James Gilliland: Welcome To The Land of OZ

In the days to come you are going to watch a shell game, a psyops with so many twists and turns it will drive you mad. With every good psyops there are many levels, planned opposition, white hats, black hats, switching hats. If you do not know how to use the discernment of the soul you will be led down many a path to nowhere. One of the best ways to understand who is who is by association. Researching their past, who your heroes have associated with in the past is usually a good indicator of their character and agenda. Research where their funding comes from and how they use it. You are going to find many people and organizations which portray themselves and champions of truth to be put in place as planned opposition to give you the feeling all is being taken care of.

An example is whole agencies and departments within agencies have been created to deal with issues like child trafficking, pedophilia, other crimes staffed by pedophiles and criminals hiding behind badges and positions. Departments designed to insure health are run by the very people that have been responsible for the ill health of the nation. Environmental agencies and the departments of forestry are funded by the very same people destroying the environment and deforesting the land. Now the masses have been socially engineered to give them billions, carbon credits etc. without even knowing where the money is going. They think it is going to combat global warming, “A myth” and save the polar bears research is proving are rapidly growing in numbers. Climate change is real according to the raw data global warming is a myth. Been out in nature lately? Ever wonder why your weather has been 10 to 13 degrees off in favor of global warming? It is called the adjusted data.

Whenever you see a person on mainstream and now social media shaking their fist at the government and major corporations, chances are if they are getting all the press and not censored they are a planned opposition. It has all been a controlled narrative for years. Even Gretta figured that one out. There will always be those for the right amount of money that will sell their souls, throw their friends and families under the bus along with the well-being of the planet. That my friends is the problem. As you move up the ladder of power, fame and wealth eventually you will hit the wall that says if you want to continue there is a price to pay. If you want to join the big boys/girls club there will be certain requirements and allegiances. Those requirements are usually very dark actions and those allegiances are to some very dark organizations.

In the days to come you are going to hear about some of those actions and allegiances which are going to cause your heroes and icons to fall. Remember they are not role models and did not get to where they are in most cases by maintaining their integrity and service to others. That is a different world.

The biggest let down will be with the controlled opposition followers when they realize their leaders are part of what they profess to be against. Has anything changed due to their actions of the past, despite millions donated to them?

We are not here to name names we are only here to suggest extreme discernment in the days to come. Do not follow anyone or any organization blindly. Do your own research as to their associations past and present. Nothing external can take you to God, that is an internal process. No one can fulfill your own unique soul purpose only you can do that. No one can tell you what that unique soul purpose is, that must be found from within. Do not worship anyone or anything that diminishes your self-worth, your own personal God connection. When you do idolize and worship externally you’re like a leaky battery giving away your power to those that in most cases do not deserve it.

There are teachers that teach by example and never trespass on free will. There are no drive through avatar classes no matter how much you pay. There are only reminders of what is within. Critical thinking, research, and running things through the heart is imperative. Don’t follow the herd, question their path unless of course you’re going for herd immunity. Ask yourself, how does this feel? Look around you with fresh eyes. Step away from social consciousness, get out in nature, free yourself of the social engineering. That is when the light comes on, when you realize something is not quite right.

Soon you will see through the grand psyops, the social engineering, the twists and double twists to keep you confused, distracted. It is alright to be you, not what is expected of you. That is when the curtain falls and you see who is pulling the cords and chains creating the illusion you once thought was real. Love is real, Joy is real, nature is real, love and joy are found within, nature is the best environment to find your love and joy, your true self. Step away from the chaos. Chaos is the healing, it is the dismantling of an old world which it’s time has ended. Find those of like mind and co-create a new world. Yet always remember truth evolves.

**By James Gilliland


2 Replies to “James Gilliland: Welcome To The Land of OZ”

  1. Linda

    Thank you, James Gilliland, for your incredibly accurate insights and truths. I just hope and pray that once certain truths are revealed about what has been transpiring on Earth for millennia that the people will be in a position to accept the truths about certain corporations, entities, personalities — and not want to shoot the messengers of truth. “If God be for us, who can be against us?” “The Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not. “

  2. Diamond Black

    The climate changes everyday. Cold in the morning, pleasant at noon, warm in the afternoon, cooler in the evening, cold at bed time….