Fauci Caught Paying Off Doctors To Cover Up Wuhan Lab Leak

January 27, 2022: At the House GOP leadership press briefing on Jan 19, Rep. Jim Jordan accuses Virologist Anthony Fauci of covering information up regarding the COVID-19 lab-leak theory, where scientists who were involved in the project were silenced with research grants. – The partial transcript follows:

Rep. Jim Jordan: “Two years ago this month, Dr. Fauci is put on notice, that the virus most likely came from came from a lab that was doing gain-of-function research. He gets a letter on January 31st 10:32pm 2020, [and] he gets an email from Dr. Kristian Andersen, that says: The virus looks engineered [and] the virus is not consistent with evolutionary theory [and] Dr. Fauci goes into complete overdrive to cover this information up and not present it to the American people. He organizes a conference call the next day, with Fauci, Collins and eleven virologists from around the world on that call. Dr. Garry on that call says this: I don’t know this happens in nature, but it would be easy to do in a lab. Four days later, those people who expressed those sentiments start to change their position. They write a piece in Nature Medicine magazine on Feb. 16th – it first gets published online. That piece is then sighted on Feb. 9th 2020 in the now famous letter in The Lancet [journal], that becomes the gospel that this thing, according to Fauci, in this group, didn’t come from a lab. All that happens in twenty days. So they go from, this thing looks engineered. This thing is not consistent with evolutionary theory. This thing could not have happened in nature. This thing would be easy to do in a lab. To completely changing their position.”

“And here’s the kicker, the two guys who said those things, Dr. Andersen and Dr. Garry, three months later get rewarded with a 8.9million dollar grant* from Dr. Fauci, to continue to do research on corona-virus.”

(BattleForWorld.com: This is Fauci’s normal behavior and is not nothing new, because whistleblower Virologist Judy Mikovits said the same thing. And since she did not agree with him about the classification of HIV/AIDS and the research that was going on at the time, he blacklisted her from receiving any NIH grants.)

“I think that there’s a couple obvious questions that should have been, that should have happened two years ago this month. Why didn’t Dr. Fauci when he first got put on notice that this was happening after that conference call on Feb 1st. Why didn’t he notified the commander-in-chief? We have no evidence that he talked to the President of the United States. We have no evidence that he talked to his bosses. He spent the time trying to change the narrative. Dr. Fauci got the chance to edit the very article that became the basis for the letter in The Lancet [journal]. Which as again, we all know, became the gospel that this couldn’t have come from a lab according to these experts. So, I think, those are important questions, if in fact the American people put us back in charge. This will be something that we will spend a great deal of time getting to the bottom of.” …

“This is important, we will continue to work on this, if…this year (2022) as much as we can, but then again, there are obvious questions… I will leave you [with] this – the obvious question is: Why don’t Democrats want to know this? Why don’t they want to know how the [corona] virus started? That has disrupted our lives for now, for almost two years. Why don’t they want to know and why don’t they want to do the investigation? Why won’t they call in these virologists: Dr. Garry, – Dr. Andersen, who initially said that this thing came from a lab? They won’t do it. That’s a question that needs to be answered.”

Virologist Anthony Fauci silenced lab leak report.

But, where this is not a theory, but an actual fact, is the information coming from the Billy Meier Contact Report News Bureau (FIGU) [here], his intelligentsia advisors told him as fact! that the corona-virus was created in the lab and that it started in the United States under President Richard Nixon, who went into an agreement with China’s Mao Zedong. That the virus was to stay focus on the United States, but was eventually reorganized to include the entire Earth. And, his team of intelligentsia advisors has the far-reaching technologies to penetrate deep and look into all things that are secretly happening on the Earth.


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  1. Linda

    Fauci is till in the news even after all the “evidence” implicating him and his posse of demons in genocide and worldwide mass murder?? That’s rather odd, is it not? One would logically think that the Nuremberg 2022 trials would have begun by now? Yes? And the pedophilia and tormenting our children and infants would have been been thoroughly revealed to the public to let us all accept the reality of that horror, come to terms with it and finally put an end to it. End pedophilia and we might have a chance to save this beautiful world because we will have the heavenly, angelic forces of God on our side!!