Neioh: There Are No Coincidences

Beloved Friends!

How Wonderful It Is To Be Uniting As One!

How Sacred To Be Living In A Waking Dream Of Duality While Discovering Divine Appointments.

As You Know In Truth, There Are No Coincidences.

Enjoy These Moments Together In Light As We Progress On The Journey Of Oneness!

I Will Address The Sacred Energy Fields And The Importance Of Cleansing Your Aura And Field.

As You Stretch Your Arm Straight Up And Note The Distance, Also Imagine This Distance To Each Side And Below The Body.

This Is Your Most Sacred Field.

Within This Field Is The Reflection Of Your Life.

The Aura Of Energy Is Changing Continually According To The Thoughts You Focus On, The Feeling These Thoughts Bring And The Raising And Lowering Of Vibrational Frequency From Your State Of Being.

Your Natural State Of Being Is Perfection And Peace.

When Disturbed, You Will Resonate At A Difference Frequency Until The Soul Brings Balance Back To Perfection.

Aligning With Your Soul As Your Intention Of Good For Self And Others Will Bring Peace And A Clear Auric Field Of Beauty And Bright Colors.

This Sacred Field Around Your Body May Seem To Be Unfelt By You.

But You Will Recall When A Stranger Approached And You Felt Uncomfortable And Moved Away.

This Was Your Field Reacting To Another Energy.

At Times This Energy Could Be So Negative That Your Body Reacts and Bristles As A Warning.

Your Being Is Always Working Together To Assist You. Become Aware.

This Field Should Consciously Be Cleansed With A Sweeping White Light In The Morning And At Night.

There Are No Certain Numbers Of Times To Cleanse And You May Do This Throughout The Day.

This Removes Thought Forms And Negative Energy That Others Have Brought Into Your Field.

For The Next 20 Feet Outward From Your Body, You Will Continually Have Multiple Energies Of Varied Frequencies As You May Have A TV, Radio, Computer Or People Walking Within 20 Feet.

This Area Can Become Highly Toxic And Over Time, You Will Notice Mood Change, Energy Depletion And Even Confusion.

Not To Worry!

This Is Also Energy And You Have Total Control Of The Energy Allowed.

You Have Choices To Change Music To Bring Higher Frequencies.

You Have The Choice To Stop Listening To Repetitive News That Is Largely Composed Of Lies Which Carry A Low Frequency.

You Can’t Control The Area With Every Person Entering The 20 Feet, But You Can Cleanse When You Are Free And Alone.

It Is Important To Consider Your Home A Sacred Place, Even If You Sleep On The Ground.

This Is Your Sacred Dwelling.

You Have The Power And Sacred Authority To Command All Negative Energy To Leave.

You Have The Sacred Right And Honor To Ask For Light To Cover You And For Angels To Be With You!

We Love You And Honor Your Life And Endeavors To Have Peace And Safety.

We Are Closer Than Your Breath And Hear Your Questions As Lightworkers Among You Are Positioned To Assist.

You Are Powerful Beings Of Light!

You Are Sacred Souls Clothed In Flesh For Moments.

Be Strong And Remember Your Power!

Love One Another!

I Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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