Navigating the Chaos

We spoke earlier about how everything is unraveling, the disinformation, controlled narratives, how white hats will be shown to be dark hats and dark hats will be shown to be white hats. This is happening in every aspect of society. All of the infiltrations, negative seen and unseen energies will be made known. People have tied their carts to those they thought were part of the awakening and healing in the beginning only to find they were in it for fame, fortune or fell, now guided by darker forces and agendas. Others started out on the right side of the fence and now have jumped the fence to the other side due to not having a firm spiritual foundation in self-mastery. They could not stick to the basics, allowing the wrong kind of energies to take over. The higher you rise the more challenged you will become, not everyone can meet that challenge. The tests get stronger and stronger very few can stay on the top and stay clear. Often trying to assassinate the character of another only establishes the character and spiritual advancement of the assassin. Unfortunately, many of like mind will join in.

What is going to be shocking to most is their entire be lie f system is going to crumble. Their leaders will fall and they will be left asking what do I do now, they were not who I thought they were, how much or their information was accurate or true. Remember the best psyops are those that give 80% truth with 20% agenda to steer you in the direction they want. The way to avoid this is to lead yourself, do your own research, make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, make your own connection to benevolent Spiritually and technologically advanced multidimensional beings. It is and always has been an internal process.

Those that have their own personal connections will not be led astray especially if they come from the heart and use spiritual discernment. Those that depend on external information from others without coming from the heart using spiritual discernment are going to be led down a rabbit hole of disinformation, misinformation, a controlled narrative, social engineering, one disappointment after another. This will be a set back to their ascension. I have watched people and organizations start out with good intentions only to be hijacked by forces seen and unseen. They rise to the top only to fall. Not using critical thinking, not doing your own research, tying your wagon to another’s truth, has caused many serious setbacks and problems.

In the days to come you are going to find out people and organizations are not who you thought they were. People you depended on to build your beliefs and foundations. People that started out as a wealth of information only to be hijacked later. People who give you 80% truth only to sway you into their deceptions and agendas knowingly and unknowingly followed by 20% lies to further their agendas. There are also those who have such a strong vested interest in perpetuating the lies and have supported those they know have been compromised at the top in books and articles who often sway from truth and impeccable integrity to be first and foremost in their lives. When you find your entire empire has no foundation in truth, very few will have the impeccable integrity to sacrifice their empires for truth. It is the same with old university professors who have written books totally out of date with old disproven information censoring anyone else that disagrees with them to perpetuate the lie and their title or persona.

We live in a world of Reenforced Recycled ignorance propped up and maintained by those with vested financial or other interests which suppresses information and actions that would be highest and best good for Humanity. People would literally go mad if they knew how long, how deep the lies and deceptions have been a part in molding present day society. If you knew how long this has been going on, the lies, deceptions, social engineering, controlled narratives and who has been behind it most would go mad.

If you want to work with the spiritually and technologically advanced off world beings or masters become one. They are only here to remind us of what is within. They are here to bring heaven to Earth. A process of which so many have strayed away from. Let’s all get back on course. Be a soul worth contact!

**By James Gilliland


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