Ashian: The Return of Personal Truth

Ashian: Well! The prodigal channel returns!

Jennifer: Good! So you’re not going to make a big deal about my three month disappearance!

Ashian: It would be rude not to! Seriously, we understand why you have been away, but let’s provide a sketch of your life for the past three months so that others will understand and because it’s relevant to what we are going to discuss today.

J: Yes, I agree (darn it!). Back in October, as I mentioned previously, I went through an enormous spiritual expansion and, as happened the last time I went through a previous expansion (twenty years ago), my life changed dramatically.

To put it into context, it was like a near-death experience, but without death being present. Over one week, I moved into spaces of love, peace, grace and divine bliss that I didn’t know existed. I also saw my life as it currently is, and realised that it didn’t align with who I am, or with my future potential. The most difficult part was that I saw that the karma with my husband was finished.  This was the time to end our marriage.

I can only say that this process has been overlit with immense grace, but nonetheless, it has been extremely painful.  Even if I am ready to leave the marriage, it still hurts. I also believe it’s wise to acknowledge and feel that pain, so that it does not lie unprocessed, ready to erupt in the future when I least expect it.

So, the past three months have been spent integrating new energies, codes and downloads, as well as trying to hold this divorce in the greatest of love, compassion and peace, to make the process as graceful as possible for us all.

A: Thank you for sharing Jennifer, I know this is uncomfortable and I appreciate you sharing your truth openly.

J: I understand there’s a lot in my life experience over the past few months that aligns with where humanity is going right now.

A: Yes, that is true, and it is where we shall begin today. What occurs in one is symbolic of what is happening for the many, the micro reflects the macro and vice versa: as within, so without.

As humanity’s vibration increases, the karma that caused many couples, and indeed families, to come together, will be transcended. These are the ‘end times’, when the old will crumble; not just structures and systems, but also relationships and patterns of being.

It was always foretold that these end times would see the ‘end of the world’, not in its totality, but the end of the illusion that you have been controlled into believing, the end of the lies, the black magic, and the mind control that have help that illusion in place. It is also the end of times for all souls seeking to move forward on the spiritual path, and for all souls committed to assisting Gaia to ascend, so it makes perfect sense that the ending of all ascending souls’ karma would be programmed for this time, too.

Consequently, systemic shifts are occurring both globally and personally. We share this not to create fear, but to spread the understanding that even the biggest changes that will occur around you are part of the perfection of this moment in your time/space.

J: So will all marriages be ending? I know it’s a silly question, but…

A: Not so silly, my dear one. Those relationships that are not built on a love that can be elevated to express higher dimensions ~ finer nuances of love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, empathy and joy ~ will dissolve.  Their karma will be cleared.

When one party reaches a certain vibrational level beyond their partner, the union will dissolve, because the other person can no longer remain within their field as the energetics are not aligned. They will have to leave in some way or another, whether it’s through a conscious parting ~ as in your case ~ or one person has an affair, moves out of town, changes behaviour in unprecedented ways… there are many possibilities.

If you have been holding on to a relationship because of ‘what people will think’, that is a sign you are not in a relationship that is aligned with your vibration.  You are stuck in fear, and fear is one of the lowest of all vibrations.

J: So is it hopeless? Is there nothing that can be done?

A: Of course not! There is always free will.  You may choose to work together to bring your relationship to the highest expression you’re able to create together, and this is sacred work.

The unfortunate truth is that behind the labels of ‘marriage’, ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, are millions of people who are emotionally exhausted and numb. These are the relationships I’m referring to here.

J: Oh, yes that resonates with me. But it’s a terrifying prospect. Many people stay because of money, they simply don’t have enough to support two homes.

A: Very soon, that will no longer be the case. The easing of the financial noose around your necks will create greater freedom of expression in every realm, from relationships and families to work and recreation. You can begin to prepare now.

J: How?

A: By becoming aware of the truth of your personal situation, by looking with honesty at where you are limiting your self, your life, your expression because you feel you have no other choice open to you.

That is the first step: acknowledging what is your truth, what is your hidden truth.

J: Hidden?

A: Yes. There are many, many millions of people who have turned a blind eye to their own unhappiness in order to avoid that pain. In the gentlest possible way, we would like to share with you that you cannot outrun pain. Your pain will have to be felt at some point, because it is your growth: your pain shows you where you have been reluctant to stand in your sovereignty, your power, your strength.

In the moment you discover your truth, your pain, call on us. We will always be there to help you. Our mission is to uplift humanity, to raise the vibration…not to lower it, but it’s not possible to bypass the pain of stunted growth, of silenced truth.

The fastest path of growth is to own your pain, to acknowledge it and stand with it, allowing it to express itself through you in a manner that expresses it for you without hurting others.

J: Well, I’m glad to see you decided to start off gently as I get back in the swing of it!

A: All joking aside, dear one, the time is Now. It is not possible to delay any longer that which needs to be seen, felt, healed and expressed. We stand with you all, in every moment. We are as committed to your expansion and ascension as you are.

J: Thanks Ashian, it’s nice to be back.

A: It’s our pleasure and wonderful to be in service with you again.

(c) 2022 Jennifer Crokaert

3 Replies to “Ashian: The Return of Personal Truth”

  1. Harriet

    Jennifer- I wish you strength, peace, happiness and a wonderful future. Thank you for all your articles and service.

  2. Douglas A James

    Great message.. that word SOON has been used years ago.. I still don’t think the galactics can fathom money and our situation.. bills must be paid .. they have been so removed from this enslavement if they ever had it..they say SOON I have heard RV is happening next week.. for several years now.. I have heard shift would happen spring 2018 by a great qhht I follow per a person’s higher self…now if our own HS can’t get it right..? I am positive but it seems all the predictions of RV EBS ..arrests etc are always SOON..