Quan Yin: Building A New World

Souls of Light and Love, good evening. I am Lady Kuan Yin. My role, on your plan and in your space, is to free you, to free you from your tears, to free you from your sadness, to free you from certain anxieties, to free you from certain fears.

How do I do this?
By first being close to you, by associating myself in compassion with everything you experience. Emotional management is something that helps you move forward, and it shouldn’t stop you, it shouldn’t stop you .

So, certain beings like me, like the Archangel Chamuel, like the Archangel Michael also sometimes, certain saints, are there to let you experience these emotions in a sensible and fair way .

For many of you, when you experience an emotion, the first emotional signal is not enough for you. So you generate, re-amplify again and again, and again, and again, these emotional signals, in futile, useless ways, very often.

Dear souls, it is a little like amplifying the light needed in a room by ten. You end up being blinded by the light that was just supposed to illuminate the place. It becomes too strong and then you are dazzled. So my role is to re-stabilize this light, to re-stabilize these emotions, and to ensure that you manage to see the scene, to see what is happening, without exposing it too much, without being dazzled by your own emotions, because if the light in the room is too strong, you end up looking at the too strong light rather than perceiving what is around. I am not expressing the word light here of course in opposition to anything else, but just as an example.

Thus, when you perceive too much emotion, when the emotional charge seems too strong to you, I invite you to call me, I invite you to perceive me, to receive me.

Many call me saying, “  Lady Kuan Yin, I lay my sadness down on you . At that moment I diffuse, I transform your emotion and recycle it. I give it back to those who don’t experience emotion, because those who don’t experience any emotion can’t go anywhere other than where they are. So emotions are necessary, and for those who feel too much, I redistribute to those who don’t feel enough.

It’s a bit hard to hear and maybe understand for some of you. Truly here you are invited to your own mastery, a simple mastery, a quiet mastery. As a result, these fields of emotions have to be managed.

If the emotion is caused outside of you or by an event outside of you, understand this, you have control and power over your emotions . In other words, if you give power to someone, to something, to circumstances, it is to this gift of your energy that the emotional overload is due. So the solution , indeed, of emotional management, is to refocus your energies towards a goal, towards a desire inside you, and to check that what you are experiencing serves this goal or serves this desire, which can change, that can evolve.

Does crying here serve my purpose? Does being afraid here serve my purpose, my values? If the answer is no, then again, entrust it to me, for in truth the answer can only be yes.

When what you feel is too strong, it does not serve your values ​​most of the time. And when what you feel is weak, it allows adjustment, adjustment to yourself, as well as adjustment to the other maybe, to look at who you’ve given too much power to, sometimes to yourself. , sometimes to another. Have you found the right middle ground between your desire and the other desire? If your inner desires are the same, your desires in form are often not.

So what I’m trying to say is that no amount of emotion is going to help you move forward, to ask yourself this question of “does what I’m going through bring me to my greater self, my greater value, my greatest energies, my greatest purpose? Not experiencing any emotion means that you don’t ask yourself these questions. You remain in a kind of comfort, of ultimately false stability. On the other hand, experiencing too many emotions always leads you to believe that the culprit is you, the person responsible is you. There is no culprit and no responsible of course in the energy, but this is what your ego thinks, the character who lives in this space and in this time, he feels guilty, he feels responsible , but because he granted someone the fact of making him or her guilty or responsible.

By shifting this power to destabilize you, you refocus your energy on, “Does this serve my plan? Does this serve the cause? and “Am I ready to defend this plan?” Am I ready to defend this cause? Not to defend in terms of battle, but to continue to work, not to let go of your objectives, because this is one of the virtues of the Light, to remain stable until it has achieved its objective.

If you change your goal out of fear or emotional destabilization, then your ability to love the goal itself is not enough. You lack love of yourself, you lack love of purpose, you lack love of what you do, who you are. It is this love that must be reinforced no matter where you are. If you really love yourself, you won’t be destabilized, hardly at all, just enough to make some readjustments, but you won’t be destabilized on a daily basis, you won’t be destabilized permanently.

Be aware, brothers, sisters, your feelings, your emotions, have the power and the energy to effect these small corrections.

But again, I’ve come tonight to remind you that if you have too many emotions, if you’re feeling a flood of emotions that you can’t handle, give them to me. Have no doubt about my presence. I will be able to collect your greatest fears, your greatest tears. I will know how to transform them, to convert them, by using for this energies which are beyond you, which are fields of information of love, which are fields of information of tolerance, which are fields of information of compassion, all these virtues that you will learn to develop in a temporal way, quietly and gently.

Dear souls, this year is a very big year to work on this, to work in this energy of transformation of the energies of the emotions . Don’t get angry. Enter into the right action, that is to say the one that leads you to your sovereignty.

Lay down a new world, don’t destroy the old one. Your energies are aimed at building .

If you seek too much to destroy humanly, what will happen is that nature will show you that you are in the process of destruction. As a result, she will show herself in a process of destruction. And if you show a build process, it will show a build process. Nature does not seek to give you lessons, it only repeats to you, shows you what you are in a unitary way on Earth.

My dragon can act from planet to planet, and for my personal part, I act from individual to individual, from group to group, from consciousness to consciousness. We each have our job.

Come together for peace and love . Do not be in fear of what is happening or will happen, but in the confidence that this can only lead you to peace, only to love, only to joy, by keeping this sovereignty, this brotherhood .

We will repeat these words often this year. Do not blame us, but it is the necessary key to the evolution of this plan, which cannot return to its errors without losing this time of incarnation. Oh you can’t really waste time, you are “entitled” to as many incarnations as you want, but you yourself wished to speed up the process. Consequently , the acceleration of this process passes through an emotional field, a little larger, a little more powerful, a field which tests, a field which forces you to leave the comfort, the belief to control .

Return to this humility, to your humanity, to your divinity, in visible, invisible, terrestrial, extraterrestrial collaboration, everything will be done. Everything will happen, as long as you are ready for it, as long as you let go of the idea of ​​being a people who master and control but a people who adapt, who know how to evolve, who know how to live with it. You are blessed in this, this experience is blessed.

We will help you. We will assist you. We watch over the planetary childbirth and it is beautiful, it is marvelous this child who can only be born now in the Light and in the Love. So do not rely on divine contractions. Trust in the Joy of being the Living Work itself. Many, many, many of you will see the world I speak of today .

Brothers and sisters of Light, souls of Love, the divine blessing is upon you. I am helping you. We will help you to cross this step, your wish.

**Channel: Sylvain Didelot

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com


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