Claim: Activating 5G Towers Could KILL People Who Took COVID-19 Vaccines, Analysts Warn

Telecommunications megacorporations are poised to launch their “upgraded” 5G networks in the United States this January. This is despite the fact that there is plenty of evidence that such a rollout would lead to catastrophe and deaths, especially among Americans who are fully vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sean, the host of SGT Report’s online show, pointed out that there is evidence of 5G towers emitting some kind of electromagnetic waves that directly attack people’s bodies. As evidence, he provided a video released to the public by La Quinta Columna.

La Quinta Columna, a Spanish-language media outlet, is notable for being one of the first independent outlets to report that the COVID-19 vaccines contain the toxic substance graphene oxide.

The Spanish media outlet played a short clip on one of its recent livestreams of a man who parks his bike right next to a 5G tower for a few seconds and then suddenly collapsing out of nowhere. Ricardo Delgado Martin, founder of La Quinta Columna and host of the media outlet’s show, pointed out that the CCTV camera that captured the man’s sudden collapse experienced a glitch in its video feed less than a second before the incident occurred.

Delgado speculates that this glitch is what triggered the man’s collapse, and that it was caused by the 5G tower right next to him. Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano, a guest of Delgado, pointed out that this is clear evidence that the 5G towers emit some kind of pulse that directly affects people’s health.

“This is the proof,” said Luis, in Spanish. “Because it’s no longer a matter of the guy falling over from something internal to him, but there’s an external trigger that’s caught on camera… That would explain why so many people are suddenly dropping dead here and there right now.”

“It looks like a gunshot, but it’s an electromagnetic pulse at the speed of light,” said Delgado. “And it’s being recorded by the camera as glitching, which is normal.”

Sean does not believe the glitch was a coincidence. “The glitch in the video suggests some sort of, maybe electromagnetic pulse or energy weapon, may have been used in murdering that man.”

COVID-19 vaccines could make people more susceptible to 5G

Delgado and Luis are concerned that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may be more susceptible to these electromagnetic pulse attacks because their bodies contain graphene oxide.

In July 2021, Spanish researchers from the University of Almeria discovered that almost all of the Pfizer vaccine is nothing but graphene oxide. This magnetic substance, when injected into a person’s system, can cause deadly health complications including liver and kidney damage, spur on the formation of granulomas in the lungs and even trigger pre-programmed cell death.

“If the person [in the video] is vaccinated and has graphene already located in the heart and if, in addition, the person is exercising, well, it’s impossible to be clearer,” said Delgado, pointing out that the graphene most likely contributed to the man’s demise.

“That was a pulse multiplied by graphene,” remarked Luis. He added that he has received more reports from patients of heart palpitations “because of the density” in the 5G waves. Many of those patients have also reported feeling a strange sensation in the environment whenever they step outside.

“As if they were in a spaceship,” said Luis. “Or that they went out to a planet that is not ours.” He said this feeling is due to the electromagnetic fields in the air caused by nearby 5G towers.

This strange sensation when going outside is the least of their problems. Luis remarked that, if the electromagnetic fields ever pulsed like how it did in the video, it can create a disaster for people nearby.

“What works [in the body] stops doing so … you lose consciousness,” said Luis. “Some people recover and say, ‘What the heck happened to me?’ But in some people, the process is so fast that they don’t recover again. They end up in cardiorespiratory arrest, and it’s over.”

If the person who was hit by the 5G tower’s electromagnetic pulse had graphene in his or her system because of the COVID-19 vaccine, that person becomes significantly less likely to shrug off an electromagnetic pulse.

Watch this episode of the SGT Report show as host Sean talks about the activation of 5G towers in the United States.

**By Arsenio Toledo


4 Replies to “Claim: Activating 5G Towers Could KILL People Who Took COVID-19 Vaccines, Analysts Warn”

  1. empyyrean

    Well its simple as looking at this one document from

    Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents Vol34, no 4, xx-xx (2020)

    Title: 5G technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells

    from Department of Nuclear, Sub-nuclear and Radiation Physics, G. Marconi University, Rome, Italy/ Central Michigan Saginaw University, Michigan, USA/ Department of Dermatology and Venerology, I.M. Sechnov First Moscow State Medical University. Moscow, Russia

    Revised May 13, 2020 – Accepted June 9, 2020


    “In this research, we show that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to
    shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced.These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus. To producethese viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like
    structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.”

    The document is a must read it all ties into the company Inovio and electroportation,

    This research is amazing as it provides pictures, graphs,ALL the calculations on how its done, everything.

    This is their main weapon, the “vaccines are just putting building materials in your body, 5G is what is doing the building.


    Will serving Creation

  2. Linda

    This is interesting. If we have been vaxxed, let us trust our Creator to guard us from 5G alleged dangers to us. The powers that be are intent on bringing human beings into a New Age of hyper-dangerous, anti-human electronics more adaptable to wired-up robots than flesh and blood human men, women and children created by God. The alleged “Smart Appliances and Smart Meters” we have all around and within our homes do more damage to our brain frequencies than we realize. These “Smart” meters provide another interesting use for the powers that be: through wireless technology (you know, wifi, the glorious “cloud” that really is a soup of dangerous electrons that isn’t “up in the clouds” somewhere, it’s right here on mother Earth), we live in the toxic electronic brain poisons every moment of every day. Our electric meters can be read wirelessly by artificial intelligence robots, but if I prefer not to live in the toxified cloud of harmful electrons because according to my research it is harmful to human beings created by God, I am plumb out of luck. Peace, love and faith to all!!

    1. Gordon Jackson

      Your creator will do nothing to help you. Your creator will not guard you from 5G. Your creator will sit by and watch you die.

      If you put you faith in anything external to yourself you give all your power and strength away. If you sit there waiting for salvation from your creator without understanding that you and you alone created yourself then you will be the one that watches yourself die in ignorance of your own power.

      Nobody is coming to help. Nobody.

      You created yourself, you are God.

      Save yourself, you have the strength and power within you to do that.