Pleiadian Collective: Everything Is Changing

Friends Of The Great Light!

Everything Is Changing.

It Always Has, As Change Is The Key To Your Transformation Into The Higher Realms.

As You Once Stood In Majesty And Observed The Lower Frequencies, You Understood That Change Would Be Necessary For Growth And Understanding Of These Humans That Seemed To Find Such Chaos.

You Decided To Become One To Fully Grasp The Experience.

In Moments Now, You Cannot Comprehend This.

But You Will, Beloved Ones, You Will Indeed.

The Transformation Taking Place Within Each Of You Is Reflected In The Collective.

This Is By Divine Design As You Remain To Be Holographic In Nature And Creation.

And Human Interaction Will Begin To Crumble Unilaterally As The Wake Of The Grand Shift Of Humanity Splits Your Reality To The Greatest Change Yet.

You Have Created The Phrase Collectively That ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.

Indeed, This Will Be A Most Welcomed Change For All Beings.

Humans Everywhere Are Experiencing The Process Of The Higher Levels Of Awareness.

As The Filters Have Blown Away With The Endless Lies Created By Those In Control In Each Waking Dream, You Call Out For Truth.

You Have Been Answered.

Are You Listening?

Are You Watching?

For Those Searching For A Lifeboat Of Doctrine Or An Imaginary Rope To Pull You Into A Space Where You Are Judged On The Very Lies Made To Control You, Sit Down And Breathe.

You Will Be Fine.

All That Is Not True, Will Not Remain.

What Will Remain, Beloved Ones?

Truth And The Knowledge Of Your True State Of Being In Origin.

For You Are Not Human.

You Are A Soul That Has Arrived With A Great Purpose.

Only You Can Discover This Purpose.

If You Arrived To Experience Blindness And Lack, Then Flow With This.

Nothing Can Happen Without A Sacred Reason.

Nothing Is By Accident.

Have You Considered That Your Soul Chose The Many Obstacles You Perceive, As A Method To Awaken You?

You Are Fully Able To Align With Your Soul And Find The Wisdom Of The Higher Realms.

You Are Changing, Beloved Ones!

And The Feelings Of Unrest That Are Stirring Through The Collective Consciousness Will Begin To Play Out As A Catalyst To Remove Any Obstacle That Serves To Restrict Your Personal Freedom!

Come And Fly Again!

We Watch Patiently With Great Love And Support.


We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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  1. eraof....

    for the love of god, it’s been a long time since you guys said that, it’s always the same thing. lol