Wisdom of the Ancients

Man longs for eternal life. He has spent billions of dollars to cover the earth with temples and churches in which he seeks to learn the mystery of Life.

In these places of worship, man has had millions of sermons shouted at him to have faith. He has read books on why he should have faith. All of them tried to argue him into a belief in Immortality. But not a preacher nor an author cited any LAW to support their arguments.

If immortality is a fact, it must be the work of Universal Law; for everything, every condition, every action, are subject to Universal Law.

It is written–

“Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not sleep (in death) but we shall all be CHANGED to (Immortality) in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.” (1 Cor. 15:51,52)

That “mystery” is the work of the Universal LAW OF CYCLICITY. Just as the action of that law changes invisible vapor to water, and water back to vapor, so it changes man from Mortality to Immortality.

Know the LAW and the “mystery” is solved.

Universal processes move in cycles; and Man is no exception to that law. He could not be mortal, he could not exist on the visible plane, were he not Immortal and Eternal. For something never comes from nothing.

Man is born from Immortality into Mortality by the universal process termed birth; and in the mysterious process termed death, he is reborn into Immortality.

Man must shed the mortal by physical dissolution in order to show the Immortal in Spiritual Restitution.

** New Discoveries **

Recent discoveries show that the Natural science of the Ancient Masters included spiritual science, mental science and physical science.

The Spiritual World, termed the Kingdom of God, is the realm of the Fourth Dimension. It is the undifferentiated, unnumbered, unformed, universal or Invisible World.

The Visible (Physical) World is the realm of the Third Dimension. It is the conditioned, differentiated, formed, individualized, numbered, or Visible World.

When Material Forms disintegrate, their substance is not annihilated, reduced to nothing. It still exists in the spiritual, primordial, or electronical state.

Visible Matter is composed of invisible electrons, which are born or composed of spiritual substance. Physical science terms them the building blocks of the Universe and also of the human body.

New discoveries make it imperative to rewrite the literature of physical science, as it is now obsolete. The basic dogmas of modern theology must be revamped, as they are known to be erroneous.

The latest discoveries prove the doctrine of the Ancient Masters, that “All is One and One is All.” And that ALL is the invisible, spiritual, Eternal Essence which we may term God, and out of which the Universe and all things are made.

Modern theology must forsake its basic doctrines, and physical science must repudiate its theory, that “All is physical matter and mechanical energy.”

** Wisdom **

The greatest gift that can be bestowed upon Man is Manhood. It is that which the Mysteries are ordained of God to bestow on its votaries.

Not sectarianism and religious dogma; not a rudimental mortality that may appear in the writings of Confucius, Zoroaster, Seneca, and the Rabbis, in the Proverbs, Psalms, and Ecclesiastes; not a little cheap school knowledge – but that Manhood of Science and Philosophy.

Science and Philosophy are not in opposition to Religion. Philosophy is that knowledge of God and the Soul which is derived from observation and study of the manifested action of God and the Soul, and from a wise and logical analogy. Philosophy is the intellectual guide that religious sentiment needs.

The true religious philosophy of being is not a system or creed, but, as Socrates thought, an infinite search of approximation. Philosophy is that intellectual and moral progress which the religious sentiment inspires and ennobles.

Science could not walk alone while religion was stationary. It consists of those matured inferences from experience that all other experience confirms. It recognizes and unites all that is truly valuable in both the old schemes of mediation, – one heroic, or the system of action and effort; and the mystical theory of spiritual, contemplative communion.

“Listen to me,” says Galen, “as to the voice of the Eleusinian Hierophant, and believe that the study of Nature is a mystery no less important than theirs, nor less adapted to display the wisdom and power of the Great Creator. Their lessons and demonstrations are obscure, but ours are clear and certain.”

** God Science **

There is no true science but God or Natural Science. It should be termed God Science, for the visible, natural world is God’s work.

The God Science of the Universe, revealed directly by God’s work, was brought to the New World after the Flood by the Antediluvian Masters before the Cradle of Man was swallowed up by the sea.

This Science was established as the result of the long efforts of the Masters to solve the secret, “If a man die, shall he live again?”

The determination of scholars to solve the secret of Man’s existence and that of a Future life, evolved the greatest school of scientific wisdom that the world has ever known.

That school left no records accessible to the public; but those records have not been lost, though oceans now cover the land where they were made.

Centuries have rolled into cycles, yet that precious knowledge has been preserved and passed on through the ages. The ancient school of God Science may have been destroyed on the surface, but it has never disbanded.

For nearly seventeen hundred years, the Ancient Wisdom has been known to only a few in those parts of the world ruled by Romanism. In the fourth century A.D., a vigorous attempt was begun to destroy it utterly; and those who attempted to salvage and revive it, were tortured and exterminated.

** Ancient Records Discovered **

In the early part of the 19th century a great flood of light began to illuminate the world. It streamed from the marvelous discoveries of archaeologists, who excavated tablets of clay and stone buried deep beneath ruined cities of the Ancient World.

