Chartres Cathedral Ritual; Cathedral Activation Part 7

Through the evocation of the beloved Holy Mother Sophia in her Solar Female Christos-Sophia emanation and by invoking her sacred Ankh mysteries, another section of her Triple Solar Goddess body was unearthed from the decaying dead elemental bindings and risen through the element of sacred divine fire water through the consecrated Cosmic Aether ritual.

Thus, Guardian host facilitated the hierogamic union of the Triple Solar God and Triple Solar Goddess through sequential Krystic divine Aether rituals, which began at the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth with the Solar Eclipse on December fourth.

Chartres Cathedral acts as the unifying architecture for the 7D Solar Dragon Wing of the Solar Dragon Queen, Mother Mary of Dragons, and Rosslyn Chapel acted as the 6D Solar Dragon Wing of the 13th Solar Dragon King or Solar Christ Michael of Dragons, in which they came together and unified as One Cosmic Rod and Staff on the Spine of Albion.

This same configuration of Christos-Sophia trinity architecture with hierogamic merged Solar Dragon Wings was the foundation body from which the Golden Cities of Atlantis were originally built, which exists in spiral no time and spans multiple dimensions from Earth, Tara and Gaia.

Earth, Tara and Gaia also hold this trinity architecture that represents the planetary consciousness of the Triple Solar Goddess united in the Albion Lightbody.

Thus, for gridworkers we have hit a major milestone in the field, in which many of us are currently exploring the Celtic Goddess codes of the new sophianic divine feminine body parts as they are unraveling into personal awareness.

As these Christos 7D female body parts are returned there are some astral contents, black magic, booby traps and imposter hologram fakery that are also exploding and disintegrating into residue of tiny dust particles.

For some with the Celtic coding, this time will bring on an intense lunar transfiguration in the sacral areas shooting up the spine, in which the higher embodiment of the Solar Dragon Wings from Chartres and Rosslyn will appear to be holographically represented in the lightbody.

In my experience, many of these solar female body parts were buried at the bottom of a poisoned Chalice well in the basement of an original Krystal Cathedral being guarded by massively sized demonic creatures, multiple headed principalities at the top of the satanic demonic hierarchies.

Most of these demonic hierarchies lead back to the Vatican portal systems, and appear to be directly conjured in satanic rituals of blood sacrifice abusing the sacred waters and ascension teachings of the divine feminine and her holy spirit.

While reclaiming these parts, there was a consciousness experience reliving the suffocation in the Earth and the release and rising of the 7D portions of the Triple Solar Goddess Violet Ray body parts in her newly assembled body form that were found at the bottom of Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France.

Additionally, assorted holograms of the Seven Lamps that were being distorted in the organic Krystal Cathedral architecture from the artificial Armageddon software is being replaced right now throughout the dimensional landscapes.

The Lady of the Lamps Christos Sophia architecture was buried underground in Chartres and in other Cathedrals and are being strictly guarded by the demonic creatures which must be evicted and delivered back to the Cosmic Mother as broken-down consciousness units.

Lady of the Lamps are the female principle layers that are directly connected to the Ursa Major or newly christened Golden Bear constellation functions of the Universal Ray system, which are now being reflected in authentic hierogamic union of the Aeonic Pairings which act as the Cosmic timekeepers from the Orion Galactic Core.

The return of Christos Mission representatives hierogamic union through corrections in the Cosmic Clock have recently reunited Akhenaton and Kiya, Hatshepsut and Ezekiel family of consciousness streams from the Earth-Tara-Gaia histories connected to original Krystallah Suns.

Akhenaton and Kiya seem to have embodied the Krystic solar overriding forms for the Egyptian pantheon genetic tree used in AI cube systems and their red wave identity clones, and this acts as the repelling force of the red cube false identities of 7D inversions of Isis-Osiris hierarchies that were bonded in Saturn-Moon matrix.

This inverted 7D based unholy union was generated from Saturn-Moon blood worship rituals, and was instrumental in powering up many of the antichrist obelisk pillars used for marking cardinal directions in the Artificial Tree AI timelines and Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff Trident architecture, which are impaled across the globe in the ley lines.

As always, our Christos mission continues and until next month we will continue to uncover the truth of our authentic spiritual home and origins, knowing that we are all in this together.

**By Lisa Renee