Sananda: Choose Where to Find the Truth

Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

My joy today is immense,Q because I have the opportunity to be here with you again. You have no idea what this moment means to me, when approximately 2000 years ago, after all the knowledge I had acquired, all the consciousness I had received, I tried very hard to show the people of that time all that I had learned, the whole truth. But unfortunately that was not the right moment.

At that time I didn’t have that awareness yet, because what I received was so magnanimous, so wonderful, that I didn’t want it to stay only in my awareness, I wanted it to be known and understood by everyone. But that was not yet the right time for people to understand all that. But I did my job, I implanted everything that was necessary, so that my words would never be forgotten. I can say that much of what I said was distorted to coincide with what the powerful who took over this planet wanted you to believe. But that is beside the point.

To keep repeating this whole story doesn’t add much anymore. I come back to it because in the hearts of many there is still doubt, there is still the inability to understand the manipulation that is done on your planet, the inability to see that divine love is not implanted on this planet. Today what exists is the love of self, the ego in its most powerful and harmful attitudes, bringing power, greed, and insensitivity to those around it.

But many don’t see this. And as you have been led to believe; this is all punishment from heaven. You continue to believe that you are not to blame for anything, only that you are sinners, and as such, need to be punished. But how to eliminate sin, how to stop being a sinner? There seems to be no way out because the world itself, the very environment in which you live, leads to sin. So there is no way out. The way out is to continue sinning and to continue being punished eternally. This is what you have been led to believe. I did not preach this, I did not say this at any time.

So the time is coming, when these people, in whom doubt is still growing in their hearts, of what to believe, in whom to believe, to have a solution. You can’t serve two masters at the same time. You can’t listen to the truth and continue to believe in what your religions preach. It is impossible.

Because if you hear the truth, but continue to believe that the religion you have dedicated your whole life to is also correct, something in your heart is not right. You need to find the way, you need to find the right way of your walk.

We have already said here, not only me, several times, that of course religions are not 100% wrong; of course not. After all, they have to have something a little bit true in order to be credible; otherwise, they would not attract anyone. But the fundamental point in this whole process is something called love of neighbor. But what kind of love? The love of God the Father/Mother, the unconditional love. Ah, but Father/Mother God was not painted like that. He was painted as an old man with a white beard, who sits on a cloud judging everyone and everything, and who every now and then raises his index finger and throws a punishment on someone. This is the God that you know, that you have been taught. Only this God does not exist.

The Father/Mother God that exists is pure love. It is a God who embraces the kind one and embraces a murderer with the same love. And that’s what you don’t understand, because you judge… “How can he love two such different beings and one so horrible?” Because he who emanates love, has already learned his lesson. Now he who does not emanate love, needs to receive more love from Father/Mother God, so that he can find his way. Not his judgment, not his anger, not his hatred.

So it is quite possible that the first, Father/Mother God will give a gentle hug, and the second, he will carry in his lap, because it is the second who needs help, not the first. But you have been led to believe exactly the opposite: whoever doesn’t walk the line of good is to be judged, mistreated, eliminated; which is what you have done all your life.

So you see, you can’t follow two such different masters? What do your religions preach, unconditional love? Answer me, do they preach this? There is no prejudice, no separation, no judgment, no criticism; is that what your religions do? I keep answering no. They judge, they criticize, they judge, they criticize, they criticize. They judge, they criticize, they separate, they deceive, they involve, they mentally work on you to dominate you. This is what they do.

None of them preach unconditional love. They even talk about it, they quote it, but they don’t act on it. Because if religions were the mirror of Father/Mother God, they would not exist, because love would be spread all over the planet, no one would need to worship anyone to be happy. So you have subdivided yourselves into many points of view, each one with its atrocities, each one with its bizarre things. And you follow like sheep, following your shepherd.

The time is of much light, the time is of many doubts in your minds. Why is this? Because the light that is coming, is doing this, is bringing everything to the surface. Everything that is incompatible with the Light is coming to the surface. So that each one of you can stop and observe where the truth is, where the path is. So don’t feel anger, don’t feel even hatred, for the difficult moments you are living through. These moments are part of the last lessons you have to go through. For it is from these lessons, from the outcome of the trials, that you will take the right path, or not. And what is the correct path?

The path of Light, where there are no ways and means to reach God the Father/Mother; there are no ways and means to reach me; there are no ways and means to reach Mary or any other Being of Light. There is only the heart, there is only love, and this is how you reach us. You don’t need religion, you don’t need someone showing you the way, which he has been taught to pass to you.

So I say it again: You can’t serve two masters. Either you open up and free yourselves from beliefs, from dogmas, from concepts that don’t lead to unconditional love, or you have a big problem on your hands, because this is the wrong way. No religion will take you to the Fifth Dimension. For they are not and do not exercise unconditional love. Each one of them has their dogmas and their beliefs that are beyond limiting. And these beliefs keep them from taking you into the full Light of the Fifth Dimension.

If you think that everything I am saying is blasphemous, that it doesn’t sound like me, the Christ, saying these words, I just say this: Take a test. Come to me, not by the ways you have been taught, come to me by your way, by your heart. It can be just a simple “Hi, can you talk to me?” And if this “Hi, can you talk to me,” comes from deep within your heart, I will answer you, “Hi, I’m here, we can talk.” There are no rules, no pre-set or pre-assembled words, for you to reach us.

Take this test. Seek each one of us from the heart, in your way, in your form, and you will find us, without anything in between, without a belief, a dogma, something imposed in order for you to reach us. Just take the test. And I’ll tell you something else, many of you try to reach us and don’t reach us. Why not? Because you keep believing that you are not worthy, you keep believing that this is illusion, that you need to keep living within what you have learned; where we are up there on high, in a cloud totally unreachable. And each one of you will go on your way believing what you have been taught.

So I say it again: You can’t serve two masters. Either you believe that everything is there, at hand, near, beside you, if you just need to activate it with your heart, or you continue to serve your religions. You can’t have it both ways. It is like standing with one foot on each side of the line. And if you have one foot on each side of the line, you are not going anywhere, because your body needs to be all on one side. So just think about which side you want to be, wholly, whole. Which side?

Just understand one very important thing: If you choose to take the side of your religion, nothing changes between us and you. We will continue to love you as we always have, because it is your choice. Remember the thing I said at the beginning, that God holds the strongest the one who needs it the most; and so we will do with you. Because you still need a lot of help to get free of all this. Nothing changes.

The only thing you will be defining is your path, in staying in the Third Dimension for quite a while yet, so that you can see things clearly, letting the truth stand out in your eyes. And accepting that you have been deceived, yes, for a long time. But if you don’t want to see it that way, and want to continue to have a veil over your eyes, that’s fine too. The choice will have been entirely yours.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

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  1. John

    Thank you Vania and Sananda this message resonates with me very much, now i know why i grew up religion free, so i could see my brothers and sisters with my heart love to you all.

  2. Tylette Crosby

    Let me remind vania Sanandaj don’t send negative saying I have. Notices when. You. Send. Messages they. Are negative the. Real Sanandaj don’t talk the. Way you say at all and. Crexlan either my. Advice don’t. Send no. More negative nothing because you. Are not channeling with. The real Sanandaj in. Fact don’t send nothing