibilities, instead of only focusing on the decaying of the world has we have known it, will help us to navigate the big changes we are going through.


Find the love within your heart. Find the feeling of your true self. Allow that feeling, vibrational frequency, to fill your physical being and the layers of your energy field. Feel the expansiveness of your divine soul essence. Feel the innocence within the pure love that you are. Meditate on this throughout your day, whilst doing whatever tasks are set before you. And when you lose this connection, take a moment to sit and breathe and reconnect.

As far as the world goes, the turmoil and chaos is coming to a head. That which is unsustainable has been rising to the surface. We will use a rather unpleasant image as in pus rising to the surface in explosion after explosion. The unhealed, the unexamined pain that arises from Humanity’s disconnection to life, to nature, is rising to the surface in the chaotic churning of human consciousness. This is what you are witnessing in political, financial and religious arenas of the world. This unhealed trauma is what has been within all of the systems that have been “in charge”, controlling and influencing human beings for thousands of years through patriarchal domination that has denied the feminine aspects of love, community, and connection to life. The energy of the fierce mother is growing and expanding. You see it in the solar activity, which is being answered deep within earth.

Our message is for each individual to go within, to find that spark of love and childlike innocence of your Divine Soul Essence and allow it to live with you, within your awareness at all times, as much as possible. This will help to navigate the churning, changing times. Find your inner presence and approach your life from that place. That way, you radiate a harmonious, loving energy that can touch all who come into your presence, if they are able to be open to receive. But that is not your concern. Maintaining your own energetic field is of utmost importance as you navigate the changes in the world.

Much is coming apart and being reformed. An opportunity is present for this reformation to be guided by love and connection to one another and all of life. Ancient knowledge of the aliveness of earth is rising within as you embody your soul essence more and more fully. Trust your intuition, your inner knowing. Trust the feelings that come through your physical body. Your awareness – inner and outer – is being amplified at this time. As you continue to process and heal your own experience of disconnection from Source, from the aliveness of all that is, forgive yourself, love yourself, and trust your inner knowing as you reconnect to the loving Source of all life.

As you feel from time to time the frustration and inequities from what is playing out in the bigger political picture in the world, notice the feelings that arise. Ancient traumas are being triggered and the energy of trauma rises in a stream from your ancestral lineage. As you contemplate your ancestral lineage, you see how it branches off like the roots of a tree down, down, deep down into the Earth and where does it end? Is there a place where all ancestral lineages meet into one beginning, one seed?

You have the opportunity to clear trauma from your lineage over and over again. Stories may arise from the unhealed and buried trauma. If you stay in your awareness with your Divine Soul Essence present within your heart, you can send the light of love down through your lineage. Listen to what arises. Listen to the voices of your ancestors as they tell their stories of unhealed trauma and bring them into the light of the love within your heart for release. Help them to let go and move into the light of forgiveness and Universal Love.

This is how the cleanup time deepens. Many of you have been clearing trauma from your lives and from memories of other lives your souls have expressed awareness in. Now you are ready to continue with clearing ancestral trauma that is directly triggered from current events in the world.

This Source energy flows through you as your life force energy.

No matter what “side” of whatever current situation you identify with, your missions are the same. To love yourself. To open your hearts to your Divine Soul Essence to be in the presence of your own loving heart.

In a meditation recently, I was tuning in to the Arcturian beings, who I feel are watching over what is happening at this time on Earth. I have a concern about the billionaire space travellers and all the junk from satellites and earthly space craft that is circling the earth. My feeling is that we should focus on taking care of the earth and one another before we expand into space and travel to other planets. We are like the character “Pig Pen” from the Charlie Brown cartoon with our waste now circling the Earth. All this was on my mind as I tuned in. I could see with my inner eye many beams of pale pink light flowing down onto many different places of the Earth.

After this meditation, I asked for more information. I wondered if it is considered to be interference to send this light – if there is a kind of Star Trek mandate of non interference?


We send the love light to those who are asking for assistance in maintaining and cultivating the frequency of love within their hearts. The love is already there, what we are sending is soothing assistance. You were expressing concern about people beginning to travel off earth for “tourism” and there are some wanting to colonize Mars. Your concern is about the “space junk” that is floating around the earth and you have a feeling that humans from Earth should not be able to travel until a way of living together in peace is achieved on Earth.

The “Star Trek mandate” you mention was gently lifted over 15 years ago when people, such as yourself began praying for assistance. It was deemed that the “other side” was not following the non-interference protocol and people whose hearts are dedicated to radiance and love were asking for assistance. The Galactic Unification Council decided to open up fields of energy to be sent to beings who have the pure intention and mission to bring higher frequencies to Humanity. The light that is being beamed all around the earth is to assist people such as yourself and others who happen to read this message. There is loving assistance all around you. Bring it into your heart. As always, we speak of bringing your focus from your mind to your heart.

This is another reason that the higher frequencies are being beamed to the Earth. It is to help birth a higher consciousness. It is all being done with love. There are many people – critical mass was reached in 2011 – many people practicing gratitude and radiating love on earth. This love has a horizontal radiance going out all around those light bearers. Reaching out in your “little lives” in concentric rings like when a pebble is dropped into water. And the love that is being sent to the Earth has a vertical trajectory assisting the light bearers and also going right into the Earth herself. Waves of energy come from the sun, as well, to loosen the foundation of tyrannical rule that has been traumatizing humanity for thousands of years. That is why you see the tyranny being doubled down… trying to strengthen itself, but it will not last because the foundation has crumbled and the people will not accept it.

Now that we have turned a corner into this year of 2022, I feel a lightness in the atmosphere. I feel inspired and I feel creative energies flowing, enlightening and enlivening something within.

If we could do one thing to assist ourselves in opening to these expansive energies, it would be to stop criticizing ourselves! Love and acceptance begins in our own hearts and flows outward from there.

I wish for all of you who read this to feel the seeds of inspiration glowing within you. Know that we are supported with love and gentleness above and beyond our wildest dreams.

Shine on,

Leilah and The Vastness of Being

**Channel: Nancy Wallace Ward


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