These ancient records show that the continent of Atlantis sank in the Atlantic, giving that ocean its name, while the continent of Mu, or Lemuria, sank under the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

These vanished continents carried down in the deep, the secrets of an exalted civilization that we are beginning to discover. The archaeologists are deciphering the inscriptions on the clay tablets and stone monuments, and are able to reconstruct some of the scriptures, history, and location of these lost lands.

All races have legends of the land that was once their home, the land that was destroyed by a flood.

There are inscriptions on these discovered clay and stone tablets to the effect that the Antediluvian Masters carried their Science and Philosophy to various colonies in Foreign lands over 70.000 years ago. This may show approximately when the biblical flood occurred.

Recent excavations in the Gobi Desert reveal the remains of destroyed cities of an ancient civilization that flourished over 70,000 years ago, and the inscriptions on the stone and clay tablets show that wise men existed on earth before the flood, and that they were far advanced in art, architecture, astronomy, physics, mathematics and philosophy.

The translations of these inscriptions show where some parts of the Roman bible originated, as some of its passages have the identical wording found in these inscriptions; and, as corroborative evidence, fragments of the ancient scriptures of Lemuria have been discovered in some of the old monasteries in the Himalaya Mountains, where they have been preserved and protected through all these many centuries.

The evidence shows that the countries now existing were colonized by people from the sunken continents who did not perish in the biblical flood.

** Ancient Skills Not Understood **

The ancient Pyramids of Egypt, Asia, Mexico, South America, and other regions, are all built from a common pattern, and the force used in erecting them was the combination of tuned and adjusted instruments, all pitched to a certain key or tone, and the concentrated cosmic power projected by the will of the skilled engineers.

In his work, “Conquest of Peru,” Prescott is filled with astonishment when he considers that the enormous mass of stone blocks, some of them 38 feet long, 18 feet broad, and 16 feet thick, were hewn from quarries fifteen leagues distant, transported across deep ravines and rivers, and elevated with precise accuracy to predetermined positions—without any indication of the use of the Machinery.

Here is evidence of the existence of man in America, so far back in the past that we can find no other positive trace of him, yet possessing a knowledge of the arts and sciences, of gravitation and levitation, so superior to our own, that we cannot determine and demonstrate how he did his work; how he constructed his great temples and pyramids, still standing before our astonished eyes as proof of his wisdom and skill.

We cannot deny the evidence that the ancient architects and engineers understood so well the LAWS OF NATURE, that tons of huge stone were quarried, moved, and placed by the application of these Laws. Massive blocks of stone were easily raised and neatly placed as though they were straws.

This knowledge is kept out of the textbooks so we will believe in the greatness of modern science, in the theory of non-cyclical evolution, and in Romanism.

** Ancient Civilizations **

The year 4004 B.C. is the earliest date that appears in the Roman Bible.

For over a thousand years, after Romanism was established by Constantine in 325 A.D., it meant torture and death for him who dared to question publicly anything or any date contained in that book.

By the 17th Century A.D., it became somewhat safer for men in Europe to express their thoughts and opinions, and speculation on the origin and age of man became an interesting topic.

The history of man is much longer than is usually supposed. The general views of textbooks and popular “outlines of history,” which contain a short historical period and a more or less dark age before that, are now discredited by late discoveries.

Modern historical science is beginning to regard the “prehistoric” period and the “stone age” much differently from that in which these things were viewed fifty years ago.

We can no longer consider the “prehistoric” period as one of barbarism, as has been taught. For against this view there speaks the study of remains of prehistoric cultures, memorials of ancient art and literature, the study of religious customs and rites of very ancient people, the comparative study of religions, and particularly the study of language, that is, the data of comparative philology, which shows the astonishing psychological richness of the ancient languages.

** Degenerate Descendants of Cultured Race **

In opposition to the former view, there now exist many new theories on the possibility of ancient prehistoric civilizations. The “stone age” has come to be considered with more probability not as a period of the beginning of man, but of the decline of previously existing civilizations.

The people whom our culture has discovered in a savage or semi-savage state, are the degenerate descendants of more cultured races. This most interesting fact is passed over in silence by the religionists and traditional evolutionists, and kept out of textbooks.

Not a savage race known, no isolated savage nor semi-savage so far found by our culture, has shown in any respect whatever any sign of progress or evolution. On the contrary, in every case without exception, signs of degeneration have invariably been observed. And the evidence shows that this degeneration has been in process for centuries before contact with our culture.

All savage or semi-savage people have traditions of a Golden Age, or of a historic period; and these traditions speak of their own past, of their own ancient civilizations.

The languages of all people contain words and ideas for which there is now no place in actual life. The evidence shows that all people previously had higher forms of religion.

The same fact explains the superiority of the paleolithic, that is, the more ancient drawings found in caves, to the neolithic, or the more recent drawings. This fact is also passed over in silence by the religionists and traditional evolutionists, and is kept out of textbooks—for a reason.

Many civilizations, unknown to our historical science, have succeeded one another on earth, and the evidence shows that some of these reached a far higher point than our civilization—not in the work of murder and slaughter, but in human science and destiny, psychology and spirituality. This another fact that is also kept out of textbooks.

