Entering the Vibrations of Our Personal Potential

As we stretch our imagination far beyond our current life experiences, we can enter the realm of greater light and joy. We can imagine being in alignment with the conscious life force streaming into us in every moment. This living force field enlivens every cell of our body and surrounds us with a living radiance of photons. This plasma stream is filtered through our beliefs about ourselves as it flows through us and gives us our expressions. It illumines for us the energy of our personhood.

Each of us has a unique perspective that radiates itself throughout our consciousness and expresses itself as our energetic signature. Through our perspective, we either free ourselves or enslave ourselves. In each moment we have the choice of which polarity and frequency patterns we want to focus upon. If we choose the negative, based in fear, we enslave our compartmentalized consciousness. If we choose the positive, based in love and joy, we free our awareness to enter the Consciousness of the Creator, the universal consciousness that constantly creates, dissolves and recreates everything with the intention of enhancing life everywhere.

We can become the intentional creators of our lives by mastering our thoughts and emotions. We can begin by being aware of their changing quality in every moment. We can take our awareness into an impassionate observer perspective, resisting nothing, supporting nothing, but being aware of our personal ego-consciousness operating with free will throughout the human experience. It is being impartially aware of our ego-awareness and operations. Our ego will display for us all of our limiting beliefs. We can penetrate the ego’s defense of its hidden emotional knots and put-downs, through our intention to know the truth about ourselves.

With compassion and wisdom, we can clear the negative patterns that have enslaved us within the world of humanity. Shifting to a positive polarity in emotions and thoughts is a major life change and can sometimes feel as if we just got reincarnated and need to learn how to live on this planet. It means that we can realize unconditional love, in expanding consciousness that includes everyone and everything, we can know and feel that we are completely cared-for on every level of Being, and we trust our intuitive knowing implicitly. We can be aware of our intuitive prompting in every moment. It is always instant, as soon as we focus on something or someone. It may be dim at first, but as we give it our attention, we can become acutely aware of it. It is our intuitive knowing that can guide us truly on the path to Self-Realization as a Being of light and love and infinite creative ability.

**By Kenneth Schmitt