Creating Our Energetic Presence

Each of us has become an energetic presence of our belief structures. If we change our beliefs or just resolve them, we become an energetic presence of our new state of being, and our lives change according to our vibratory level. Energetic patterns manifest as we recognize them and feel them to be, either in our imagination or in our physical experience. What manifests is the vibratory quality of our state of being in every moment.

With determination, each of us can have a positive polarity. We must be either negative or positive by choice or allowance. The traditional default polarity for humanity has been negative. Humans have understood that physical action creates experiences, and that many experiences occur unexpectedly for unknown reasons. We have believed that what we see is what’s real. We have believed that we could only see things that already exist independently of us. According to quantum physics and spirituality, this is the opposite of reality. Consciousness is the origin and creator of everything. We are consciousness providing its conscious life force to our present awareness and creating our lives.

Consciousness is beyond thought and feeling. They are aspects of it, and our conscious and innate awareness envelopes as much of it as we allow. Consciousness itself is unlimited and infinite. It is everywhere and within every energy pattern and wave and being.

Within the empirical, human world, we have been given limits to our conscious awareness. They are proscribed by time, which exists because of the spin of sub-atomic waves/particles and everything that they are aligned with. Our limits have given us access to the dark side, the life-diminishing energetic realm. We have given our life force to these energies by aligning with them and giving them reality for us. We can transcend all of this, giving ourselves more wonderful lives and elevating all of humanity.

In our true Self, we do not need beliefs of any kind. To align ourselves, we can develop great sensitivity to our intuition. It is our connection with universal consciousness and our guide to Self-Realization. It has positive polarity, in alignment with the level of joy and compassion. This is the emotional level to feel for in every moment. It is present for us always in the quantum field, if we choose to be aware of it.

**By Kenneth Schmitt