Directing Ourselves to Our Greatest Desire

We are all influenced by the auras of the energies around us, especially the resonant frequencies of the Earth and of the beings around us. Yet, we have free will to choose the quality of vibrations that we focus upon in each moment. With a strong intention, we can transcend all the distractions around us, many of which are designed to take our attention away from our true Being. We can know the emotions of our greater Self, all the feelings imbued with goodness and joy, compassion and gratitude. We can know our innate wisdom, resulting from the experiences of many lifetimes. All of this is beyond our ego-self, but we can know these energetics through our intuition, both emotionally and imaginatively.

It may help our understanding by realizing the nature of our lives in the traditional human dimension of energetics. We live within the confines of vibratory frequencies of negative polarity, all of them based in fear of suffering and termination of ourselves. This is the realm of ego-consciousness, enclosed within the spectrum of fear. To change this, we can change our polarity to positive by intentionally reversing the polarity of every situation we are in, as well as our own perspective, to a vibratory level based in life-enhancing feelings and thoughts for ourselves and all other beings.

When we are consistently living with a perspective of life-enhancing energies, we attract resonant frequencies and patterns, helping us to sustain our perspective and empowering us. We can align with rising vibratory patterns. By living this way, we open ourselves to a greater flow of conscious life force, expanding our awareness within a greater consciousness.

Everything that exists is a fractal within the consciousness of the Creator. With mathematical precision, it all changes for us according to the constantly-changing vibratory resonance that we hold, as our fractal of Self-identity. We are the change-makers of all the energetic patterns around us. Every situation that we face is a reflection of the quality of energies in our own awareness, and we have the freedom of imagination and emotion to shape them as we desire with our conscious life force.

Through our experience here, we have developed many disfunctional emotional patterns and thoughts. As we are able to resolve the causes of these, we can align ourselves more clearly with the polarity and resonant frequency of the Earth. This is why mystics have often chosen to live in wilderness areas. For us, though, the challenge is to maintain a natural perspective while living in society.

Just like in MC Escher’s graphic designs, changes happen in increments, and we adjust to them. At times, however, there is a complete pattern change in order to maintain the integrity of the whole. An instance like this would be a change in our personal polarity, when we become naturally good people, with intentional energetics that reach deeply into our consciousness, and apparent miracles can occur in order to keep us in alignment with our chosen energetics.

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**By Kenneth Schmitt


2 Replies to “Directing Ourselves to Our Greatest Desire”

  1. Lakshmi

    Thank you! Do you have any specific practices to recommend that’ll help us to align ourselves more clearly with the polarity and resonant frequency of the Earth while living the busy life?

    1. PS

      Look up Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings on YouTube and go to the BCR 30-day Challenge playlist.

      BCR is a practice wherein you begin living in the heart in daily life. The 30-day challenge is essentially a course on how to do that in increments. I’ve found it perfectly doable with a “standard human” work-social life.