Of many of these ancient civilizations, no visible traces remain. But the attainments of the science and art of these remote periods have never been utterly lost, even though ignored in our day and time.

** Knowledge Preserved In Secret Places **

Knowledge is always a danger to despots. So the Knowledge attained has been preserved in secret places from century to century, from age to age, and handed down from one secret circle of occultists to another–but always carefully guarded to protect it from the destructive hand of despots.

Before the establishment of Romanism in the 4th Century A.D., the Schools of the Ancient Mysteries were the guardians of the ancient knowledge. It was protected by them against non-initiated persons who would mutilate and distort it, and was handed down from teacher to pupil, who had previously undergone a prolonged and difficult preparation.

After half a century of intensive study and research in this important field, this author has compiled this course of study in order to preserve and to present to posterity, the fruits and findings of his lifetime of labor, thought and discoveries in the field of Ancient Wisdom.

** Antiquity Of Man **

Modern science has come to believe that the earth is from three to four billion years old, thus pushing back for three thousand million years the biblical date of 4004 B.C.

The press of February 7th, 1943, states that the fossilized bones have been discovered of a dinosaur that roamed the New Jersey coastal area sixty million years ago, according to an announcement of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science.

The bones were found some twelve miles from Haddonfield, N.J., and were those of a 30 feet long hadrosaurus, a plant-eating dinosaur that lived at the end of the age of reptiles.

Dr. W.C. Pei, research fellow of the Chinese National Geological Survey, unearthed “The Peking Man’s remains near Peipine in 1929,” and this discovery pushes back man’s appearance on earth fifty million years, according to science.

Pei, according to the press of July 30th 1948, said “We know that there was a dawning of human life in China 50 million years ago–the Peking Man proves that. But our knowledge is scanty of what happened since that time and the Christian Era.”

It is now claimed, when such claims no longer jeopardize the life of him who makes them, that Stone Implements have been found in the Miocene formations 8,000,000 years ago.

The Fossil Man of Java, in the upper Pliocene times, is proof of man’s existence on earth 2,000,000 years ago.

More surprising may be the fact that, no matter how far back the archaeological investigations go, high states of civilization are found, each having an elaborate numerical system –

  1. Where only the most primitive conditions should be expected according to modern science.
  2. Where only the worst of savages and barbarians could have lived according to Romanism.

The remains of primitive people, ape man, cave man, stone-age man and other degenerate remnants of early races, are no more of an index to the stages of development to which mankind as a whole had reached in those distant days, than the present Bushmen of Australia are an index to the height to which modern civilization has reached.

Primitive conditions are still found existing side by side with the most advanced, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt had been built by world-renowned engineers, mathematicians and mechanics for thousands of years before Columbus discovered the New World inhabited by naked Indians.

The almost incalculable antiquity of elaborate astronomical and numerical systems is sufficiently indicated to sustain the occult teachings, by the following quotations:

“Diogenes Laertuis carried back the astronomical calculations of the Egyptians to 48,863 years before Alexander The Great. Martianus Capella corroborates this by stating that the Egyptians had secretly studied astronomy for over 40,000 years before they ever gave their knowledge to the world. Simplicimus, in the 6th century A.D., stated that the Egyptians had kept astronomical observations and records for 630,000 years.”

Pliny, the Elder, wrote: “Epigenes states that the Babylonians have a series of observations on the stars for a period of 720,000 years, inscribed on baked bricks. Berosus and Critodemus, who make the period the shortest, give it as 490,000 years. From this statement, it would appear that letters have been in use from all eternity.”

The Peerless Atlas says, “The sacred scriptures of the Hindus give their ancient history an incredible chronology extending back over a million years.”

** Amazing Ancient Records **

As a typical example of how ancient records have been distorted and destroyed to support the claims of Romanism that before the advent of its religious system, the world was inhabited by savages, heathens and idolaters, we shall cite the case of Yucatan, a region literally filled with the remains of ancient civilizations, with inscriptions on stone monuments extending back for 200,000 years.

When the Roman missionaries saw with astonishment the remains of these magnificent temples, they wrote, in the history that Romanism has permitted to reach us, that these temples had been built about 1,500 years.

It demands a constant course of fraud to support a system founded on fraud.

The Roman Bishop, Landa, who accompanied the Spanish soldiers in the 16th century, got in his destructive work by burning thousands of ancient books and 27 large manuscripts on parchment, found in the ruins of these very ancient temples of Yucatan. He also destroyed over 5,000 statues and 197 beautiful vases. He followed the regular Roman course of destroying the evidence that revealed the existence of high civilizations more than 200,000 years before Constantine invented Romanism.

Cogalludo, in his “Historia de Yucatan,” wrote: “The Spanish chronicles (written by Romanism) do not give one reliable word about the manners and customs of the builders of the grand antique edifices that were objects of admiration to them—as they are now to modern travelers.”

Excerpt from Immortalism: Wisdom of the Ages


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