Dr. Peebles: You’re Not In A Box, You’re In A Hall Way

My dear, we are wanting to begin today’s session to pat you upon the back, for indeed, in many different areas, you are allowing yourself to focus upon the growth instead of upon the “what to fix.”

And this is very good. Your Planet Earth itself, the many rather than the few upon it, are in a particular experience right here and right now, in which as human beings in totality, as a consciousness, you are gently, gently, beginning to let go of, or transmute, the belief system, the pattern, the habit, of living in such a way that you believe that if it were different, it would be better. Constantly thinking about how to change the world, each other, yourselves, your environment, your shoes, the air, the food.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t create change in your world. But most individuals are attempting to create change because they are feeling, what it is, is not good, so I should create something that is better. And nature does not work like this. Therefore, when humans work like this, it’s dramatically ineffective.

So we want to pat you upon the back, because your Earth is doing this, all human beings are doing this, and therefore, you are doing it too.

However, for the most part, my dear, you have been practicing being present more and more frequently than ever before. You have been practicing staying in an experience of gratitude, or an experience of looking for where the good or the growth is. Instead of trying to fix the broken branch, so to speak, you are more and more frequently like the tree which doesn’t see a broken branch, it sees just an opportunity or a place to send more growth to.

So, you’ve been practicing this, good job! Very good job. Are you perfect at it? No! Will you ever be perfect at it? No. It’s all right.

So you’ve been practicing more of the presence, and indeed, seeing the growth and the good, and this makes a mighty difference. Because now you are working with how all of nature works. You’re working in the same energy. So, this is very effective and very, very good.

More than anything right now, my dear, we really want to encourage you to trust your intuitive nature. You know how intuitive you are. You know how connected you are. And now, more than ever, we want you to lean in to what you are feeling at any given moment in time.

Your dance has always been to feel what it is your heart space is feeling, the connection there, the intuition, etc., to feel that. And then sometimes (or many times), the mind will pop in and say, I want to talk about this, or, you ought to plan that, or, you ought to put these ducks in a row, etc.

So, it will always be a dance for you, back and forth, and the mind and the heart, that’s all right. And with all human beings [this is so].

But these days in particular, meaning this year in particular, we really, really, really want for you to trust the intuitive nature of your being-ness. It’s very accurate. It’s going to become more accurate.

And indeed, we’re wanting to nudge you with this, because this year, for the many rather than the few, including you, will feel a little bit like you’re walking down a hallway where there are mostly walls and a few doors here and there.

And so, for those who are not trusting their intuition, or who have not done some of the spiritual work, it will get frustrating. They’ll look to the left, and look to the right, and here are walls, there are walls, and walls and walls and walls…

And yet if we were to tell you (and we are telling everyone), that yes, this year will feel a little bit like this—but when you come across the door, you’ll know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It will be no doubt in your mind that when you’ve come across the door, you’ve found it.

Because not only will it be a door, it will be two very big doors with mighty, heavy handles, and they will open in veranda-style way to an expansive and beautiful, new awakening and opportunities. So when you come across a door, you’ll know it, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But for some, if they’re seeing walls, and walls, and walls…and they’re continuing to walk, and you find a little crack in the walls, some people will want to try to kick at it, and say, “Maybe I should make a doorway.” But this is not what this year is going to be about. So we want you to trust your intuitive nature, that if you look to the left and to the right and there are walls, that’s all right. Just keep walking forward. You’re not in a box, you’re in a hallway. Just keep walking.

In plainer words, in even plainer words, we want you to witness when the mind wants to take too much control over its perspective of what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it, and what the world is doing, etc., and come back to the heart.

Now we also want to remind you, dear, that one of the most important pieces of advice that we can give you, is to play. To enjoy yourself. You, and all human beings, are here to dance, to play, to sing, to experience, to be happy, to explore cheerfulness. Peace.

So when you do feel aspects of these feelings, we’d like for you to milk them. We’d like for you to extra-celebrate them. So we’d like for you to get out of your chair, and hop around, to say yes, yes, yes! I feel joyful, I feel peaceful, yes, I’d like more of this, please, yes! Wiggle and shimmy about a little bit. We encourage it.

And when you don’t, that’s all right. But if you’re feeling rotten, or sad, or overwhelmed, what we’d ask for you to do is also to embody those emotions, but to do it not from the head but from the heart. You might find that you’re feeling overwhelmed, or sad. Can you get down into child’s pose, with your third eye and your heart as close to the ground as possible? And can you let the tears flow, but can you let them flow as if they are coming like raindrops from a cloud down through the back of your heart, to the front of your heart, and down into Mother Earth, soaking them in like the raindrops in the soil? Can you let it flow and circulate like this? Instead of crying about a circumstance, can you let the tears flow from the origin of the energy or the tears?

Embodiment is important, both in the emotions that feel good to you, and the emotions that do not feel good to you. So, trust yourself right here and right now, my dear. This upcoming year will feel a little bit like a roller coaster. There will be much that is revealed, and, indeed, a lot of awakening.

And remember that awakening is a bit like a woman giving birth. If you don’t know anything about it, you think something is horribly wrong. But when you do know something about it, indeed, yes, it’s a little messy, but you know the purpose of it. So you don’t have to get caught up in the worry about the straining or the blood. You can say, aha, there’s a birthing happening. How may I help?

**Channel: Natalie Gianelli


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